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1. Sterling Silver/Enamel Miraculous Medal (17mm) on chain. Boxed Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $30.00

2. Sermons of St Francis de Sales - OL
    by St Francis de Sales
Tan Marian Devotions $23.00

3. Stations of the Cross wooden chaplet Piety $48.00

4. Sacrament of Confirmation Catechetics
    by Murphy, Fr Peter
Murphy Fr Peter Catechetics Booklet $5.50

5. Sacrament of Penance Catechetics
    by Murphy, Fr Peter
Murphy Fr Peter Catechetics Booklet $5.50

6. Sacrament of the Eucharist Catechetics
    by Murphy, Fr Peter
Murphy Fr Peter Catechetics Booklet $5.50

7. Sacramentals of the Church
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.00

8. Sacraments
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co $3.30

9. Sacraments Comic Book
    by Manousos, Fr Demetrius OFM
Angelus $22.00

10. Sacraments of The Cath Ch
    by Hahn, Scott
Sacraments & Sacramentals Audio Tape (Talks) $40.00

11. Sacramentum Caritatis
    by Benedict XVI
St. Pauls Sacraments & Sacramentals $9.96

12. Sacred Heart & Imm Heart Gold $23.00

13. Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart of Mary plaque Piety $80.00

14. Sacred Heart And The Priesthood
    by de la Touch, M
Tan Priesthood/Vocations $17.50

15. Sacred Heart Keyring Piety $5.50

16. Sacred Heart Luminous Statue Devotion and Sacramental Piety $6.01

17. Sacred Heart Novena & Prayer Book William J Hirten Company Inc $5.00

18. Sacred Heart of Jesus Leaflet Piety $3.30

19. Sacred Heart Picture Medal Piety $2.10

20. Sacred Heart Resin 20cm Piety $21.00

21. The Sacred Liturgy
    by A Benedictine Monk
Saint Austin Press Book $33.00

22. Sadness of Christ
    by St Thomas More
Scepter Publications Spirituality $16.50

23. Saint Athanasius
    by Forbes, F A
Tan Saints Book $15.00

24. On Order (De Ordine)
    by Saint Augustine, Silvano Barruso, trans., ed.
St Augustine's Press $38.50

25. Saint Augustine on Order St Augustine's Press Cosmetic $38.50

26. Saint Augustine/Man,Pastor,Mystic
    by Trape, Agostino
CBPC Saints $15.00

27. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
    by Navis pictures
Navis pictures Saints DVD $25.00

28. Saint Charbel Makhlouf Monastery of the Magnificat of $15.00

29. Saint Clothilde: The First Christian Queen Of France Tells Her Story $16.99

30. Saint Damien Of Molokai - Apostle Of The Exiled
    by Bunson, Matthew & Margaret
Our Sunday Visitor Saints $26.00

31. Saint Dominic
    by Sister Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P.
Tan $22.00

32. Saint Francis of Assisi
    by Gobry,Ivan
Ignatius Biography $30.00

33. Saint Francis Xavier
    by Martinez, Miguel
Anand Press Children $6.00

34. Saint Gerard Majella
    by Saint-Omer, Edward Fr
Tan Saints $21.00

35. Saint Gianna Molla: Wife, Mother, Doctor
    by Molla, P & Guerriero, Elio
Ignatius Saints $24.00

36. Saint Ignatius Loyola and the Company of Jesus
    by Forbes, F A
Tan Saints Book $14.00

37. Saint John Bosco and Saint Dominic Savio
    by Forbes, F A
Tan Saints $16.01

38. Saint John of Cross Every Day
    by Kavanaugh, K
Paulist Press Saints $11.49

39. Saint Joseph
    by Guadagno, Geraldine
St Paul Publications Children $15.00

40. 2018 Saint Joseph Calendar (21 x 23 cm) St Joseph's Calander Press Christian Living $20.00

