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1. Take Five: Meditations With John Henry Newman
    by Aquilina, Michael
Our Sunday Visitor Prayer $16.99

2. Take Five: Meditations With Pope Benedict XVI
    by Aquilina&Stubna
Our Sunday Visitor Prayer $15.00

3. Take It To The Queen
    by Nobisso, Josephine

4. Tales of Foreign Lands Vol 1
    by Spillman, Rev Joseph
Angelus Press Children $23.00

5. Tales of Foreign Lands Vol 2
    by Spillman, Rev Joseph
Angelus Press Children $23.00

6. TAN Guide to 'The Spiritual Combat'
    by Scupoli, Lorenzo
Tan Spirituality $12.00

7. Te Deum and Other Church Music (CD)
    by Rutter, John
Music Music CD $37.00

8. Tea Party Catholic
    by Gregg, Samuel
Crossroad Catholicism and culture $37.50

9. Teachings of JP2 Harmony Media Inc Catholicism $62.00

10. Teen Apologetics
    by Staples, Tim
Youth $33.49

11. Tell Me About The Catholic Faith: From The Bible To The Sacraments
    by Dubost, Michael and others
Ignatius-Magnificat Children $40.00

12. Tell My Priests: Words of Our Lord to Priests about His Mercy as Revealed to Sister Faustina Kowalska
    by Kosicki, Fr George W.
Divine Mercy Publications Priesthood/Vocations Book $17.50

13. The Temperament God Gave You
    by Art & Laraine Bennett
Sophia Institute Press Christian Living $24.50

14. The Temperament God Gave Your Kids
    by Bennett, Art & Lorraine
Our Sunday Visitor Family $24.00

15. Temptations
    by Michel, Fr. P. J.
Sophia Institute Press Book $22.00

16. Ten Commandments
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.30

17. Ten Commandments 2 video set Classic movie. Ignatius Video $10.00

18. Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To
    by DeStefano, Anthony
Image Books Prayer $19.00

19. Teresa of Avila
    by Moorcroft, Jennifer
CTS Saints $7.00

20. DVD - Teresa of Jesus (Avila) Saints $23.00

21. Test Everything - Hold Fast to What is Good (Hardback - Signed)
    by Pell, Cardinal George
Connor Court $20.00

22. Test Everything - Hold Fast to What is Good
    by Pell, Cardinal George
Connor Court Catholicism Book $14.00

23. Testimonies To A Man Of God 2
    by Delgado,Lopez,Moro(Bishops)
Scepter Publications Saints $12.95

24. Testimony To Truth
    by Hahn/Jones
Parousia Media Conversions $25.00

25. Textual Concordance Holy Scrip
    by Williams, Thomas David
Tan Bible $51.00

26. Thank God Ahead Of Time - The Life And Spirituality Of Solanus Casey
    by Crosby, Michael H., OFM CAP
St Anthony Messenger Press Saints $30.00

27. Thank You
    by Sayles, Fr Patrick SSC
St Columban's Mission Society $2.50

28. Thankyou Sympathy card $1.00

29. That Hideous Strength
    by Lewis, C S
Harper Collins Literature $25.00

30. That Nothing May Be Lost
    by Scalia, Fr. Paul
Ignatius Doctrine/Heresy Book $31.00

31. That Strange Divine Sea: Reflections on being a Catholic
    by Derrick, Christopher
Ignatius Christianity $25.00

32. Thérèse: Extraordinary Soul - CD
    by Defilippis, Leonardo director
Saints $15.00

33. The Angels
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Corp Children $4.00

34. The Apostate's Tale
    by Frazer, Margaret
Berkley Books Fiction $12.50

35. The Atlas Martyrs
    by Maynard, Jean Olwen
Catholic Truth Society Biography $7.00

36. Eight Beatitudes - Colouring and Activity Book
    by Halpin,D. Thomas
Pauline Books and Media Children $4.00

37. A Beginner's Book of Chant: A Simple Guide for Parishes, Schools and Communities
    by Benedictine Monk
Saint Michael's Abbey Press Mass and Liturgy Book $30.00

38. The Black Dress
    by Freeman, Pamela
Black Dog Children $20.00

39. The Book of Books: The Old Testament Retold
    by Daniel-Rops, Henri
Sophia Institute Press Scripture $25.00

40. The Book of Saints - Regina Cl
    by Hoagland Rev Victor
Regina Press Saints $22.00

41. The Bronze Bow
    by Speare, Elizabeth George
HMH Teens $14.00

42. The Case for Jesus: The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ
    by Brant Pitre
Image Books Apologetics Book $44.00

