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1. Mother Angelica on Suffering & Burnout
    by Angelica, Mother
Ewtn Theology $27.01

2. Mother Angelica - The Remarkable Story Of A Nun, Her Nerve and a Network of Miracles
    by Arroyo, Raymond
Random House Church, Politics & Economics $34.00

3. Mother Angelica on Christ & Our Lady
    by Angelica, Mother
Ewtn Book $26.50

4. Mother Angelica's Quick Guide to the Sacraments
    by Angelica, Mother
Ewtn Sacraments & Sacramentals $27.01

5. Mother Angelica's Answers, Not Promises
    by Arroyo, Raymond
Ewtn Prayer $27.99

6. Madonna and Child Pewter Statue Devotion and Sacramental Piety $19.00

7. Magnet: "Life is fragile, handle with prayer." Piety $4.00

8. Magnet: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Piety $4.50

9. Magnetic standing crucifix 7cm Piety $5.50

10. Magnetic statuette SH Piety $4.00

11. Magnetic statuette St. Anthony Piety $5.50

12. Making Gay Okay: How Rationalising Homosexual Behaviour Is Changing Everything
    by Reilly, Robert R
Ignatius $39.00

13. Making Sense of Private Revelation
    by Newton, Paul (ed)

14. Making Things Right
    by Leichner, Jeannine Timko
Our Sunday Visitor Sacraments & Sacramentals $13.00

15. Making: The Proper Habit of Our Being: Essays Speculative, Reflective, Argumentative
    by Montgomery, Marion
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $61.88

16. Male and Female He Created Them
    by McFadden, Faith A
Ignatius Marriage $31.50

17. Mama! Why did you kill us? Women $3.75

18. The Man Born to be King
    by Sayers, Dorothy L
Ignatius Literature Book $34.90

19. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: A Man for all Media
    by Ladd, Greg
Ignatius Christianity $41.00

20. The Man Who Founded California - The Life of Saint Junipero Serra
    by Couve de Murville, M N
Ignatius Saints $35.00

21. The Man Who Never Died - The Adventures Of Saint Peter, The First Pope
    by Brennan, Rev Gerald T.
Sophia Institute Press Children $18.00

22. Mane Nobiscum Domine
    by John Paul II
St Paul Publications Encyclicals Booklet $4.00

23. Manual for Spiritual Warfare
    by Thigpen, Paul
Tan $54.00

24. Saint Margaret Mary
    by Peter Dwan
Canisius Press Saints $2.00

25. Maria
    by Benedict XVI
Ignatius Marian Devotions $34.00

26. Maria Goretti leaflet Piety $3.30

27. Marian Gems
    by Calloway, Fr Donald MIC
Ignatius Marian Devotions $26.00

28. Marian Shrines of Italy
    by Franciscan Friars of the Immac
Academy of the Immaculate Marian Devotions $30.50

29. Marking the Hours
    by Duffy, Eamon
Yale University Press History $60.00

30. Marriage and the Common Good
    by Whitehead, Kenneth D
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $11.00

31. Marriage: A Path To Sanctity
    by Abad Javier & Fenoy Eugenio
Sinag-Tala Family $15.00

32. Married Priests? Thirty Crucial Questions About Celibacy
    by Cattaneo, Arturo
Ignatius Priesthood/Vocations $16.99

33. Martin de Porres: A Beggar for Justice (St. Martin de Porres)
    by Yoffie, Barbara
Liguori Children $10.00

34. Martin of Tours: Soldier, Bishop, Saint
    by Pernoud, Regine
Ignatius Saints Book $22.49

35. Mary: The Second Eve
    by Newman, John Henry, Cardinal
Tan Marian Devotions Booklet $9.50

36. Mary: The Church at the Source
    by Von Balthasar & Ratzinger
Ignatius Mariology Book $33.00

37. Mary Fabian Windeatt - Children's Lives of the Saints - 20 book set
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children $320.00