41. Saint Joseph of Copertino
    by Pastrovicchi, Fr Angelo
Tan Saints Book $12.00

42. Saint Kateri Tekawitha
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
CBPC Children Book $3.30

43. Saint Louise de Marillac: Servant of the Poor
    by Regnault, Sister Vincent
Tan Saints Book $11.00

44. Saint Michael The Archangel
    by Benedictine Nuns
Tan Saints Book $5.00

45. Saint Monica - Model of Christian Mothers
    by Forbes, F A
Tan Saints Book $23.00

46. Saints of the Americas
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co $3.00

47. Saint Patrick's Day cards $2.40

48. Saint Patrick's Summer
    by Hunt, Marigold
Sophia Institute Press Children $19.50

49. Saint Paul
    by Self, David
Lion Children's Children $20.00

50. Saint Paul - Friend of Jesus
    by O'Neil, Jack
St Paul Publications Children $15.00

51. Saint Paul
    by Benedict XVI
Ignatius Saints $26.00

52. Saint Pauls Holy Week Missal St Paul Books & Media Mass and Liturgy $12.00

53. Saint Philip Neri
    by Matthews, Fr V.J.
Tan Biography $24.00

54. Saint Pope John Paul II
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co Saints $4.00

55. Saint Therese bookmark & medal $2.00

56. Saint Thomas Aquinas - Sophia
    by Maritain, Raissa
Sophia Institute Press Children $22.00

57. Saint Vincent De Paul
    by Forbes, F A
Tan Saints Book $11.00

58. Saint Worship And The Worship Of Mary
    by Brownson, Orestes
Sophia Institute Press Saints $17.50

59. Saintly Solutions To Life's Common Problems
    by Esper, Fr Joseph
Sophia Institute Press Christian Living $33.00

60. Saints and Sinners of Calvary
    by Rengers, Christopher OFM
Tan Spirituality Book $16.01

61. Saints Calendar & Planner 2018 (22 x 15 cm, spiralbound) Saint Benedict Press Saints Calendar $30.00

62. Saints for the Sick
    by Cruz, Joan Carroll
Tan $25.00

63. Saints for Young Readers I
    by Wallace, Susan Sr FSP
Pauline Books and Media Children $35.00

64. Saints for Young Readers II
    by Wallace, Susan Sr FSP
Pauline Books and Media Children $35.00

65. Saints Hermatite Stretch Bracelet with Medals $8.80

66. Saints Of The Bible: Exploring Scripture With Holy Men And Women
    by Doyle-Nelson, Theresa
Our Sunday Visitor Saints $23.00

67. Saints of the Church
    by Allens, M
Ignatius-vision Homeschool $30.00

68. Saints Preserved - An Encyclopedia of Relics
    by Craughwell, Thomas J
Image Books Saints $21.00

69. Saints Who Raised The Dead: True Stories of 400 Resurrection Miracles
    by Hebert, Rev Albert
Tan Saints Book $45.00

70. Salt of the Earth
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Ignatius Church $23.00

71. Salvifici Doloris (On Human Suffering)
    by John Paul II
CTS Encyclicals $10.00

72. Same-Sex Attraction: A Parents' Guide
    by Harvey, Fr John OSFS
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $38.50

73. San Damiano Wall Crucifix (240 x 170 mm wood) crucifix Piety $26.00

74. Sancta Mater Ecclesia: Concerning the Historical Truth of the Gospels
    by Instruction of the Pontifical Biblical Commission
Encyclicals $3.30

75. The Sanctification of Work
    by Illanes, Jose Luis
Scepter Publications Spirituality Book $22.00

76. Sanctifying the World
    by Birzer, Bradley J.
Christendom Press Biography $51.50

77. Sanctus
    by No Author
Pauline Books and Media Music $19.80

78. Santamaria: A Most Unusual Man
    by Henderson, Gerard
Miegunyah Press Biography Book $60.00

79. Scandal of the Incarnation
    by St Irenaeus
Ignatius Theology Book $26.10

80. Scapular - green Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $2.10

81. Scapular - large brown Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $4.00

82. Scapular - small brown Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $2.10

83. Scholasticism: Personalities and Problems of Medieval Philosophy
    by Pieper, Josef
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $21.45

84. School of Jesus Crucified
    by Ignatius of Christ, Fr
Tan Spirituality $18.50

85. The School of Self Knowledge: A Symposium from Medieval Sources
    by Cistercians
Saint Austin Press Spirituality Book $13.69

86. Schoolroom in the Parlor: Fairchild Family Series Book 4
    by Caudill, Rebecca
Bethlehem Children Book $21.00

87. Schopenhauer
    by Gardiner Patrick
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $39.60

88. Science and Faith
    by Bradley - DeMarco
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $22.00

89. Science and Method (Key Texts (South Bend, Ind.).)
    by Poincare, Henri
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $39.60

90. Science Before Science $18.00

91. Scope of Philosophy
    by Young, John
GRACEWING Philosophy $20.00

92. The Screwtape Letters
    by Lewis, C S
William Collins Literature Book $20.00

93. Screwtape Teaches the Faith
    by Marlon De La Torre
Tan Catechetics $33.00

94. Scripture Diary 2018 Scripture Diary Ministries Crafts and Customs Diary $11.00

95. Scripture Rosary - The 4 Mysteries on CD
    by Father Frank O'Shea
O'Shea Fr Frank Rosary $18.00

96. Scripture: Dei Verbum
    by Witherup, Ronald D.
Paulist Press Theology $27.99

97. Sea Within
    by Kreeft, Peter
St Augustine's Press Literature $16.50

98. Search and Rescue
    by Madrid, Patrick
Sophia Institute Press Apologetics $24.50

99. Search the Scriptures: A Catholic - Protestant Debate
    by Madrid P & Ward R Rev Dr
John XXIII Co-op Scripture Audio Tape (Talks) $2.00

100. Searching For And Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise On Peace Of Heart
    by Phillipe, Jacques
Alba House Spirituality $19.00

101. Second Exodus
    by Barrack, Martin K
Magnificat Institute Press Apologetics Book $25.00

102. Second Spring of Church in America
    by Kelly, Mgr George
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $41.25

