Postage Costs  

BOOKS : The Fidelity Books website should automatically calculate shipping costs for all our Australian and New Zealand customers. It will do this within the shopping cart after you have selected your location.

LIGHTER ITEMS :  the automatic shipping costs are calculated for books. Postage and handling on lighter  items such as medals. pamphlets. booklets, lightweight devotional items will be calculated by office staff case by case - and charged accordingly.

(Credit card payments are not processed until the order items have been assembled and postage calculated.)

OVERSEAS ORDERS  : Overseas order totals will be calculated manually once the items are assembled.

Once we have determined the postage cost -  we will email you.

Please contact us afterwards if you are happy or unhappy with this amount. If you are unhappy, you may cancel your order without penalty or fee.

We try to be as flexible as possible with your order, and are willing to discuss methods of minimizing costs preferable to you.

Fidelity Books Online does not  attempt to make money on postage.