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Brother Francis: The Rosary - A Special Way To Pray

Brother Francis: The Rosary - A Special Way To Pray

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Join Brother Francis in this entertaining and guidance-filled presentation that will inspire children to deepen their faith by praying the Rosary!

This episode includes:

ÔÇó The prayers of the Rosary as well as the ApostlesÔÇÖ Creed ÔÇö each wonderfully visualized!

ÔÇó The Annunciation- an animated portrayal of MaryÔÇÖs joyful submission to GodÔÇÖs will.

Two visualized songs:
ÔÇó ÔÇ£I Love to PrayÔÇØ: an energetic, catchy song that will encourage children to communicate with God anywhere and anytime!
ÔÇó ÔÇ£The Our FatherÔÇØ: an uplifting musical rendition that celebrates our Heavenly FatherÔÇÖs presence in our daily lives!

Besides being a lot of fun, ÔÇ£Brother Francis: The RosaryÔÇØ is a captivating way to help children use their hearts and minds in prayer.


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