103. Secret Agents Four : A Wacky Teen Spy Story
    by Sobol, Donald J
Bethlehem Children Book $20.00

104. Secret of Mary
    by St Louis de Montfort
Tan Marian Devotions $12.00

105. The Secret of the Rosary
    by St Louis de Montfort
Tan Marian Devotions Book $10.00

106. The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur
    by Leseur, Elizabeth
Sophia Institute Press Saints Book $33.00

107. Secular Saints
    by Cruz, Joan Carroll
Tan Saints $50.00

108. See How She Loves Us
    by Cruz, Joan Carroll
Tan Revelations Book $34.00

109. Seek That Which Is Above
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Ignatius $16.50

110. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity
    by Qureshi, Nabeel
Zondervan Conversions Book $27.01

111. Self Abandonment to Divine Providence
    by Caussade, J P de
Baronius Press Spirituality $38.00

112. Self Evident Proof
    by Kouchoo, Richard
Protea Publishing Christianity $25.00

113. Sensus Fidei In The Life Of The Church
    by International Theological Comm
CTS Church Documents $13.00

114. Serenity Prayer Plaque Piety $15.00

115. The Sermons of St. Alphonsus Liguori for All the Sundays of the Year
    by St Alphonsus Ligouri
Tan Christian Living Book $45.00

116. Sermons of St Francis de Sales on Prayer
    by Fiorelli, Lewis
Tan Prayer $14.00

117. Sermons of the Cure of Ars
    by St John Vianney
Tan Spirituality $30.50

118. The Sermons of Saint Francis De Sales for Advent and Christmas TAN Saints Book $22.00

119. Servi Tshirt Aspire 4 Servistore Piety $20.00

120. Servi Tshirt Aspire 6 Servistore Piety $20.00

121. Set Free to Love: Lives Changed By The Theology Of The Body
    by Lelejune, Marcel
Servant Books Sexuality/Chastity $19.50

122. The Seven Big Myths About Marriage
    by Kaczor, Christopher and Jennifer

123. The Seven Deadly Sins: A Thomistic Guide to Vanquishing Vice and Sin
    by Vost,Kevin
Sophia Institute Press Angels and Devil Book $35.00

124. Seven Lonely Places, Seven Warm Places - The Virtues And Vices For Children
    by Bolton,April
St Anthony Messenger Press Children $33.00

125. The Seven Sacraments: Colouring & Activity Book
    by Halpin & Richards
Pauline Books and Media Children $4.00

126. Seven Secrets Of The Eucharist
    by Flynn,Vinny
Ignatius Sacraments & Sacramentals $18.00

127. Seven Sorrows Rosary Booklet With Immaculée
    by Ilibagiza, Immaculee
Ilibagiza Rosary $8.80

128. Seven Steps to Becoming Financially Free
    by Lenahan Phil
Our Sunday Visitor $44.00

129. Sex and the Sacred City
    by Kellmeyer, Steven
Bridegroom press Sexuality/Chastity $20.00

130. Sex and the Sanctity of Human Life: The Truth of Catholic Teaching
    by May, William E
Christendom Press Book $15.00

131. The Shadow-Lands of C.S. Lewis
    by Kreeft, Peter
Ignatius Literature Book $30.50

132. Shadows And Images
    by Trevor, Meriol
Ignatius novel $23.00

133. Shakespeare on Love: Seeing The Catholic Presence In Romeo And Juliet
    by Pearce, Joseph
Ignatius Catholicism and culture $21.00

134. Shakespearean Variations
    by McInerny, Ralph M
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $16.50

135. Shallow 50mm Pyx Piety $55.00

136. Monastique: Shampoo 125ml Women Cosmetic $5.00

137. Shepherd Me, O God (Audio CD)
    by Kochis, Robert and Robin
Music CD $30.00

138. Shepherds Figurine Christmas Piety $8.00

139. Sacred Heart Gold Foil Icon-style Plaque. Piety $66.00

140. Shoot from the Stock of Jesse St Paul Publications Christmas Book $13.00

141. A Shorter Morning And Evening Prayer Harper Collins Prayer $25.00

142. Shroud - small picture $4.00

143. Shroud of Turin Frame Devotion and Sacramental Piety $28.50

144. Sign of Contradiction - CD
    by Sheen, Mgr Fulton J
Parousia Media Easter $40.00

145. Sign Of The Cross
    by Ghezzi, Bert
Loyola Press $16.50

146. C. S. Lewis Signature Classics Set
    by Lewis, C S
HarperOne $136.00

147. Signature in the Cell
    by Meyer, Stephen C.
HarperOne Science $35.00

148. Signs of Life
    by Hahn, Scott
DOUBLEDAY Crafts and Customs $43.00

149. The Silence of St. Thomas: Three Essays
    by Pieper, Josef
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $15.00