43. The Catholic Home
    by Gould, Meredith
Image/Doubleday Family $20.00

44. The Catholic Prayer Book
    by Buckley, Michael & Castle, Tony
Servant Books Book $40.00

45. The Chain: A Story of Faith Seeking Understanding
    by Rist, Anna
Angelico Press Fiction $26.00

46. The Christian Faith: A Mini-Catechism For Catholics
    by Fr Stephen Wang
CTS Doctrine/Heresy Booklet $7.00

47. The Christian Vision: Man In Society
    by Roche, George
Hillsdale College Press Christian Living $50.01

48. The Church and the Land
    by McNab, Fr Vincent
IHS Press Church, Politics & Economics $25.00

49. The Commandments of God
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co Church Teachings $4.00

50. The Complete Thinker The Marve
    by Ahlquist, Dale
Ignatius $22.00

51. A Tour Of The Catechism - The Creed
    by Flader, Fr John
Modotti Press Doctrine/Heresy $29.95

52. The Creed: Professing The Faith Through The Ages
    by Hahn, Scott
Emmaus Road Publishing Church Teachings $43.00

53. The Cross - An Aust Journey $15.00

54. The Cross and the Beatitudes
    by Sheen, Mgr Fulton J
Angelico Press Spirituality Book $12.00

55. The Cure of Ars
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children $22.00

56. The defamation of Pius XII
    by McInerny, Ralph M
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $31.50

57. The Devil's Web $22.50

58. The Dividing of Christendom
    by Dawson, Christopher
Ignatius Church history $35.00

59. The Divine Comedy
    by James, Clive
Liveright Publishing Philosophy $44.00

60. The Fair American: Sally Series Book 3
    by Coatsworth, Elizabeth
Bethlehem Children Book $23.00

61. The Fifth Word Ignatius Video $31.50

62. The First Christmas
    by London National Gallery
Walker Books Christmas $16.99

63. The Foot of the Cross
    by Faber, Fr FW
Tan Devotion and Sacramental Book $30.00

64. The Forge
    by Escriva, Blessed Josemaria
Scepter Publications Spirituality $14.00

65. The Four Loves
    by Lewis, C S
HarperOne $15.00

66. The Gardener and the Vine
    by McDonough, Andrew
Lost Sheep Children $8.00

67. The Gentle Traditionalist
    by Buck, Roger
Angelico Press Apologetics $22.00

68. The God Who Is Love: Explaining Christianity From Its Centre
    by Kapler, Shane
Out Of The BOX Apologetics $27.01

69. The Good Galilean
    by Goodier Alban SJ
Sophia Institute Press $16.99

70. The Good Land
    by Erdman, Loula Grace
Bethlehem Children $23.00

71. The Gospel of Paul
    by Knox, Mgr Ronald
CTS Saints $7.00

72. The Gospel of the Family: Going Beyond Cardinal Kasper's Proposal in the Debate on Marriage, Civil Re-Marriage and Communion in the Church
    by Kampowski, Stephan
Ignatius Family $32.51

73. The Grace of Ars
    by Miller, Frederick
Ignatius $27.99

74. The Great Divorce
    by Lewis, C S
HarperOne Fiction Book $26.50

75. The Great Facade
    by Ferrara/Woods
Angelico Press History $37.00

76. The Great Magdalens: Famous Women Who Returned to God after Lives of Sin
    by Blunt,Msgr.Hugh Francis
Tan Book $25.00

77. The Greatest Miracle Anderson Merchandisers DVD $17.50

78. The Grunt Padre: Father Vincent Robert Capodanno Vietnam 1966-1967
    by Mode Daniel
CMJ Marian Publishers Biography Book $52.00

79. The Healing Peace of Christ
    by Fisher, Anthony
St Paul Publications Coping with grief, afterlife Book $8.00

80. The History of the Mass Explained
    by Dilke, Fr Charles
Catholic Truth Society Mass and Liturgy $7.00

81. The Holy Mass - BP
    by Gueranger, Dom Prosper OSB
Baronius Press Mass and Liturgy $33.00

82. The Holy Mass Explained to Cat Divine Mercy Publications Liturgy $11.00

83. The Horse and His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia)
    by Lewis, C S
Collins Children Book $15.00