38. DVD - The Footprints of God: Mary - The Mother Of God
    by Ray, Stephen K
Ignatius $27.99

39. Mary for Today
    by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Ignatius Marian Devotions Book $13.31

40. Mary In Islam
    by Pacwa, Fr Mitch
Parousia Media Comparative Religions $20.00

41. Mary In The Liturgy
    by Fagerberger, David W
Catholic Truth Society Mass and Liturgy Booklet $7.00

42. Mary In The Middle Ages: The Blessed Virgin Mary In The Thought Of Medieval Latin Theologians Book $37.50

43. St. Mary MacKillop Boxed Rosary & Medal Piety $21.69

44. Mary MacKillop Filigree Lapel Pin Piety $5.00

45. St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop Gilt Medal Piety $2.00

46. St. Mary MacKillop Gilt Picture Medal Medal Piety $2.20

47. Mary Mac Holy Card Piety $0.49

48. Mary Mac Key Ring Piety $5.50

49. Mary MacKillop Prayer Card and Medal Piety $1.80

50. Mary Mac Silver Metal Arch Plq Piety $5.00

51. Mary Mac Wooden Keyring Piety $14.00

52. Mary Mackillop: An Extraordinary Australian
    by Gardiner SJ, Fr Paul
Sisters of St Joseph Saints $35.00

53. Mary MacKillop on Mission
    by McCreanor, Sheila (ed.)
Sisters of St Joseph Biography $29.00

54. Mary MacKillop Soul of the Sun Sisters of St Joseph Saints $31.00

55. Mary MacKillop Spiritual Model
    by Cuskelly, Bishop Eugene
St Paul Publications Saints Booklet $5.00

56. Mary Most Holy Colouring Book Ignatius Children Book $12.00

57. Mary Mother of Reconciliations
    by Mother Teresa & Brother Roger
St Paul Books & Media Marian Devotions $4.70

58. Mary, Mother of The Church
    by Ripley, Rev Francis J
Tan Marian Devotions Book $8.35

59. Mary of Nazareth
    by Suarez, Federico
Scepter Publications Marian Devotions $43.00

60. Mary the Mother of God
    by Hoagland Rev Victor
Regina Press Marian Devotions $20.95

61. Mary The Mother of God
    by No Author
Ignatius Video $45.00

62. MARY The New Eve
    by Ray, Stephen K
Parousia Media DVD $15.00

63. Mary Who Unties Knots novena
    by Celeiro,
St Paul Publications Marian Devotions Booklet $5.00

64. Mary:Three Marian Shrines Canisius Press $2.20

65. 'Mary MacKillop: The Children's Saint' activity book
    by Joan Goodwin RSJ
St Paul Publications Children $10.00

66. MaryMacKillop,A Tribute
    by Wilson, Andrew (ed.)
Honeyset Press Saints $25.00

67. The Mass and Modernity
    by Robinson, Jonathon
Ignatius $37.00

68. The Mass Explained to Children
    by Montessori, Maria
Angelico Press Children Book $15.00

69. Mass for Children
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.00

70. Mass of Brother Michel
    by Kent, Michael
Angelico Press fiction Book $24.00

71. The Mathematical Analysis of Logic
    by Boole, George
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $23.10

72. On Mixed Marriages
    by Paul VI
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals Booklet $2.00

73. Maximillian Saint Of Auschwitz $17.01

74. Maximillian: St of Auschwitz Ignatius Video $33.00

75. Maxims
    by Rochefoucauld, Fran. VI de la
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $24.75

76. Maybe 'I Do'
    by Andrews, Kevin
Connor Court Marriage $22.00

77. The Meaning of Christian Brotherhood
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Ignatius Christology Book $19.00

