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1. Nativity statue resin (200 x 165 mm) Christmas $35.00

2. Nativity set - resin 115 x 160mm Christmas $25.00

3. Nativity Story
    by McCaughrean,Geraldine
Lion Hudson Christmas $30.00

4. Nativity Wooden Mobile $28.00

5. Nativity Wooden Puzzle $39.00

6. The Natural Economy: A Study of a Marvellous Order in Human Affairs
    by Young, John
Shepheard-Walwyn Philosophy Book $25.00

7. Natural Law: Reflections on Theory and Practice
    by Maritain, Jaques
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $15.95

8. Natural Law Religion & Rights
    by Syse,Henrik
St Augustine's Press $55.00

9. Nature's Splendour sympathy card $2.00

10. The Navarre Bible - Acts of Apostles
    by Navarre University
Four Courts Press Bible Book $28.00

11. Navarre Bible Captivity Epistles
    by Navarre University
Four Courts Press Bible Book $33.00

12. Navarre Bible Major Prophets
    by Navarre University
Four Courts Press Bible $100.00

13. Navarre Bible Thessalonians
    by Navarre University
Four Courts Press Bible $34.00

14. Navarre Bible Minor Prophets
    by Navarre University
Four Courts Press Bible $90.00


16. Need We Suffer
    by Sheen, Mgr Fulton J
Canisius Press Meditations $2.30

17. Neither Be Afraid, and Other Poems
    by Pollard, Sister Miriam OSCO
Ignatius Spirituality Book $23.90

18. Neo-Scholastic Essays
    by Feser, Edward
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $55.00

19. 'Never See A Need Without Doing Something About It' activity book
    by Joan Goodwin RSJ
St Paul Publications Children $10.00

20. Advent pillar candle set (15 cm high x 5 wide) Piety $24.00

21. The New Anti-Catholicism - The Last Acceptable Prejudice
    by Jenkins, Philip
Oxford University Press $33.00

22. New Church or True Church
    by Gilchrist, Michael
John XXIII Co-op Catholicism Book $12.00

23. The New Fundamentalists: Beyond Tolerance
    by Brandeburg, Fr Daniel
Circle Press $23.00

24. New Item $3.00

25. The New Rosary: The Perfect Gospel Prayer
    by No Author
Word & Life Publications $5.00

26. Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism: The Truths of Our Catholic Faith Clearly Explained and Illustrated
    by Bennett, Fr, C.P
Catholic Book Publishing Co Catechetics Book $14.00

27. The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism (No. 2)
    by Bennett, Fr, C.P
Catholic Book Publishing Co Catechetics Book $14.00

28. New Saints and Blesseds of the Catholic Church (Volume 2)
    by Holbock, Ferdinand
Ignatius Saints Book $30.00

29. Pocket New Testament and Psalms CTS Bible $25.00

30. New Testament Through One Hundred Masterpieces of Art
    by Debray, Regis

31. New Testament Ultimate Sticker Dorling Kindersley Children $10.00

32. A New Wine And Fresh Skins
    by Porteous, Bishop Julian
Modotti Press $25.00

33. Newman: Towards the Second Spring
    by Finch, Michael
Ignatius Biography Book $34.90

34. John Henry Newman: Meditations and Devotions
    by Ker, Ian
Darton Longman Todd Devotion and Sacramental $28.00

35. Nicaragua: Revolution in the Family (With New Material on the Contra)
    by Christian, Shirley
Random House Family Book $15.60

36. Nicholas Boy Who Became Santa CCC of America $20.00

37. nick enamel pink crucifix $13.50

38. Nickel enamel sapphire crucifi $12.27

39. Night Prayer
    by CTS
CTS Liturgy $17.00

40. Night's Bright Darkness: A Modern Conversion Story
    by Sally Read
Ignatius Conversions Book $35.00

41. Nihilism: A Philosophical Essay
    by Rosen, Stanley
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $41.25

42. Nihilism St Augustine's Press Philosophy Cosmetic $41.25

43. No Greater Love: Damien - Apostle of the Lepers
    by Milsome, John
St Paul Publications Saints Book $10.94

44. No Longer A Stray
    by Deffenbaugh,Terry
Scepter Publications Book $17.50

45. No Place for God: The Denial of the Transcendent in Modern Church Architecture
    by Doorly, Moyra
Ignatius Church Book $30.00

46. No Price too High: A Pentecostal Preacher Becomes Catholic
    by Hanson,Diane
Ignatius Conversions Book $28.00

47. No Second Chance - Video Cassette
    by Kay, Cathy RN
Jeremiah Films Video $5.00

48. DVD - No Turning Back
    by Calloway, Fr Donald MIC
Parousia Media Autobiography DVD Video $25.00

49. No Turning Back
    by Calloway, Fr Donald MIC
Marian Press Stockbridge Conversions $40.00

50. Noah and the Ark
    by Page, Nick & Claire
Make Believe Ideas Children $5.00

51. Noah Builds a Boat Golden Books Publishing Co Children Cosmetic $10.00

52. Noah' Ark Bible Story Jigsaw B $23.10

53. Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness
    by Kwasniewski, Peter
Angelico Press Liturgy Book $31.00

54. Non-Negotiable: Essential Principles of a Just Society and Humane Culture
    by Liaugminas, Sheila
Ignatius Catholic Social Teaching $35.00

55. The Noonday Devil: Acedia, the Unnamed Evil of Our Times
    by Dom Jean-Charles Nault

56. The Noonday Devil: Acedia, The Unnamed Evil Of Our Times
    by Nault, Jean-Charles
Ignatius Christian Living $33.00

57. Not God's Type $37.00

58. Not in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence
    by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Schoken Apologetics Book $30.00

59. Not Your Average Joe: The Real St. Joseph And The Tools For Real Manhood In The Home, The Church, And The World
    by Sarkisian, Rick
LifeWork Press Book $21.00

60. Nothing to Hide: Secrecy, Communication, and Communion in the Catholic Church
    by Shaw, Russell
Ignatius Church, Politics & Economics Book $21.50

61. A Novena In Honour of Saint Francis of Assisi
    by Sharah, Fr Christopher
Friars of St Francis Novena $3.30

62. Novena to Saint Faustina in the Year of Mercy Divine Mercy Publications Prayer $0.55

63. Novo Millennio Ineunte: At the Beginning of the New Millennium
    by John Paul II
St Paul Publications Encyclicals Booklet $6.05

64. Now Is The Time For Mercy
    by Kosicki, Fr George W.
Marian Press Stockbridge Book $25.00

65. Numbering My Days: How The Liturgical Calendar Rearranged My Life
    by Chene Heady
Ignatius Christian Living Book $32.50

Title/Author Publisher Category Type Price
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