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A Deep and Subtle Joy: Life at Quarr Abbey

A Deep and Subtle Joy: Life at Quarr Abbey

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Quarr Abbey is a historic and beautiful Benedictine Monastery founded on the Isle of Wight in 1132. Along the way it was home to Father Joe, celebrated in Tony Hendra's New York Times bestselling book. In A Deep and Subtitle Joy, Fr. Luke Bell takes the reader on a fascinating 24-hour personal tour of Quarr Abbey, and provides a perfect introduction to Benedictine--and to Christian--spirituality

The author brings you, chapter-by-chapter, to the place in the monastery where the monks spend their lives and provides a vivid insight into the rhythm of their day. While en route he talks about some of the personal experiences that brought him to the abbey and explains what this place and life in the monastery means to the monks who live here.

Drawing equally upon nature and scripture, Fr. Luke explains the practice and the purpose of the different aspects of monastic life. Each chapter presents a spiritual theme by means of reflection on a particular aspect of the husbandry or buildings of the monastery, finding profound answers to such seemingly mundane questions as, What can we learn from the way pigs eat? or Why is the cloister hidden?

Bell, Luke


Hidden Spring

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