78. Meaning of Lent -CTS leaflet
    by CTS
CTS Lent $0.49

79. The Meaning of Life: The Catholic Answer
    by Goodier Alban SJ
Sophia Institute Press Christian Living Book $22.00

80. Medal Mary Designed
    by Robinson CM, Fr John
Canisius Press $2.30

81. Medal or Cross of St Benedict
    by Gueranger, Dom Prosper OSB
Loreto Publications Sacraments & Sacramentals $19.00

82. Medal-Cradle $12.00

83. Medals, assorted Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $0.95

84. Meditations for Lent by St. Thomas Aquinas
    by Aquinas, St. Thomas
Christ the KIng Library Meditations $21.00

85. Meditations Before Mass Sophia Institute Press Angels and Devil $26.00

86. Meditations For Lent
    by Bossuet, Bishop
Sophia Institute Press Devotion and Sacramental $23.00

87. Meditations On The Stations Of
    by Newman, John Henry, Cardinal
CTS $7.00

88. Medium Rosary Ring $13.20

89. Meet Saint Faustina: Herald Of Divine Mercy
    by Kosicki, Fr George W.
St Anthony Messenger Press $22.00

90. Meeting Saint Paul With the Pope
    by Benedict XVI
Paulist Press Spirituality $18.00

91. Memorial Cards Piety $0.49

92. Memorize The Faith!
    by Vost,Kevin
Sophia Institute Press Church Teachings Book $29.00

93. Memory and Identity: Personal Reflections
    by John Paul II
Weidenfeld & Nicolson Church and Papacy Book $35.00

94. Memory and Reconciliation
    by International Theological Comm
St Paul Publications Encyclicals $6.00

95. Men & Women are from Eden
    by Healy, Mary
Servant Books $17.01

96. Mental Acts (Key Texts)
    by Geach, Peter
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $29.70

97. The Merchant's Mark
    by Harnett, Cynthia
Lerner Children Book $16.50

98. Mercy: A Bible Study Guide For Catholics
    by Pacwa, Fr Mitch
Our Sunday Visitor Bible Study $20.00

99. Divine Mercy Minutes
    by Kosicki, Fr George W.
Marian Press Stockbridge Spirituality $20.00

100. Mercy Minutes With Jesus
    by Kosicki, Fr George W.
Marian Press Stockbridge Spirituality $18.00

101. Mercy Works: Practical Love For The 21st Century
    by Shea, Mark
CTS $7.00

102. Mere Catholicism
    by Ker, Ian
Emmaus Road Publishing $23.00

103. Mere Christianity
    by Lewis, C S
Harper Collins Christian Living Book $19.00

104. Mere Christianity
    by Lewis, C S
HarperOne Christian Living $23.00

105. Merrie England: A Journey Through The Shire
    by Pearce, Joseph
Tan Catholic Culture Book $45.00

106. Message & Devotion 3 Divine Mercy Publications Prayer Piety $0.65

107. Silver Crucifix 5.2 cm Piety $1.95

108. Metal Magnetic Miraculous Mary mini statuette Piety Piety $5.00

109. Metal Plaque Holy Family Piety Piety $13.50

110. My First Mass Book set: Good Shepherd boy's edition Catholic Book Publishing Co Mass and Liturgy $13.00

111. Midnight Dancers
    by Doman, Regina
Regina Doman $33.00

112. Mill and Religion: Contemporary Responses to Three Essays on Religion (Key Issues Series)
    by Sell, Alan P E
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $39.60

113. The Millennium: End of Time? A New Beginning?
    by McBride, Alfred
Our Sunday Visitor Catholicism Book $28.54

114. Miniature Stories of the Saints
    by Lord, Daniel A SJ
W H Litho Co Children $4.00

115. Miniature Stories of the Saints
    by Lord, Daniel A SJ
William J Hirten Company Inc Children $5.00

116. Ministering Communion
    by Morris, Allen
CTS $7.00

117. DVD - The Miracle (1959) Warner Home Video DVD DVD Video $16.99

118. DVD - The Miracle of Marcelino Ignatius Children DVD Video $15.00

119. DVD - Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima Warner Home Video Saints DVD $15.00

120. Miracle of St Nicholas
    by Whelan, G
Bethlehem Children $27.01

121. Miracles
    by Lewis, C S
HarperOne $23.00

122. Miracles Do Happen
    by McKenna,Briege Sr
St Anthony Messenger Press Spirituality Book $21.00

123. Miracles of Jesus
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.30

124. The Miracles of St. Anthony Mary Claret
    by Echevarria, Fr Juan
Tan Saints Book $24.00

125. Miraculous 10cm plastic statue w/magnetic base Piety $7.40

126. Miraculous Mary card and medal $1.40

127. Miraculous Mary Gold Key Ring $8.50

128. The Miraculous Medal: The Story of Our Lady's Appearances to St. Catherine Laboure
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $20.00

129. Miraculous Medal CTS $7.00

130. The Miraculous Medal
    by Kerr, Lady Cecil
CTS Marian Devotions $7.00

131. Miraculous Medal 92.5% Silver Devotion and Sacramental Piety $35.00


133. Miraculous Medal Novena Prayer
    by Anon
Canisius Press Sacraments & Sacramentals $2.00

134. Our Lady of Fatima luminous plastic statue 18cm Piety $11.00

135. Miraculous Sterling S&E 11mm Piety Piety $24.00

136. Mirror plaque. Serenity prayer Piety $10.00

137. Misericordiae Vultus: Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Year of Mercy
    by Pope Francis
St. Pauls Books & Media Encyclicals $6.00

