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Catholic Thinking

Catholic Thinking

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From the Introduction:

The issues presented in this book range over a very wide field: dogma, spirituality, morality, social concerns, apologetics. Originally published in newspapers and magazines, principally the Catholic Weekly, Sydney, they are presented here with the aim of helping to clarify many matters of concern to Christians, and especially to Catholics, in today's turbulent world.

The series to which this book belongs - the Tracts for the Times published by the Cardinal Newman Catechist Centre - was inspired by the Tracts for the Times begun, edited and largely written by John Henry Newman, who placed great emphasis on Apostolic succession, both in Holy Orders and the transmission of Revelation.

Scripture, Tradition and the teaching authority of the Church must be our guides if we are to be faithful to to Jesus Christ in our beliefs. This is the position I have taken here. I have endeavoured to present Catholic teaching clearly and without compromise, as it is found in the whole of our Tradition, with particular reference to the Second Vatican Council and the years since then.

Young, John


Cardinal Newman Catechist Cntr

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