84. The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia)
    by Lewis, C S
Collins Children Book $15.00

85. The Last Crusader
    by de Wohl, Louis
Ignatius $31.00

86. The Last Superstition: A Refutation Of The New Atheism
    by Feser, Edward
St Augustine's Press Apologetics $35.50

87. The Little Oratory: A Beginner's Guide To Praying In The Home
    by Lawler&Clayton
Sophia Institute Press $37.00

88. The Love of Eternal Wisdom
    by De Montfort, St Louis
Limovia.net Devotion and Sacramental $20.50

89. The Magician's Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia)
    by Lewis, C S
Collins Children Book $16.99

90. The Man Christ Jesus
    by Biffi, Cardinal Giacomo
Sophia Institute Press Christology $24.00

91. The Marian Option
    by Gress, Carrie
Tan Marian Devotions $50.00

92. The Mass Explained
    by Moroney,Msgr. James P
Catholic Book Publishing Co Mass and Liturgy Book $14.00

93. DVD: The Mass - A Life-Giving Prayer (Brother Francis) Herald entertainment Children $16.99

94. The Miracles of Lourdes
    by O'Shea, Fr Frank
Canisius Press Marian Devotions $2.30

95. The Monks of Tibhirine
    by Kiser, John W
Martins Press History $26.50

96. The Nativity Story DVD $22.00

97. The New Evangelisation
    by Porteous, Bishop Julian
Connor Court Evangelisation $25.00

98. The New Order of Mass
    by St. Pauls
St. Pauls Missals $8.00

99. The Night is Far Spent
    by Howard, Thomas
Ignatius $30.00

100. The Novice's Tale
    by Frazer, Margaret
Berkley Books Fiction $12.50

101. The Porch and the Cross
    by Vost,Kevin
Angelico Press Spirituality $26.00

102. The Power of Silence - Against the Dictatorship of Noise
    by Sarah, Card. Robert
Ignatius Book $32.00

103. The Power Of The Divine Mercy Prayer Piety $1.10

104. The Priests CD
    by The Priests
Music $30.00

105. The Princess & the Kiss
    by Bishop, Jennie
Warner Press Children $22.00

106. The Problem of Pain
    by Lewis, C S
HarperOne $15.00

107. The Protestant's Dilemma: How The Reformation's Shocking Consequences Point To The Truth Of Catholicism
    by Rose, Devin
Catholic Answers Press Apologetics Book $27.99

108. The Psalms - New Catholic Version
    by God
CBPC Bible $18.00

109. The Reformation (Penguin History of the Church, 3)
    by Chadwick, Owen
Penguin History Book $21.95

110. The Reluctant Saint Video $38.00

111. The Return of Modernism
    by Hayes, Rev. W.J.
Openbook Howden Catholicism $11.00

112. The Rise of AntiChrist
    by Binder, Hans
Binder, Hans Last Things Book $29.00

113. The Rise of Christianity
    by Stark Rodney
HarperOne Church history $30.00

114. The Rosary
    by Levivier,Juliette
St Paul Publications Children $10.00

115. DVD: The Sacraments - The Grace Within God's Gifts (Brother Francis) Herald entertainment Children DVD $16.01

116. The Saints In My Life My Favor
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Our Sunday Visitor Saints $25.00