150. Silent Witness - The Shroud DVD $15.00

151. Silhouettes of Eucharist
    by Smith, Philip
Martini Publishing Mass and Liturgy Book $13.20

152. Silver Anniversary Cross Piety $40.00

153. Silver crucifix small 30mm Piety $1.00

154. Silver Crucifix 1.5cm Piety Piety $0.49

155. Silver plated chain 24"/60 cm Piety $4.80

156. Simon Called Peter
    by Lepori, Dom M-G
Ignatius Scripture $16.01

157. Sin And Its Consequences
    by Manning, Henry Edward Cardinal
Tan $14.00

158. Sing Like A Catholic
    by Tucker, Jeffrey A.
Church Music Association Of Am Spirituality $31.00

159. Sinners' Guide
    by Louis of Granada, Ven
Tan Spirituality $31.00

160. Sister Wendy's Meditations
    by Beckett, Sister Wendy
Liguori Book $16.01

161. Six Lessons for Life from the School of the Cross
    by Kane, John A
Sophia Institute Press Spirituality $24.00

162. Six Secular Philosophers
    by Beck, Lewis W
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $24.75

163. Sixty Saints For Girls
    by Windham, Joan
Angelico Press Saints Book $20.00

164. Monastique: Skin Food 60g Currently sale- priced for Mother's Day and until next Fidelity issue (Usually $16.95) Women Cosmetic $16.95

165. Monastique: Skin Freshener 125ml Women Cosmetic $7.45

166. Slavorum Apostoli (On Saints Cyril and Methodius)
    by John Paul II
Encyclicals $1.54

167. Small Black Wall Crucifix Piety $15.50

168. Small Brown Wall Crucifix Piety Piety $15.50

169. Small Crucifix Black 5.6 cm $2.00

170. Small Crucifix White 5.6 cm $2.00

171. Small Gilt/Silver Crucifix Piety $11.49

172. Small gold crucifix JPII style 4.8 cm Piety $1.85

173. Small Gold Crucifix 3.9 cm $0.85

174. Small Holy Cards $0.30

175. SMALL ROSARY RING Piety $1.59

176. Small silver crucifix JPII style 4.8 cm Piety $1.85

177. Small Silver Crucifix Piety $0.70

178. Small Statues - plastic $6.00

179. Smart Martha's Catholic Guide For Busy Moms
    by Kiser, Tami
Our Sunday Visitor Christian Living $23.00

180. Social Teaching of Vatican II
    by Charles, Rodger
Ignatius/Plater Church, Politics & Economics $63.50

181. The Socialist Trend
    by Ford,Patrick
John XXIII Co-op Church Teachings Book $13.20

182. Society and Sanity: Understanding How To Live Well Together
    by Sheed, Frank
Ignatius Social teaching Book $36.00

183. Socrates Meets Jesus
    by Kreeft, Peter
InterVarsity Press Apologetics Book $26.00

184. Solicitudo Rei Socialis - On Social Concern
    by John Paul II
Pauline Books and Media Encyclicals $11.95

185. Some Dogmas of Religion
    by McTaggart , J McT E
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $39.60

186. Son of Hamas
    by Mossab Hassan Yousef
Saltriver Conversions $45.00

187. Song at the Scaffold
    by Von le Fort, Gertrud
Sophia Institute Press $16.99

188. The Soul In Ascent: Bonaventure On Prayer, Poverty And Union With God
    by Timothy J Johnson
Franciscan Press Prayer $40.00

189. Soul of Elizabeth Seton
    by Dirvin, Joseph I. C.M.
Ignatius Saints Book $28.30

190. Soul of the Apostolate
    by Chautard, Jean-Baptiste
Tan Prayer $32.51

191. The Soul Sanctified - Catholic Wisdom on the Way of Salvation Tan Spirituality Book $22.00

192. The Soul of the Apostolate
    by Chautard, Jean-Baptiste
Sophia Institute Press Evangelisation Book $29.00

193. Special Creation Rediscovered
    by Keane, Gerard J
Kolbe Centre Science $11.00

194. Spirit of Celibacy
    by Mohler,Johann Adam
Hillenbrand Books $35.00

195. Spirit of Solesmes
    by Totah, Sr Mary David
St Bedes Publications Prayer $29.00

196. Spritual Combat Peace of Soul
    by Scupoli, Lorenzo
Tan Spirituality $29.00

197. Spiritual Direction of St Claude-Philips
    by Philip, Mother M
Ignatius Spirituality $27.99

198. The Spiritual Direction of Saint Claude de la Colombière
    by Philip, Mother M
Ignatius Book $28.00

199. Spiritual Excellence: How to Make Progress in Prayer and Love
    by Goodier Alban SJ
Sophia Institute Press Book $26.50

200. Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius
    by St Ignatius
Image Books Spirituality $21.51

201. The Spiritual Life: A Treatise On Ascetical And Mystical Theology
    by Tanquerey, Rev Adolphe
Tan Spirituality Book $108.00

202. Spiritual Workout of a Former Saint
    by Abramowicz, Danny
Our Sunday Visitor Spirituality Book $29.95

203. Spiritual Works of Mercy CTS
    by Grogan, Msgr Paul
CTS $7.00

204. Spiritus Paraclitus: On The Fifteenth Centenary of the Death of Saint Jerome
    by Vatican II
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals $3.30

