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Christians for Freedom: Late-Scholastic Economics

Christians for Freedom: Late-Scholastic Economics

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Alejandro Chaufen holds a PhD in Economics and has taught at Buenos Aires University and at the Argentine Catholic University. He has had over 200 articles published in international newspapers as a financial columnist and editorialist. In this new work he demonstrates how the economic principles of late scholastic political philosophers prove surprisingly modern and presage the development of a free-market economy.

"Of few books can it be said that they open our eyes to new bodies of material and to an important revision of long-held views. This short study by Dr. Chaufen is such a book. If further studies vindicate the promise he has opened up, the Catholic Church will gain by a deeper understanding of its own tradition. And it will achieve a clearer sense of its own slow but steady journey toward liberty, in the economic as well as in the political domain" - Michael Novak, American Enterprise Institute.

Chafuen, A A

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