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Catholic Bytes: Crash Course (EWTN Miniseries)

Catholic Bytes: Crash Course (EWTN Miniseries)

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There is no doubt St. Thomas Aquinas believed in God. And as one of history's most influential philosophers and theologians, he was able to masterfully craft logical arguments to prove God's existence once and for all. In this 6-part miniseries, Cecilia O'Reilly walks us through St. Thomas Aquinas' complex reasoning, using clever metaphors and simple animations. Put on your thinking cap and enjoy these quick takes on St. Thomas' arguments for the existence of God on Catholic Bytes - Crash Course.

Includes the complete Six-Part Miniseries as seen on EWTN:

Episode 1: Argument from Motion
Episode 2: Argument from Contingency
Episode 3: Argument from Design
Episode 4: Argument from Pain and Suffering
Episode 5: The Scientific Dilemma
Episode 6: The "No Arguments" Argument

Catholic Bytes: Crash Course is a CAST initiative produced in collaboration with EWTN.



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