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By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition

By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition

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Why the Bible is not ÔÇö and can never beÔÇöa sufficient foundation for faith

Mark P. Shea was a zealous evangelical Christian who fervently dedicated himself to defending the principle of ÔÇ£Scripture aloneÔÇØ as the basis of faith. But the more he studied, the more he became uneasy; the record showed that Scripture was the product of the Church - the Catholic Church.

Now a convert to Catholicism, he lays out clearly in these pages the arguments from Scripture anddds journey of intellectual and spiritual awakening, but also thell find a compelling defense of the historical accuracy of the Gospels, of ChristÔÇÖs divinity, and much more. YouÔÇÖll learn about three important areas in which even ÔÇ£Bible ChristiansÔÇØ rely on Tradition to establish doctrine. YouÔÇÖll discover how wonÔÇÖt find here defenses of particular doctrines, but you will get proof (delivered with good humor and irrefutable logic) that the Bible derives all of its authority from the Catholic Church - not the other way around. Along the way, you'll find out that ÔÇÖthe ÔÇ£traditions of men,ÔÇØ which so upset Shea originally, actually differ greatly from Sacred Tradition that is part of GodÔÇÖs revelation. Shea even explains why only the Church can decide what books are part of the Bible - and what books arenÔÇÖt.

YouÔÇÖll even get a listing of important books, periodicals, and other resources that will help you stand up for the Faith. These pages are so clear, convincing, and comprehensive that youÔÇÖll return to them time and again for solid ways to defend the Faith. YouÔÇÖll end up thanking God for allowing you to know the fullness of truth in His holy Church

Shea, Mark P


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