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Christ's Final Words on the Cross

Christ's Final Words on the Cross

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Do we know ChristÔÇÖs final words on the Cross? Do we know how they apply to our spiritual life today, in the 21st century?

In this beautiful book, Father Jean-Dominique O.P. takes each of ChristÔÇÖs seven last words and shows how they apply to all times of History, but especially to our day when the Church and the world are plunged in so much darkness, just like they were at the supreme moment of ChristÔÇÖs life on earth, His final hours on Calvary.

The seven words of Christ on the Cross are a true guide for Christian life in times of apostasy and revolution. They are an endless source of light, joy and peace. They kindle in the hearts of Catholics a sincere love of the Cross and the Divine Crucified, as well as a proactive hope. Therefore, it is time, more than ever before, to receive this ÔÇ£light which shines in the darknessÔÇØ.


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