138. A Missal for Little Ones Ignatius-Magnificat Children $23.00

139. Weekday Missal Holder Bag-style, zip-up canvas missal holder. $12.00

140. Missale Romanum 1962 $660.00

141. Mission of the Messiah: On the Gospel of Luke
    by Gray, Tim
Emmaus Road Publishing Bible Book $7.50

142. Mission Rosary (mutlicolour,plastic) Rosary Piety $22.00

143. Modern Moral Problems
    by Smith, Msgr William B.
Ignatius Moral Theology $24.00

144. Molokai $16.99

145. The Moment of Christian Witness
    by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Ignatius/Communio Theology Book $30.50

146. A Moment Of Grace: On the Catechism of the Catholic Church
    by O'Connor, John Cardinal
Ignatius Catechetics $39.30

147. Moments Of Grace Servant Books Conversions $24.00

148. Monotheism
    by Formby, Rev. Henry
Kessinger Publishing LLC History $50.01

149. DVD: Monsieur Vincent Saints $16.99

150. Moral Theology for Today. 5 Tape Album
    by Harvey, Fr John OSFS
John XXIII Co-op Theology Audio Tape (Talks) $25.00

151. Morality The Catholic View
    by Pinckaers, Servais OP
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $31.35

152. More Once Upon a Time Saints
    by Pochocki, Ethel
Bethlehem Children Book $18.00

153. More Precious than Gold
    by Lobel,Gillian
Hodders Children's Books Christmas $16.01

154. The Mormons: The Church of the Latter-Day Saints from a Catholic Perspective
    by Akin, Jimmy
Catholic Truth Society Mormons $5.00

155. Morning And Evening Prayer
    by No Author
Collins Prayer $74.00

156. DVD - Moses DVD $15.00

157. DVD - The Footprints of God: Moses - Signs, Sacraments And Salvation
    by Ray, Stephen K

158. Mother & Child Frame $14.00

159. Mother & Child Plaque 260x210 Piety Piety $52.00

160. Mother Angelica's Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures
    by Arroyo, Raymond
DOUBLEDAY Piety Book $33.00

161. Mother and Child 5cm magnetic metal statuette Piety $5.00

162. Mother Angelica: Her Grand Silence
    by Arroyo, Raymond
Image Books Biography Book $43.00

163. Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality
    by Arroyo, Raymond
DOUBLEDAY Spirituality $33.00

