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Catholic Ministry to the Addicted

Catholic Ministry to the Addicted

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A riveting new work about the Church and the addicted. An important follow-up to The Catholic Alcoholic, this book deals with the problem of addiction and the response currently being made to it by the Catholic Church. This important book offers suggestions about how the Church may improve its pastoral care of addicts and families, in order to better fulfill its mission as a supportive community of love that helps people toward spiritual development.

Catholic Ministry to the Addicted is based in large part on an actual survey of more than a fourth of the dioceses of the United States. It emphasises the development of people through internal growth rather than external conformity to law. It shows how people can grow in the image of God when they stop addictive behaviour.

Priests, bishops, service personnel, pastoral council members, and all lay people concerned with how the Church is helping addicts, will want to read this book.

Barkley, Roy


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