205. Splendour in the Ordinary
    by Howard, Thomas
Sophia Institute Press Spirituality $26.10

206. Splendour of Sorrow
    by Doherty, Eddie
Madonna House Publications Marian Devotions $21.00

207. Springtime of Evangelization
    by John Paul II
Basilica Press Church Teachings Book $34.90

208. Sr Elizabeth Prout
    by Hamer CP, Sr Dominic Savio
Catholic Truth Society Biography $5.00

209. St Agatha Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

210. St Agnes of Rome Leaflet Piety $3.30

211. St Andrew Leaflet Piety $3.30

212. St Anne Leaflet Piety $3.30

213. St Anne Novena $5.00

214. St Anthony DVD (English subtitles) $15.00

215. St Anthony 10cm plastic statue w/magnetic base Piety $6.50

216. Saint Anthony and the Christ Child
    by Homan, Helen W
Ignatius-vision Children Book $20.00

217. St Anthony gold laminated bookmark $1.59

218. St Anthony Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

219. St Anthony Novena $5.00

220. St Anthony Of Padua
    by O'Donoghue, Benedict
Canisius Press Saints $2.30

221. St Anthony Resin statue 15cm Saints Piety $13.00

222. St Antony of the Desert
    by St Athanasius
Tan Saints Book $11.00

223. St Augustine Answers 101 Questions on Prayer
    by Ermatinger, Fr Cliff
Sophia Institute Press Prayer $23.00

224. St Augustine of Hippo Leaflet Piety $3.30

225. St Barbara Leaflet Piety $3.30

226. St Benedict Crucifix Piety Piety $13.00

227. St Benedict Crucifix 4 cm Sacraments & Sacramentals $9.00

228. St Benedict Crucifix - Wood with Metal figure and metal medal inlaid. 20cm x 10cm Gatto Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $127.00

229. St Benedict Enamel Crucifix Gatto Piety $7.70

230. St. Benedict: Hero of the Hills
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Ignatius-vision Children Book $19.00

231. St Benedict Medal Crucifix40mm Piety $9.00

232. St Benedict Novena $5.00

233. St Benedict of Norcia Piety $3.30

234. St Benedict Standing Crucifix $90.00

235. St. Benedict: The Story of the Father of the Western Monks
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $20.00

236. St Bernadette Leaflet Piety $3.30

237. St Blaise Leaflet Piety $3.30

238. St Brendan Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

239. St Camillus Leaflet Piety $3.30

240. St Catherine Laboure & the Miracululous Medal
    by Power-Waters, Alma
Ignatius-vision Children $20.00

241. St Catherine Laboure Leaflet Piety $3.30

242. St Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal
    by Dirvin, Joseph I. C.M.
Tan Biography $16.99

243. St Catherine of Siena
    by Forbes, F A
Tan Saints Book $13.00

244. St. Catherine of Siena: The Story of the Girl Who Saw Saints in the Sky
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $13.00

245. St Catherine of Siena Leaflet Piety $3.30

246. St Cecilia Leaflet Piety $3.30

247. St Charles Borromeo Leaflet Piety $3.30

248. St Christoph Keyring Square Piety $5.50

249. St Christopher Car Plaque Piety $6.50

250. St Christopher Memo Holder Piety $3.50


252. St Clare Leaflet Piety $3.30

253. St Clare of Assisi: A Light for the World
    by Trouve, Marianne L FSP
Pauline Books and Media Children Book $17.60

254. St Daniel Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

255. St Dominic
    by Dorcy, Mary Jean
Tan Saints Book $22.55

256. Saint Dominic and The Rosary
    by Beebe, C
Ignatius-vision Children Book $20.00

257. St Dominic Leaflet Piety $3.30

258. Saint Dominic: Preacher of the Rosary and Founder of the Dominican Order
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $18.00

259. St Dorothy of Ceasarea Leaflet Piety $3.30

260. St Dymphna Leaflet Piety $3.30

261. Saint Edith Stein - Blessed By The Cross
    by Hill, Mary Lea FSP
Pauline Books and Media Children Book $16.99

262. St Elizabeth Ann Seton Leaflet Piety $3.30

263. St Elizabeth Anne Seton
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.45

264. St Elizabeth Of Hungary Leaflet Piety $3.30

265. Saint Elizabeth's Three Crowns
    by Thompson, Blanche Jennings
Ignatius-vision Saints $20.00

266. St Emily Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

267. St Faustina Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

268. St Faustina-Divine Mercy Hinged folding Plaque Piety $14.00

269. St Florian Leaflet Piety $3.30

270. St Francis 10cm plastic statue w/magnetic base Piety $7.50

271. St Francis 30cm statue Piety Piety $55.00

272. St Francis of Assisi leaflet $3.30

273. St Francis of Assisi Luminous Statue Devotion and Sacramental Piety $6.01

274. St Francis Assisi Novena $5.00

275. St Francis of Assisi
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.00

276. St Francis of Assisi : Passion, Poverty and the Man Who Transformed the Catholic Church
    by Thoman, Bret
Tan Saints $49.00

