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Neo-Scholastic Essays

Neo-Scholastic Essays

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"In a series of publications over the course of a decade, Edward Feser
has argued for the defensibility and abiding relevance to issues in
contemporary philosophy of Scholastic ideas and arguments, and
especially of Aristotelian-Thomistic ideas and arguments. This work has
been in the vein of what has come to be known as "analytical Thomism,"
though the spirit of the project goes back at least to the
Neo-Scholasticism of the period from the late nineteenth century to the
middle of the twentieth. Neo-Scholastic Essays collects some of Feser's
academic papers from the last ten years on themes in metaphysics and
philosophy of nature, natural theology, philosophy of mind, and ethics.
Among the diverse topics covered are: the relationship between
Aristotelian and Newtonian conceptions of motion; the varieties of
teleological description and explanation; the proper interpretation of
Aquinas's Five Ways; the impossibility of a materialist account of the
human intellect; the philosophies of mind of Kripke, Searle, Popper, and
Hayek; the metaphysics of value; the natural law understanding of the
ethics of private property and taxation; a critique of political
libertarianism; and the defensibility and indispensability to a proper
understanding of sexual morality of the traditional "perverted faculty

Feser, Edward


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