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A History of Christendom Vol 2: The Building of Christendom

A History of Christendom Vol 2: The Building of Christendom

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This series is the only comprehensive narration of Western history written from the orthodox Catholic perspective still in print. How would a historical narrative read if the author began with these first principles: Truth exists; the Incarnation happened? This series is essential reading for those who consider the West worth defending. Volume 2, The Building of Christendom, carries the story of the building of a Christian civilisation in Europe from the conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine in the fourth century to the end of the First Crusade.

Warren Carroll (1932 - 2011) was founder of Christendom College, serving as president from 1977-85, and as chairman of the Department of History from 1985-2002. Carroll earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in history from Columbia Uni­versity. The author of numerous books, he has won a well-deserved reputation as one of the foremost Catholic historians of our time.

Carroll, Warren H


Christendom Press

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