277. St Francis of Assisi Leaflet Piety $3.30

278. St Francis of Paola
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co $3.00

279. Saint Francis of the Seven Seas
    by Nevins, Albert J
Ignatius-vision Children Book $20.00

280. St Francis Plaque Piety Piety $11.00

281. St Francis Plaque Piety $15.00

282. St Francis Solano
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $23.10

283. St George Leaflet Piety $3.30

284. St Gerard Majella Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

285. St Gerard Majella Novena $5.00

286. St Gertrude the Great
    by No Author
Tan Saints $4.00

287. St Helen Leaflet Piety $3.30

288. St Hubert Leaflet Piety $3.30

289. Saint Hyacinth of Poland
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $22.00

290. St Ignatius of Loyola Leaflet Piety $3.30

291. Saint Isaac and the Indians
    by Lomask, M
Ignatius-vision Children Book $20.00

292. St James the Apostle Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

293. St John Bosco Leaflet Piety $3.30

294. St John Bosco Mission To Love $15.00

295. Saint John Masias: Marvelous Dominican Gatekeeper of Lima, Peru
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $19.00

296. St John The Baptist Leaflet Piety $3.30

297. Saint John Vianney Catechism
    by O'Neill, Fr John
John XXIII Co-op Catechetics Pamphlet $2.95

298. St John Vianney-Priest for All People
    by DeDomenico FSP,Elizabeth Marie
Pauline Books and Media Saints Book $15.00

299. St. John's Gospel: A Bible Study Guide and Commentary for Individuals and Groups
    by Ray, Stephen K
Ignatius Bible Book $37.50

300. St Joseph
    by Christopher CP, Fr
Canisius Press Saints $2.30

301. St Joseph 12cm resin Piety $12.50

302. St Joseph and Saint Mary MacKillop wood bracelet Piety $10.00

303. St Joseph statue indoor/outdoor 30cm Piety $127.00

304. St Joseph Leaflet Piety $3.30

305. St Joseph Novena $5.00

306. St Joseph the Worker plaster statue 30cm Piety $55.00

307. St Joseph's Childrens Missal
    by No Author
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $10.51

308. St. Joseph, Fatima and Fatherhood
    by Cirrincione, Joseph A
Tan Marian Devotions Book $4.00

309. Saint Joseph 10cm plastic statue w/magnetic base Piety $6.50

310. St Jude Apostle St. Pauls Devotion and Sacramental $1.50

311. St Jude Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

312. St Jude Luminous Statue Devotion and Sacramental Piety $6.01

313. St Jude Novena $5.00

314. St Jude Plaque Piety $14.00

315. St Jude resin 15cm Piety $13.81

316. St Jude resin 25cm statue Piety Piety $25.00

317. St Lawrence of Rome Leaflet Piety $3.30

318. St. Louis De Montfort: The Story of Our Lady's Slave
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $20.00

319. St Louis Marie de Montfort
    by Fennessy, F M
Canisius Press Saints $2.30

320. St Lucy of Syracuse Leaflet Piety $3.30

321. St Luke Leaflet Piety $3.30

322. St Lydwine of Schiedam
    by Huysmans, J K
Tan Saints $16.01

323. St Margaret Mary
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children $22.00

324. St Margaret Mary Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

325. St Mark Leaflet Piety $3.30

326. St Martha Leaflet Piety $3.30

327. St. Martin de Porres
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $16.01

328. St. Martin De Porres Leaflet Piety $3.30

329. St. Martin de Porres
    by Cavallini, Giuliana
Tan Saints $24.00

330. St Martin of Tours Leaflet Piety $3.30

331. St Mary Mackillop 30cm statue Saints Piety $50.00

332. St Mary Magdalene Leaflet Piety $3.30

333. St Mary Of The Cross
    by Collins, Michelle
Max Books Children $15.00

334. St Matthew Leaflet Piety $3.30

335. St Maximilian Kolbe Leaflet Piety $3.30

336. St Maximillian Kolbe
    by Smith, Jeremiah J
Tan Saints $15.00

337. St Michael and the Angels
    by No Author
Tan Angels and Devil $23.00

338. St Michael Archangel Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

339. St Michael Archangel Novena $5.00

340. St Michael Expandable Bracelet Saints Piety $22.00

341. St Monica Leaflet Piety $3.30

342. St Nicholas of Myra Leaflet Piety $3.30

343. Padre Pio Novena $5.00

344. St Patrick Leaflet Piety $3.30

345. St Patrick Novena and Prayers $5.00

346. St Paul Leaflet Piety $3.30

347. St Paul Liturgical Calendar 20 St Paul Publications Mass and Liturgy $4.00

348. St Paul the Apostle
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.00

349. Saint Paul the Apostle: The Story of the Apostle to the Gentiles
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $25.00

