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A Year's Thoughts

A Year's Thoughts

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Celebrated priest Father William Doyle was famous for the depth of his spiritual insight, and his ability to confer good advice - this book contains 365 extracts, one for every day of the year.

The many and varied topics within this collection range from short, poignant and proverbial sayings - "a sharp tongue is the only tool that grows sharper with use" - to all manner of sound spiritual counsel. Grounded in Biblical wisdom and the extensive experiences of the author, we find passages on overcoming adversity, observing the influence of God in daily life, and cultivating the virtues that all good Christians should carry through life and confer upon others.

Yearly events and festivals such as Easter and Christmas receive commentary, with particular attention given to the life and deeds of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are frequently reminded of the Son of God's hardships and virtues, and shown how to take these as examples for good Christian behavior. While serious of purpose, William Doyle imbues his advices with liveliness and wit; the author's kindness and lack of severity is in the fullest evidence.

Tragically, William Doyle perished in 1917 at the age of forty-four while serving as a chaplain in the British Army during World War One. His wisdom however lived on, and is graciously enjoyed by many believers to this day.

Doyle, Fr William SJ


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