117. The Screwtape Letters
    by Lewis, C S
HarperOne Literature $25.00

118. The Scripture Rosary
    by Anon
Canisius Press Rosary $2.30

119. The Servant's Tale
    by Frazer, Margaret
Berkley Books Fiction $12.50

120. The Shed That Fed A Million Children
    by Macfarlane-Barrow, Magnus
Collins History Book $27.99

121. The Sign of the Cross
    by Gaume, Mgr Jean-Joseph
Loreto Publications Sacraments & Sacramentals $16.01

122. The Signs of the Times
    by Bowring,Kelly
Two Hearts Press $41.00

123. The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia)
    by Lewis, C S
Collins Children Book $15.00

124. The Silver Chair dvd BBC Children DVD $45.00

125. The Space Trilogy CS Lewis
    by Lewis, C S
Harper Collins Fiction $35.00

126. The Spanish Match
    by Pursell, Brennan
Sophia Institute Press Literature $32.51

127. The Squire and the Scroll
    by Bishop, Jennie
Warner Press Children $22.00

128. The Storm Novena
    by St Benedict the Moor Mission
Loreto Publications Prayer $7.50

129. The Adventures of Jamie and Bella: The Three Roses
    by Bonnewijn, Olivier
Ignatius Children $16.50

130. The Three Trees
    by Ringlet, Gabriel
St Paul Publications Children Book $15.00

131. The Thrill of the Chaste
    by Eden, Dawn
Ingram Sexuality/Chastity $23.50

132. The Tripods Attack!
    by McNichol, John
Sophia Institute Press Literature Book $27.99

133. The Virtues
    by Benedict XVI
Our Sunday Visitor Theology $27.99

134. The Virtues : Boys to Men CD $25.00

135. The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories
    by Johnson, Abby
Ignatius Life Issues Book $32.00

136. The Wayside Stream
    by Glynn, Paul
Marist Fathers Books Spirituality $16.50

137. The Woman Shall Conquer
    by Sharkey, Don

138. The Wondrous Childhood of the Most Holy Mother of God
    by St. John Eudes
Loreto Publications $27.01

139. The Year and Our Children
    by Newland, M R
Sophia Institute Press Family $33.00

140. The Theology of History in Saint Bonaventure
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Ignatius $24.50

141. Theological Fragments
    by de Lubac, Henri
Ignatius Theology Book $45.90

142. Theology for Beginners
    by Sheed, Frank
Angelico Press Theology $15.00

143. Theology of Body- 1 Day Seminar
    by West, Christopher
LivingWell Media Sexuality/Chastity $35.00

144. Theology of Liturgy BXVI $145.00

145. Theology of the Body Explained - A Commentary on John Paul II's
    by West, Christopher
Freedom Publishing Theology Book $55.00

146. Theology of the Body Made Simple
    by Percy, Anthony
Connor Court Sexuality/Chastity $19.00

147. Theology of the Church
    by Journet, Charles Cardinal
Ignatius Theology $60.95

148. The Theology Of 'The Passion Of The Christ'
    by Miller, Monica
St Paul Books & Media Bible $35.00

149. Monastique: Therese Eau De Parfum 15ml Women Cosmetic $17.40

150. Therese Neumann Mystic And Sti
    by Vogl, Adalbert Albert
Tan Biography $32.00

151. Therese of Lisieux: Doctor of the Universal Church
    by John Paul II
Editions Du Signe Saints Booklet $5.95

152. The Turned Card: Christianity Before and After the Wall
    by O'Grady, Desmond
GRACEWING Book $30.00

153. They Loved to Laugh
    by Worth, Kathryn
Bethlehem Children Book $23.10

154. Think Well on It : Considerations on the Great Truths of the Gospel
    by Challoner, Bishop Richard
Tan Philosophy Book $20.00

155. The Third Millennium
    by Vatican II
St. Pauls Books & Media Encyclicals $5.45

156. Thirty Days Devotions For The Holy Souls
    by Tassone, Susan
Our Sunday Visitor Prayer $13.00

157. Thirty Favourite Novenas Tan Prayer $3.25

158. Thirty Three Days To Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation For Marian Consecration
    by Gaitley, Br Michael
Marian Press Stockbridge Marian Devotions $26.00

159. Thirty-Five Doctors of Church
    by Rengers, Fr Christopher
Tan Saints $59.00

160. This Sainted Queen
    by D'Abrera, Bella W
Hill House History $11.00

161. Thomas Aquinas: A Portrait
    by Turner, Denys
Yale University Press Saints $32.00

162. Thomas Hobbes (Key Texts)
    by Taylor, A E
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $23.10

163. Thomist Realism and the Critique of Knowledge
    by Gilson, Etienne
Ignatius Philosophy $25.50

164. Thoughts Of St Ignatius Loyola
    by Ryan, Pat and Rosemary
Fordham University Press Prayer $30.00

165. Thoughts of the Cure d'Ars
    by Vianney, St Jean Baptiste
Tan Saints $5.00

166. Thoughts & Sayings of St. Margaret Mary
    by St Margaret Mary
Tan Saints Book $20.00

167. The Three Conversions in the Spiritual Life
    by Garrigou-Lagrange, Fr Reginald
Tan Spirituality $13.75

168. Three Irish Saints: A Guide to Finding Your Spiritual Style
    by Vost,Kevin
Tan Spirituality $19.50

169. Three Kings, Ten Mysteries: The Secrets of Christmas
    by Grzegorz Gorny
Ignatius History Book $42.00

170. Three Marks of Manhood
    by Dilsaver,G.C.
Saint Benedict Press Men $25.00

171. Threefold Garland
    by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Ignatius Marian Devotions $23.90

172. Through Shakespeare's Eyes: Seeing the Catholic Presence in the Plays
    by Pearce, Joseph
Ignatius $31.00

173. Through The Mountains Scepter Publications Children $23.00

174. To Hunt, to Shoot, to Entertain: Clericalism and the Catholic Laity
    by Shaw, Russell
Ignatius History Book $30.50

