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The Two Eyes of Spinoza And Other Essays On Philosophers

The Two Eyes of Spinoza And Other Essays On Philosophers

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Known in the English-speaking world mainly as the author of Main Currents of Marxism (1976), and in France as the author of the monumental study Chr├®tiens sans Eglise (1966), in his Two Eyes of Spinoza and Other Essays on Philosophers Leszek Kolakowski offers the English-speaking reader for the first time a significant selection of his early writings. Originally written in Polish, German, and French, this collection is his first book ever in English on seventeenth-century thought, which subject he has been writing on since ÔÇ£Individual and Infinity: Freedom and Antinomies of Freedom in the Philosophy of SpinozaÔÇØ was published in 1957. Included in Two Eyes of Spinoza are essays on ÔÇ£The Philosophical Role of the ReformationÔÇØ and the ÔÇ£Mystical Heresy,ÔÇØ on Uriel da Costa, Spinoza, Gassendi, and Pierre Bayle, but also on Freud, Marx, Avenarius, and Heidegger. Also included is KolakowskiÔÇÖs well-known essay ÔÇ£The Priest and the Jester,ÔÇØ in which he considers the question of the theological heritage in contemporary thought.

KolakowskiÔÇÖs style is lucid, and he has a gift for translating often highly technical philosophical jargon into language that shows the enduring pertinence of philosophy to Western culture. This book is the long-awaited collection by an expert on Spinoza and seventeenth-century thought.

Kolakowski, Leszek


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