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1. R.G. Collingwood: An Introduction (Bristol Introductions)
    by Johnson, Peter
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $31.35

2. The Raccolta St Athanasius Press Prayer $43.50

3. Race: The Origins of an Idea, 1760-1850 (Key Issues Series , No 14)
    by Pyle, Andrew
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $37.95

4. Rachel, Weep No More - How Divine Mercy Heals the Effects of Abortion
    by Thatcher & Pavone
Divine Mercy Publications Life Issues Booklet $11.00

5. Radical Discipleship
    by Arinze,Cardinal Francis
Ignatius Priesthood/Vocations $24.00

6. Radio Replies - Vol 1
    by Rumble & Carty, Frs
Tan Apologetics $24.75

7. Rationalism
    by Cottingham, John
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $31.35

8. Ratzinger's Faith - The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI
    by Rowland, Dr T
Oxford University Press $40.00

9. The Ratzinger Report
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Ignatius Church $20.00

10. Razing the Bastions: On the Church in This Age
    by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Ignatius/Communio Theology Book $23.90

11. Rosary Beads - Luminous Piety $6.00

12. Read me or Rue it
    by O'Sullivan, Fr Paul
Tan Purgatory Booklet $3.50

13. Real Love: Answers to Your Questions on Dating, Marriage and the Real Meaning of Sex
    by Bonacci, Mary Beth
Ignatius Sexuality/Chastity Book $25.00

14. Real Presence
    by Beckett, Sister Wendy
Continuum Saints $29.00

15. Reasonable Pleasures: The Strange Coherence of Catholicism
    by Schall, Fr James SJ
Ignatius Catholicism $23.00

16. Rebuild My Church
    by Schreck, Alan
Servant Books Christian Living $33.00

17. Rebuilding Catholic Culture: How The Catechism Can Shape Our Common Life
    by Topping, Ryan NS
Sophia Institute Press Catholic Culture $40.00

18. Receiving Holy Communion
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
CBPC Children $3.45

19. Receiving the Lord - Prayers For Communion
    by Elliott, Bishop Peter J
Freedom Publishing $7.50

20. Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching
    by Esolen, Anthony
Sophia Institute Press Social teaching $37.00

21. Reconciliation Card - Linocut $4.00

22. Reconcilliation Card $3.00

23. Reconcilliation Cross& Booklet $14.00

24. Reconcilliation Plaque $10.00

25. 1917: Red Banners, White Mantle
    by Carroll, Warren H
Christendom Press Marian Devotions Book $34.00

26. Red Candle 74cm high $17.50

27. The Red Hat
    by McInerny, Ralph M
Ignatius Fiction Book $56.90

28. Red Votive Candle -3pkt $6.50

29. Redeemed by Grace
    by Trevino, Ramona
Ignatius $32.00

30. Redeeming Grief
    by Lastman,Anne
Newtone Press Life Issues $30.00

31. Redemptor Hominis - Redeemer of Man
    by John Paul II
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals $9.96

32. Redemptoris Custos (Guardian of the Redeemer)
    by John Paul II
Pauline Books and Media Encyclicals $9.50

33. Rediscover Lent
    by Kelly Matthew

34. Red Top for votive candle Piety $5.00

35. Reform of Renewal
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Ignatius Spirituality $30.00

36. The Reformation Crisis in Europe and England
    by Elliott, Mgr Peter J
John XXIII Co-op History Audio Tape (Talks) $25.00

37. A Refutation of Moral Relativism
    by Kreeft, Peter
Ignatius Philosophy Book $25.00

38. Rejoice: Letter To All Consecrated People From The Magisterium Of Pope Francis
    by Con for Inst of Consecrated l
CTS Church Documents $15.00

39. Relics From The Crucifixion: Where They Went And How They Got There
    by Wall, J Charles
Sophia Institute Press History Book $27.01

