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Beyond Abortion: A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation

Beyond Abortion: A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation

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Documents the merciless experiments on human infants scheduled for abortion, the removal of organs and body tissue from still-living fetal infants, and the live "harvesting" of their organs for the use of others, showing that these activities are becoming increasingly accepted by doctors and researchers today and are going on quietly with almost no restriction. Mrs. Rini, initially skeptical that these things were actually happening, began investigating fetal experimentation and uncovered a network of medical researchers, hidden from public view, whose work is preparing us for a free-fall into eugenic engineering - featuring mandatory elimination of the "defective" and the "unwanted." Among other things, Mrs. Rini explains how live aborted fetuses are obtained for research and how genetic screening is used to push selective abortion of the "genetically inferior." she shows the horrendous moral implications of these growing practices and concludes that they form "the new barbarism" of our age. This is the only book on the subject in print and a real awakener. Fetal experimentation may just be the barbarity that brings down the whole abortion business.

Rini, Suzanne M


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