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Blood Drenched Altars

Blood Drenched Altars

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Blood Drenched Altars will be a surprising, if not indeed a shocking revelation to modern readers. For here is contained the key to understanding Mexico. Tracing the history of Mexico from its very beginnings, the author outlines the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Indians under Montezuma and exposes the lie that the Spanish destroyed a flourishing Indian civilization. Rather, this book shows how they ended an Aztec reign of terror over the other Indian tribes, highlighted by human sacrifice and cannibalism on an unprecedented scale- some estimates being 80,000 a year sacrificed and as many as 20,000 at one festival.

The author shows that during the 300 years Spain ruled Mexico, she raised that country and her native peoples to equality with the Europeans- in religion, education and opportunity and produced in the process a flourishing and prosperous Catholic civilization, complet with colleges, universities, hospitals, orphanages and institutions for the care of the poor.

But the book goes on to show how all this was swept away in the wanton devastation of the great Masonic Revolution, which lasted from 1810 to 1928. Nevertheless, the author maintains that the Mexican people retain a national character impressed upon their very souls by the 300 years of Catholic civilization which marked their early history, a character which the Revolution has not been able to efface from the people any more than the passage of time has been able to efface from the land the glorious monuments of Catholic architecture constructed during Mexico's golden age of civilization.

Kelly, Most Rev Francis


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