40. Religion and Philosophy: 1916
    by Collingwood, R G
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $33.00

41. The Religion of the Plain Man
    by Benson, Msgr R H
Neumann Press Apologetics Book $20.00

42. Religion: If There is No God
    by Kolakowski, Leszek
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $25.00

43. Religious Anniversary Card Piety $3.00

44. Religious Customs in the Family
    by Weiser, Francis X
Tan Family Book $15.00

45. Religious Liberty and Contraception
    by Harrison, Fr Brian
John XXIII Co-op Sexuality/Chastity Book $8.25

46. Religious Scepticism: Contemporary Responses to Gibbon (Key Isues Series)
    by Pyle, Andrew
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $39.60

47. Reluctant Saint - Joseph Of Cupertino Saints DVD Video $15.00

48. Remain in Me
    by Schmidt, Andreas
Scepter Publications $13.00

49. Remaining In The Truth of Christ
    by Dodaro, Robert (ed)
Ignatius Marriage $43.00

50. Remaining In the Truth of Christ
    by Dodaro, Robert (ed)
Ignatius Marriage Book $55.00

51. Rembrandt The Christmas Story $8.00

52. Render Unto Caesar
    by Chaput, Archbishop Charles J

53. The Resilient Church: The Glory, The Shame And The Hope For Tomorrow
    by Aquilina, Michael
Word Among Us Press Church history $24.00

54. Resin & Fabric 3pc Nat Set $35.00

55. Resin Nativity Set- 15pc, 15cm Piety $89.30

56. Resin Our Lady Of Fatima Piety Statue $25.00

57. Resin St Anthony - 20cm Piety $22.49

58. Resin St Francis 12cm Piety Piety $14.00

59. Resin St Joseph statue 20cm Piety $25.00

60. RESIN WATER FONT - M&C Piety $35.00

61. RESIN WATER FONT - M&C Piety $41.00

62. RESIN WATER FONT - Our Lady Of Lourdes Piety $43.00

63. Responses to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching
    by Himes, K
Paulist Press Church, Politics & Economics Book $35.95

64. Response to the Paradoxes of Malestroit
    by Bodin, Jean
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $29.70

65. Resurgence: Revitalising Western Catholicism
    by Grant, Fr James SJ
Modotti Press $25.00

66. Resurgent in the Midst of Crisis
    by Kwasniewski, Peter
Angelico Press Liturgy $27.01

67. Retreat for Lay People: Wisdom, Wit And Spiritual Guidance From A Master Preacher
    by Knox, Mgr Ronald
Ignatius Spirituality $27.99

68. Retrial of Joan of Arc
    by Pernoud, Regine
Ignatius Saints $33.00

69. Return to Modesty
    by Shalit, Wendy
Simon & Schuster $25.00

70. Return to Order
    by Horvat, John
York Press $33.00

71. Return To Rome
    by Beckwith Francis J.
Brazos Press Conversions $27.50

72. Revival In Belfast
    by Mark, Robin
Hosanna Music Music CD $27.01

73. Rich In Years $20.00

74. The Rise Of Benedict XVI
    by Allen, John L
Penguin $11.00

75. Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way
    by John Paul II
Timewarner Church Book $30.00

76. The Risen Christ
    by Houselander, Caryll
Scepter Publications Easter $15.00

77. Rite of Baptism for Children - Participation Booklet
    by Catholic Church
Catholic Book Publishing Co Sacraments & Sacramentals $34.00

78. Rite of Baptism (Participation Booklet)
    by No Author
CBPC Liturgy Booklet $16.50

79. The Complete Rite of Marriage CTS Sacraments & Sacramentals $8.00

80. Rite of Penance
    by Catholic Church
CTS Sacraments & Sacramentals $46.00

81. Road Of Hope A Gospel From Pri
    by Van Thuan, F X Nguyen
Pauline Books and Media Spirituality $38.00

82. Road to Egypt Figurine 16cm Piety $21.00

83. Rocket Ships and God $26.50

84. Roger Bacon's Philosophy of Nature: A Critical Edition, With English Translation, Introduction, and Notes, of De Multiplicatione Specierum and De Speculis Comburentibus
    by Bacon, Roger
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $123.75

