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A History of Christendom Vol 1: The Founding of Christendom

A History of Christendom Vol 1: The Founding of Christendom

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It is the fundamental affirmation of Christianity that God entered history as Jesus Christ. Yet history today is almost never written from this Incarnational perspective.

The purpose of Dr. Warren H. Carroll's fully documented history of Christendom is to present history from this Christ-centered viewpoint. The first of a projected six volumes, it is essentially the most important because it deals with the life of Christ and th founding of His Church, along with the preparations for His coming among both Israelites and Gentiles. This Christian framework shapes a general review of history up to the conversion of the Roman Emperor Constantine.

Dr. Carroll declares: "Any good history should be a good story. Man's past is full of events more dramatic than any ever put on stage. The most dramatic of these events pertain directly to the supreme drama which is the action of Christ in the world, in preparing for His coming, in coming and in living in His Church. There is no law of nature or of scholarship which says that a scholarly and reliable history must be dull, and no reason at all why it should be."

This is Christian history which both informs and inspires - a volume of lasting value.

Carroll, Warren H


Christendom Press

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