164. Mother Benedict Duss, O.S.B.: Foundress of the Abbey of Regina Laudis
    by Bosco Antoinette
Ignatius $39.50

165. Mother Cabrini: Missionary To The World
    by Keyes, Frances Parkinson
Ignatius-vision Children $17.50

166. Mother Cabrini Leaflet Piety $3.30

167. CD: Mother Dearest Mother Fairest Volume 2
    by Kochis, Robert and Robin
New Light Records Music $30.00

168. Mother Frame $15.00

169. The Mother of Christ: Prayer and Practice
    by Houselander, Caryll
Sheed and Ward Marian Devotions Book $19.74

170. Mother of the Saviour
    by Garrigou-Lagrange, Fr Reginald
Tan Marian Devotions $26.00

171. Mother Seton & Sisters of Charity
    by Power-Waters, Alma
Ignatius-vision Children $17.50

172. Mother Teresa
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
CBPC Children $2.50

173. Mother Teresa of Calcutta
    by Maasburg, Leo
Ignatius Biography $32.00

174. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Leaflet Piety $3.30

175. Mother Teresa Resin 20cm Piety $15.00

176. Mother's Book of Prayers
    by Marra, Julie
Rainbow Prayer $12.95

177. Mothers Of The Church
    by Aquilina, Michael
Our Sunday Visitor $22.00

178. Mother Teresa's Secret Fire
    by Langford, Joseph MC
Our Sunday Visitor $27.50

179. Come Be My Light
    by Mother Teresa

180. Mother Teresa: Walking With Her Saints
    by Katayanagi SJ, Hiroshi (ed)
Paulist Press $20.00

181. Multi subject small silver cross Piety $1.00

182. My Angel Will Go Before You
    by Huber, Georges
Four Courts Press Angels and Devil $19.00

183. My Baptism Bible For Boys
    by Ribbons, Lizzie
St Paul Publications Children $16.01

184. My Baptism Bible For Girls
    by Ribbons, Lizzie
St Paul Publications Children $16.01

185. My Catholic Children's Bible
    by Dominican Sisters of MMOE
Tan Children $40.00

186. My Confession Book
    by Welters Sr M Andrine
Tan Booklet $3.50

187. My Daily Life
    by Paone, Anthony J
Confraternity Precious Blood Christian Living Book $9.00

188. My Day with Jesus
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.45

189. My First Mass Book - Blue, Chalice Catholic Book Publishing Corp Mass and Liturgy $10.00

190. My F. Mass B.set boxed/girl St. Pauls Books & Media $20.00

191. My F.M.B. Set/boxed/boy St. Pauls Books & Media $20.00

192. My First Catholic Picture Dictionary
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.45

193. My First Catholic Picture Dictionary
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.45

194. My First Communion
    by Burrin, Angela M
St Paul Publications Sacraments & Sacramentals $15.00

195. My First Mass Book - Good Shepherd by Catholic Book Publishing Co. Catholic Book Publishing Co Mass and Liturgy $6.00

196. My First Mass Book Good Shepherd Set Boys Catholic Book Publishing Co Mass and Liturgy $13.00

197. My Friend Jesus
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $2.50

198. My Genes Made Me Do It!: A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation
    by Whitehead, Neil & Briar
Huntington House Inc Sexuality/Chastity Book $30.00

199. My Golden Book of Prayers
    by Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy
CBPC Prayer $16.01

200. My Life as a Baby $25.00

201. My Life with God
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.45

202. My Life with God
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.45

203. My Little Missal
    by Roche Maite
St Paul Publications Children $10.00

204. Confirmation keepsake Mass book - red CBC Distributors Missals $20.00

205. My Missal - New translation St Paul Publications Children $8.00

206. My Path to Heaven: A Young Person's Guide to the Faith
    by Bliss, Geoffrey
Sophia Institute Press Homeschool Book $25.00

207. My Path to Heaven: A Young Person's Guide to the Faith
    by Bliss, Geoffrey
Sophia Institute Press Homeschool $30.00

208. My Pocket Rosary Catholic Book Publishing Co Rosary $4.00

209. My Prayer Book - Abridged
    by Hoagland Rev Victor
Regina Press Prayer $13.00

210. My Rosary Colour and Activity Book Pauline Books and Media Children $5.00

211. My Sisters The Saints
    by Campbell, Colleen Carroll
Image Books Saints $39.00

212. My Sisters the Saints $27.01

213. My Simple Mass Book
    by CTS
CTS Missals $10.00

214. My Very First Noah's Ark Playtime $11.00

215. My Catholic Advent And Christmas Activity Book
    by Galvin, Jennifer
Children $12.00

216. Mysteries, Marvels And Miracles In The Lives Of The Saints
    by Cruz, Joan Carroll
Tan Saints Book $49.00

217. Scripture Rosary CD- Fr. O'Shea. Mysteries of Light only
    by No Author
O'Shea Fr Frank Marian Devotions $29.95
VIP: $15.00

218. The Mysteries Of Mary
    by PhillipeOP, Fr Marie Dominique
Saint Benedict Press Marian Devotions $26.50

219. Mysterium Fidei $1.65

220. The Mystery And Destiny of the Church - God's Plan For Our Salvation - From Eden To The Apocalypse
    by Marie, Sr. Rosena
Sophia Institute Press History $33.00

221. The Mystery of Love for the Single: A Guide for Those Who Follow the Single Vocation in the World
    by Unger, Fr Dominic
Tan Book $22.00

222. Mystery of the Incarnation
    by Hume, Cardinal Basil
Darton Longman Todd Theology $31.96

223. The Mystery We Proclaim: Catechesis at the Third Millennium
    by Kelly, Francis D
Our Sunday Visitor Catechetics Book $22.00

224. Mystical City of God: Conception
    by Mary of Agreda
Createspace Marian Devotions $50.00

225. Mystical City of God: Coronation
    by Mary of Agreda
Createspace Marian Devotions $50.00

226. Mystical City of God: Incarnation
    by Mary of Agreda
Createspace Marian Devotions $50.00

227. Mystical City of God: Transfixion
    by Mary of Agreda
Createspace Marian Devotions $50.00

228. Mystici Corporis
    by Pius XII
St. Pauls Books & Media Encyclicals $8.80

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