85. Role of the Christian Father
    by Chappell, Keith
CTS $6.00

86. Roman Ship Model
    by Dowley, Tim
Candle Books Children $16.99

87. Romancing Reality: Homo Viator and the Scandal Called Beauty
    by Montgomery, Marion
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $49.50

88. Romanism In Romans
    by Hahn, Scott
Parousia Media Bible Study $80.00

89. Romano Guardini , Reform $18.50

90. Rome and the Eastern Churches
    by Nichols, Fr Aidan OP
Ignatius $32.00

91. Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism
    by Hahn, Scott & Kimberly
Ignatius Apologetics Book $29.00

92. Ronald Knox
    by Beck, Fr. Ashley
Catholic Truth Society $7.00

93. Roots of Faith: An Anthology of Early Christian Sprituality to Contemplate and Treasure
    by Van De Weyer, Robert
Eerdmans Spirituality Book $19.95

94. Roots of Violence
    by Miceli, Fr Vincent P
Christopher Publishing House Christian Living $30.80

95. Rosarium Virginis Mariae
    by John Paul II
Catholic Truth Society Encyclicals $9.00

96. ROSARY BRACELET Piety $12.00

97. Rosary Colouring Book
    by Pelicano, Christopher J.
Ignatius Children $7.50

98. Rosary Decade for Mobile Phone Piety $10.00

99. Rosary for Children 2 CD set. Includes Luminous Mysteries
    by No Author
Perth Catholic Productions Marian Devotions CD set $20.00

100. Rosary For Children 32 page book
    by Cavanaugh, Sr. Karen
CBPC Children $3.50

101. The Rosary For The Holy Souls In Purgatory
    by Tassone, Susan
Our Sunday Visitor Prayer $16.95

102. Rosary for Youth
    by No Author
Perth Catholic Productions Marian Devotions $20.00

103. Rosary Gems
    by Calloway, Fr Donald MIC
Marian Press Stockbridge Rosary $26.00

104. Rosary in Poetry & Art
    by Ward, Br Jim
Ward, Br Jim Marian Devotions $5.50

105. Black Wood Rosary with large (11mm) rose shape carved beads. Rosary beads Piety $27.99

106. Rosary Pamphlet Rosary Piety $0.85

107. Plastic Rosary: Luminous Rosary Piety $1.00

108. Rosary Plastic Luminous Rosary Piety $13.00

109. Plastic Rosary: Pink Rosary Piety $1.00

110. Plastic Rosary: Red Rosary Piety $1.00

111. Rosary Plastic Ruby Rosary Piety $11.00

112. Rosary Plastic Sapphire Rosary Piety $11.00

113. Rosary Push Pocket Purse-white Rosary $3.00

114. Rosary Red Alpaca Wired Devotion and Sacramental Piety $34.00

115. Sterling Silver Rosary Ring 19mm Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $21.00

116. Sterling Silver Rosary Ring 21mm Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $35.00

117. Rosary Ring Imitation Pearl Piety $9.00

118. Rosary White 6cm GLD $39.00

119. Clear rosary beads with mysteries listed Rosary Piety $55.00

120. The Rosary - Your Weapon for Spiritual Warfare
Servant Publications Rosary Book $30.00

121. Rosary Zip Purse-black Rosary $2.30

122. The Rose and Crown - Letzenstein Chronicles Book 4
    by Trevor, Meriol
Bethlehem Children Book $24.75

123. Monastique: Rose Dew Hand Lotion 125ml Women Cosmetic $8.60

124. Monastique: Rosedew Hand Lotion Purse Size 50ml Women Cosmetic $4.40

125. Monastique: Rose Dew Hand Lotion and Talc Gift Set Women Cosmetic $17.05

126. Roses Fountains and Gold
    by Martin, John
Ignatius Marian Devotions $34.90

127. Rule of St Clare
    by St Clare
Franciscan Herald Press Saints $18.00

128. [HIDDEN] Rural Life Prayerbook $36.00

129. The Rural Life Prayerbook
    by Dachauer, Alban J SJ
TAN $40.00

Title/Author Publisher Category Type Price
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