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How Christ Said the First Mass, or the Lord's Last Supper

How Christ Said the First Mass, or the Lord's Last Supper

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"Rev. James L. Meagher, D.D., has written the most powerful Catholic history that we have ever seen.

Discover how the entire history of the world is tied together in the story and origins of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Read how God foretold the Crucifixion and the Mass to Adam and his children in types, images and emblems.
Learn about the signs, symbols and ceremonies of the Mass in the Jewish Temple and how the mysteries of the Mass were unveiled in the Temple.
Discover the origins of an unmarried clergy, holy water, candles, statues in churches, ciboriums, incense, sanctuaries, vestments, liturgical colors, credence tables, bread, wine, oil, chalices and various liturgies in the Jewish Temple of the Old Testament.
See how the Mass was foretold in the Passover and the Cenacle, and how the sacrificial lamb was crucified and roasted on its cross.
Learn why no bones of the lamb could be broken.
Learn the knowledge that the early Church Fathers knew and the reasons and origins of every aspect of Holy Mass to each move that Christ and the Apostles made at the Last Supper.

This phenomenal work reveals many curious insights such as Adam and Eve's 63 children, the origin of the races, Adam's skull buried on Calvary, and the fact that Judas was the nephew of Caiphus, the high priest. A work of staggering research, How Christ Said the First Mass helps all to realize what a hidden treasure we have in the Mass!"

Meagher, James


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