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Amazing Grace for Fathers: 75 Stories of Faith, Hope, Inspiration & Humour

Amazing Grace for Fathers: 75 Stories of Faith, Hope, Inspiration & Humour

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Amazing Grace for Fathers celebrates the power of fatherhoodÔÇöand that power is love. The love of our fathers on earth reflects the infinite love of God, our heavenly Father, from which all fatherly guidance, discipline, and protection flows. The powerful stories in this book show just how deep a fatherÔÇÖs love is for his children, particularly when he lives in and is strengthened by GodÔÇÖs grace. Here, you will find support and inspiration for your own fatherhood.

In this book, you will meet:

  • A young boy suffering intense pain who finds peace and comfort in the hands of his father.
  • A loving father who literally comes back from the dead after suffering fatal injuries.
  • A surrogate father who makes a big difference in the life of an angry and troubled boy.
  • A father who provides a birthday present for his little girl after his death through a series of divine coincidences.
  • A young man who heroically saves the life of another because of the wisdom handed down to him by his own father.
  • Two fathers who, unable to provide for their families, turn to God and see His fatherly protection take care of them.

Cavins, Armstrong & Pinto


Ascension Press

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