350. St Paul the Apostle
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children $25.00

351. St Pauls Sunday Missal St Paul Publications Mass and Liturgy $40.00

352. St Pauls Sunday Missal - 2017 Reduced price St Paul Publications Mass and Liturgy $10.00

353. St Peregrine Novena & Prayer Book William J Hirten Company Inc $5.00

354. St Peregrine bookmark & medal $2.00

355. St Peregrine Laziosi Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

356. St Peregrine Medal & Relic Piety $3.30

357. St Peregrine Plaque Piety $14.00

358. DVD - St Peter DVD $15.00

359. St Peter Leaflet Piety $3.30

360. St Peter the Apostle
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.45

361. Saint Philip of the Joyous Heart
    by Connolly, F
Ignatius-vision Children Book $19.00

362. St Philomena Leaflet Piety $3.30

363. St Philomena: Powerful With God
    by Mohr, Sr Marie Helene
Tan Saints Book $25.00

364. Padre Pio & St Christopher Wooden Keyring Piety $8.00

365. St Pio of Pietrelcina Leaflet Piety $3.30

366. Padre Pio Perfumed Key Ring Piety $1.25

367. Saint Pius V: His Life, Times And Miracles
    by Anderson, Robin
Tan Biography $14.50

368. Saint Pius X: The Farm Boy who Became Pope
    by Diethelm, W, OSB
Ignatius-vision Children Book $20.00

369. St Pius X Restorer of the Church
    by Yves Chiron
Angelus Press $27.99

370. St Raphael Archangel Leaflet Piety $3.30

371. St. Raphael: Angel of Marriage, Healing, Happy Meetings, Joy and Travel
    by Carol, Angela
Tan Prayer Book $5.50

372. St Raymond Nonnatus Leaflet Piety $3.30

373. St Richard of Chichester Leaflet Piety $3.30

374. St Rita Leaflet Piety $3.30

375. St. Rita of Cascia
    by Sicardo, Fr Joseph
Tan Saints Book $16.01

376. St Rita Saint of the Impossible Catholic Book Publishing Co $9.00

377. St Robert Bellarmine Leaflet Piety $3.30

378. St Roch Leaflet Piety $3.30

379. St. Rose of Lima: The Story of the First Canonized Saint of the Americas
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $20.00

380. St Rose of Lima Leaflet Piety $3.30

381. St Sebastian Leaflet Piety $3.30

382. St Stephen Leaflet Piety $3.30

383. Saint Teresa of Avila
    by Forbes, F A
Tan Saints Book $11.00

384. St Teresa of Avila Leaflet Piety $3.30

385. St Therese (Martin) Novena $5.00

386. St Therese 2C $0.50

387. St Therese 46A $0.50

388. St Therese Lessons For Living $0.65

389. Saint Therese magnetic bookmark Piety Piety $5.00

390. St Therese of Liseaux Leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

391. St Therese of the Child Jesus
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.00

392. St Thomas Aquinas and the Preaching Beggars
    by Larnen, Brendan OP and Lomask, Milton
Ignatius-vision Spirituality $20.00

393. St Thomas Aquinas
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children $16.01

394. St Veronica Leaflet Piety $3.30

395. St Vincent De Paul Leaflet Piety $3.30

396. St. Vincent Ferrer: The Angel of the Judgment
    by Pradel, Fr Andrew OP
Tan Saints Book $18.00

397. St William pewter medal and chain with prayer card Saints Piety $29.50

398. St. Aloysius leaflet Piety $3.30

399. St. Anthony chaplet Piety $20.50

400. St. Benedict crucifix dark wood 7.5 cm Piety $24.50

401. St. Christopher/Angel Visor Clip Gatto Piety $14.00

402. Saint Ignatius (Loyola) and the Company of Jesus
    by Derleth, August
Ignatius-vision Children Book $20.00

403. Saint Joseph Catholic Children's Bible
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
CBPC Bible $20.00

404. St. Joan of Arc Leaflet Piety $3.30

405. St. Joseph Worker Home Kit $18.00

406. St. Louis and the Last Crusade
    by Hubbard, Margaret Ann
Ignatius Saints $20.00

407. St. Mary MacKillop bifold plaque - wood-look plastic Standing Plaque Piety $16.01

408. St. Mary MacKillop - hanging plaque Wall plaque Piety $14.00

409. St. Michael Statue Piety $58.00

410. St. Paul medals $30.00

411. St. Thomas the Apostle leaflet Saints Piety $3.30

412. St. Thomas More of London
    by Ince, Elizabeth
Ignatius-vision Children $20.00

413. Stained Glass Window Sticker - Infant of Prague $5.00

414. Stained Glass Window Sticker - Padre Pio Piety Piety $5.00

415. Stained Glass Window Sticker-Saint Christopher Piety Piety $5.00

416. Stainless Steel Chain - 24"/60cm $4.50

417. Stand In The Light
    by Angotti, John
World Library Productions Angels and Devil $16.99

418. Stand Up Christmas Cards Christmas Piety $0.49

419. Stand Up Girl
    by Fraser, B & Shands, L
Servant Books Life Issues $24.75

420. Standing Crucifix - Beechwood $41.00

421. Standing Crucifix - Beechwood $70.00

422. Standing crucifix 10.5 cm Piety $11.00

423. Standing Crucifix Metal $17.00

424. Standing Olive Wood Crucifix 9cm Gatto Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $24.00

425. Standing with Courage
    by Kurey, Mary-Louise
Our Sunday Visitor Book $22.00

426. Saint Anthony Of Padua - Fire And Light
    by Kerry, Margaret C FSP & Tebo, Mary Elizabeth FSP
Pauline Books and Media Children $15.00

