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1. John Henry Newman: A Developing Spirituality
    by Cooper, Austin
St Paul Publications Spirituality $25.00

2. New Catholic Bible: Standard Edition
    by God
CTS Bible $48.00

3. New Catholic Bible: Compact Edition
    by God
CTS Bible $30.00

4. Jesus 101 God and Man
    by Gresham, John L
Liguori Christology $26.00

5. Jesus And I
    by Heeg, Aloysius J
Loyola Press Catechetics $13.00

6. Jesus And The Fishermen
    by Piper, Sophie
Lion Hudson Children $7.00

7. Jesus and the Miracle
    by Piper, Sophie
Lion Hudson Children $7.00

8. Jesus As Friend Scepter Publications Book $25.00

9. Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life
    by John Paul II
St Paul Publications Encyclicals Booklet $12.99

10. DVD - The Footprints of God: Jesus - The Word Became Flesh
    by Ray, Stephen K

11. Jesus I Trust in You (Booklet)
    by Faustina, Sister
Divine Mercy Publications Booklet $8.00

12. Jesus of Nazareth III: The Infancy Narratives (large print)
    by Benedict XVI
Random House Scripture $13.00

13. Jesus of Nazareth -Study Guide
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Ignatius Bible $11.00

14. Jesus Of Nazareth Part 2
    by Benedict XVI
Ignatius Christology $45.00

15. Jesus our Eucharistic Love
    by Manelli, Fr Stefano
Franciscan Friars of the Immac Devotion and Sacramental $11.00

16. Faith And Life Series: Teachers Manual Grade 4 - Jesus Our Guide Ignatius Catechetics $20.00

17. Faith And Life Series: Teacher's Manual Grade 2 - Jesus Our Life Ignatius Catechetics $20.00

18. Jesus Returns to Heaven
    by Parker, Vic
Miles Kelly Publishing Children $6.00

19. Jesus Teach Us to Pray
    by Bertram, Fr Jerome
Ignatius Prayer $20.00

20. Jesus Today
    by Nolan, Albert
Orbis Christology $25.50

21. Jesus Welcomes You To The Mass
    by Burrin, Angela M
St. Pauls Children $13.00

22. Jesus, Mary & Joseph Novenas
    by Stedman, Rev. Fr
Confraternity Precious Blood Prayer $17.50

23. JH Newman A Resource for Today Eist Catholicism $58.00

24. Joan and the Great Depression
    by Scott-Branagan
BSB Ventures LLC Children $12.50

25. Joan Of Arc
    by Twain, Mark
Ignatius Saints Book $36.00

26. John Vol 1
    by Von Speyer, Adrienne
Ignatius Bible $41.50

27. John-Baptist de la Salle
    by Midgley, J.B.
Catholic Truth Society $7.00

28. John Bosco
    by Moorcroft, Jennifer
CTS Saints $7.00

29. John Paul II and the New Evangelization: How You Can Bring Good News to Others
    by Martin & Williamson
Ignatius Catholicism Book $30.50

30. John Paul II key ring Piety Piety $7.50

31. John Paul II Path to Sainthood Columba Biography $29.00

32. John Paul II: The Path to Sainthood
    by Collins, Michael
Columba Biography $29.00

33. John Paul II: A Life of Grace
    by Allegri, Renzo
St Anthony Messenger Press Biography Book $29.00

34. John Paul the Great
    by Various
Catholic Truth Society Biography Book $40.00

35. John Vianney
    by Midgley, J.B.
Catholic Truth Society Saints $7.00

36. John Vol 3
    by Von Speyer, Adrienne
Ignatius $41.50

37. John, Vol. 4: The Birth of the Church
    by Von Speyer, Adrienne
Ignatius Bible Book $41.50

38. John XXIII: The Universal Parish Priest
    by Robinson, Josephine
CTS Biography $5.00

39. John: The Discourses of Controversy: Meditations on John 6-12, Vol. 2
    by Von Speyer, Adrienne
Ignatius Bible Book $41.50

40. JohnPaul II Culture of Life $4.00

41. Jonah & Whale Bible Story Time
    by Piper, Sophie
Lion Hudson Children $7.00

42. Jonah and the Whale
    by Parker, Vic
Miles Kelly Publishing Children $6.00

43. Joseph From Germany
    by Mohan, Claire J
Pauline Books and Media Children $16.01

44. Joseph Ratzinger - Life in the Church and Living Theology
    by Heim, Maximilian
Ignatius $61.00

45. Joseph the Dreamer
    by Parker, Vic
Miles Kelly Publishing Children $6.00

46. Joseph The Dreamer And Other Bible Stories
    by Parker, Vic
Miles Kelly Publishing Children $6.00

47. Joseph's Way: The Call To Fatherly Greatness
    by Schadt, Devin
Ignatius Men $24.00

48. The Journey of Faith
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Our Sunday Visitor Christian Living $19.00

49. Journey Towards Easter
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
St Paul Publications Spirituality Book $8.00

50. Journey up the River
    by Burleigh, Anne Husted
Ignatius Spirituality Book $28.30

51. The Joy Of Being A Catholic Child
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co $3.50

52. The Joyful Beggar - A Novel About Saint Francis Of Assisi
    by de Wohl, Louis
Ignatius Saints $25.00

53. John Paul II And The Meaning Of Suffering: Lessons From A Spiritual Master
    by Shroeder, Robert G
Our Sunday Visitor $25.00

54. John Paul II Rosary Piety Piety $31.00

55. Leaflet: Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy Divine Mercy Publications Christian Living $0.55

56. Junia
    by Giesler, Michael E.
Scepter Publications Children $11.49

Title/Author Publisher Category Type Price
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