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Christianity Pure and Simple

Christianity Pure and Simple

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Today, everybody has a different understanding of Jesus. But who was he, really? A wise teacher, a misunderstood prophet, the divine Messiah, or just a pious myth?

If youÔÇÖre curious (or confused) about Jesus, or just want to know more about him, Christianity Pure and Simple is the book for you. It cuts through the controversies and confusion, and gets right to the heart of the matter, explaining who Jesus is, what he did, and why ÔÇö even today ÔÇö to many reasonable people believe that he is God.

And it does this purely and simply. In plain, non-judgmental language.

Ex-agnostic Dwight Longenecker starts with our common onging to find meaning beyond ourselves, to encounter a Force greater than we are. We have this desire, he argues, because such a force really does exist, and it has a Face ÔÇö the Face of Jesus Christ.

The source of all power and meaning in the universe, the object of all human hopes, is the Man/God who walked among us 2,000 years ago, preaching, teaching, and healing bodies and souls.

In those days Jesus spoke of an ongoing battle between the forces of light and darkness. He urged his followers to fight that battle as he did ÔÇö with love and sacrifice. Christianity Pure and Simple shows that he also made sure that we would be equipped to carry on that fight today, establishing his Church to pass on his teachings to all generations and sending his eternal Spirit to keep his power flowing in the world in every place and for all times.

Throughout the centuries, the pure and simple message of Jesus has inspired countless souls to follow him. Christianity Pure and Simple is the perfect book for those who are wondering if they should follow him, too.

Longenecker, Fr Dwight


Sophia Institute Press

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