427. St Anthony the Wonder Worker St Paul Publications $1.50

428. Veggie Tales: The Star of Christmas VHS Video Cassette
    by No Author
Word Australia Children VHS Video $5.00

429. Stations of the Cross
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children Book $3.30

430. Stations of the Cross
    by No Author
Perth Catholic Productions Music $19.95

431. Stations of the Cross Chaplet $49.50

432. Stations of the Cross prints Piety $27.99

433. John the Baptist statue 30cm plaster Piety $62.00

434. St Bernadette statue $53.00

435. Statue of St Maria Goretti Piety $53.00

436. Staying Faithful Today
    by McBride, Alfred
St Anthony Messenger Press Spirituality $20.00

437. Steel Scapular $42.00

438. Saint Ignatius of Loyola: For the Greater Glory of God
    by Giaimo, FSP
Pauline Books and Media Children Book $16.99

439. The Stigmata And Modern Science
    by Carty, Fr C
Tan Science $5.50

440. St. Joseph Cafasso: Priest of the Gallows
    by Bosco, St John
Tan Saints Book $9.50

441. DVD: Saint Maria Goretti - 14 Flowers of Pardon DVD $15.00

442. Stories About John Paul II
    by Redzioch, Wlodzimierz
Ignatius Saints $40.00

443. 30 Days For The Holy Souls: Stories about Purgatory & What They Reveal
    by An Ursuline of Sligo
Tan Heaven, Hell & Purgatory Book $30.00

444. Stories of Hymns
    by Rutler, Fr George (commentary)
Ewtn Mass and Liturgy $36.00

445. The Story of a Family: The Home of St. Therese of Lisieux
    by Piat, Fr Stephane-Joseph
Tan Saints $53.00

446. Story of a Soul
    by St Therese of Lisieux
Tan Saints $20.00

447. The Story of a Soul - Dover ed.
    by Lisieux, Therese of
Dover Publications Saints $16.99

448. Story Of Easter carry-along board book with handle CBPC Children $12.50

449. The Story of Ruth VHS Video Cassette Christian Multimedia Video VHS Video $5.00

450. Story of Ruth $30.00

451. DVD - Saint Patrick: Irish Legend $15.00

452. St Paul Jubilee Year Bible Study For Catholic
    by Pacwa, Fr Mitch
Our Sunday Visitor Bible $15.00

453. Saint Paul The Thirteenth Apostle
    by Hill, Mary Lea FSP
Pauline Books and Media Children $15.00

454. StPioPietrelcinaRichInLove
    by Bertanzetti, Eileen Dunn
Pauline Books and Media Children $16.01

455. Strained Relations
    by Muehlenberg, Bill
Freedom Publishing $27.01

456. Streams Of Grace
    by Porteous, Bishop Julian
Connor Court Spirituality $15.00

457. Strengths and Weakness of Catechism of the Catholic Church
    by Marx, Fr Paul OSB
Australian Catholics Pro-life Catechetics Audio Tape (Talks) $22.00

458. Saint Rita And Saint Dymphna
    by Benedictine Sisters
St Paul Publications $2.20

459. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters - 30 Day Challenge
    by Meeker, Meg
The A Group Family Book $30.00

460. Strong Mothers Strong Sons
    by Meeker, Meg
Family $40.00

461. Struck By Lightning CD
    by Polo, Gloria
Parousia Media Last Things $6.00

462. The Struggles of Saint Faustina with the Enemy of Mercy
    by Szaniawski, Fr. Edmund
Divine Mercy Publications Heaven, Hell & Purgatory Book $11.00

463. Study Guide for Beginning Apologetics 1: How to Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith
    by Chacon and Burnham
San Juan Catholic Seminars Apologetics Booklet $6.50

464. A Study in Wittgenstein's Tractatus (Wittgenstein Studies)
    by Maslow, Alexander
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $26.40

465. The Subjection of Women: Contemporary Responses to John Stuart Mill (Key Issues Series)
    by Pyle, Andrew
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $39.60

466. Summa Theologica 5 Volume Set
    by St Thomas Aquinas
Christian Classics Theology book set $300.00

467. Summon Spirits Cry
    by Francis Mother Mary
Ignatius Spirituality $28.30

468. Summorum Pontificum
    by Benedict XVI
John XXIII Co-op Church Documents $5.50

469. Sun and Wind
    by Boardman, William
Scepter Publications $24.00

470. Surprised by Joy
    by Lewis, C S
Harper Collins $16.99

471. Surprised by Truth
    by Madrid, Patrick
Basilica Press Apologetics $25.50

472. Surprised by Truth 2
    by Madrid, Patrick
Sophia Institute Press Apologetics $34.50

473. Surprised By Canon Law
St Anthony Messenger Press Church Teachings $16.50

474. Surprised By Canon Law 2
St Anthony Messenger Press Church Teachings $21.51

475. Surrender Prayer in Italian Divine Mercy Publications Devotion and Sacramental Piety $0.55

476. Surrender! The Life-Changing Power of God's Will
    by Richards, Fr Larry
Our Sunday Visitor $24.00

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