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Benefits in becoming an Online VIP User...


+ Never have to fill in your details again!
When making an order, or accessing any area which requires you to provide your address, email or even name, the website will complete the form for you. This can also improve security and protection for your credit card details as you don't have to enter them in every time.*
* Credit Card details are not required. Nor are they stored online.

+ Web Specials only for you!
VIP Users are granted access to our "Web Specials" area, and may order certain items at discounted prices.

+ Quick access to your orders, reviews and details!
VIP Users are granted access to a list of all their previous orders (you can even see how much you have spent). You are also given quick access to all your reviews that you've made, and any loyalty points gathered.

+ Newsletter control.
Receiving our email newsletter? Feel you are receiving too many, or too few? You can change how often the newsletter is sent to you.

+ Loyalty Award System
Receive points for all your orders, reviews and email newsletters received. These lead to permanent discounts on specific categories of your choosing. Bonus points can be received on specific items (like the Fidelity magazine, reviewing items you have ordered, or any item listed on our recent newsletter).



1) Signing up is 100% free. There are no obligations involved. We simply provide this as a service to our customers.
2) Signing up takes about 3 minutes.
3) All discounts and loyalty points are only for use over the http://www.fidelitybooks.com.au online site, and cannot be used, spent or exchanged anywhere else.

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