175. To Know Christ Jesus - AP
    by Sheed, Frank
Angelico Press Christology Book $25.00

176. To the Church in America
    by John Paul II
St Paul Publications Church Teachings $5.50

177. To The Field of Stars - A Pilgrim's Journey To Santiago de Compostela
    by Codd, Fr Kevin A
Eerdmans $37.00

178. To the Heights
    by Kennelly, Brian
Tan Fiction $30.00

179. To the Other Towns: The Life of the Blessed Peter Favre, First Companion of St. Ignatius
    by Bangert, William, S.J.
Ignatius Saints Book $33.95

180. Together but Alone When God Me $40.00

181. Together for Life
    by Champlin,Mgr Joseph M.
Ave Maria Press Marriage $14.00

182. Tolkien's Sacramental Vision Angelico Press $26.00

183. Tools From Joseph's Workshop - A 30-Day Apprenticeship With The Man Closest To Christ
    by Sarkisian, Rick
LifeWork Press $22.00

184. The Traditional Mass For Children
    by Matthew Arnold
Mass and Liturgy DVD $27.99

185. Transcending All Understanding: The Meaning of Christian Faith Today
    by Kasper, Walter, Cardinal
Ignatius/Communio Theology Book $19.90

186. Transformed by Grace: Scripture, Sacraments and the Sonship of Christ
    by Mork, Wulstan OSB
Servant Books Sacraments & Sacramentals Book $20.00

187. Transforming Your Life Through the Eucharist
    by Kane, John A
Sophia Institute Press Sacraments & Sacramentals Book $23.00

188. Travellers Along the Way
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Servant Books Autobiography $22.00

189. Treasure and Tradition; The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Mass
    by Various
St. Augustine Academy Press Liturgy $40.00

190. Treasure Box 1
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children Book $7.15

191. Treasure Box 10
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children Book $7.15

192. Treasure Box Book 2
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children Book $7.15

193. Treasure Box Book 3
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children Book $7.15

194. Treasure Box Book 4
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children Book $7.15

195. Treasure Box Book 5
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children Book $7.15

196. Treasure Box 6
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children Book $7.15

197. Treasure Box 8
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children Book $7.15

198. Treasure Box 9
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children Book $7.15

199. Treasure Box Set11-20
    by Maryknoll Sisters
Tan Children $70.00

200. Treasures of the Church
    by Jones, Alex
Parousia Media Catholicism $27.01

201. Treasures Old And New - Traditional Prayers For Today's Catholics
    by Powell, Philip Neri
Liguori Prayer $25.00

202. A Treasury of Wisdom: The Words of Jesus Ignatius Spirituality Book $30.50

203. Treatise on the Love of God
    by St Francis de Sales
Tan Christianity $42.00

204. Trespasses Against Us - JP2High
    by Frank, Christian M
Sophia Institute Press $25.00

205. Triangular St Joseph Votive Candle Prayer Piety $8.50

206. TRINITY CROSS Piety $31.00

207. True Devotion to Mary
    by St Louis de Montfort
Tan Marian Devotions Book $21.51

208. True Love Waits 2
    by True Love Waits
True Love Waits Sexuality/Chastity $3.30

209. Truth About Therese: An Unflinching Look at Lisieux, the Little Flower,and the Little Way
    by Gheon, Henri
Sophia Institute Press $35.00

210. The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality - Guidelines for Education within the Family
    by John Paul II
St Paul Publications Encyclicals $6.00

211. Truth For Your Mind, Love For Your Heart
    by McBride, Alfred
Our Sunday Visitor Devotion and Sacramental $25.00

212. Truth Is Symphonic: Aspects of Christian Pluralism
    by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Ignatius Theology Book $30.50

213. Truth Will Set You Free
    by Marchione, Margherita
Our Sunday Visitor History $25.00

214. Turmoil & Truth
    by Trower, Philip
Ignatius $32.00

215. Turning Towards the Lord - Orientation in Liturgical Prayer
    by Lang, U M
Ignatius Book $25.00

216. Tuscan Wall Plaque - Love never fails Piety $9.00

217. Tuscan Wall Plaque - Blessing Piety $9.00

218. Twelve Came First
    by Ryan, Aileen
Catholicism $30.00

219. The Twelve Steps to Holiness and Salvation
    by St Alphonsus Ligouri
Tan Spirituality $20.00

220. The Two Eyes of Spinoza And Other Essays On Philosophers
    by Kolakowski, Leszek
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $40.00

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