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1. Da Vinci Deception
    by Shea, Mark & Sri,Edward
Ascension Press Fiction $13.95

2. Da Vinci Hoax DVD Ignatius $30.00

3. Daily Journal St Therese Tan Spirituality $17.01

4. Daily Journal Walk With The Saints Journal Tan Saints $39.01

5. Motu Proprio Edition Roman Catholic Daily Missal (1962)-Latin Baronius Press Mass and Liturgy Book $99.00

6. Daily Prayer Divine Office
    by No Author
E J Dwyer Prayer $120.00

7. Daily Prayer For Times of Grief
    by Hamilton, Lisa B
Paraclete Press Prayer $24.00

8. Daily Prayers Pamphlet St Paul Publications $1.50

9. Daily Scripture &Catechism Guide Read the Bible and the Catechism in a Year CHResources Bible Pamphlet $0.80

10. Daily Thoughts from the Little Flower
    by Broome, Rev Francis
Mary-Louise Joyce Prayer $5.00

11. Damien (Aldyth Morris')
    by No Author
Ignatius Saints VHS Video $5.00

12. A Danger to the State: A Historical Novel
    by Trower, Philip
Ignatius History Book $39.95

13. Dangerous Relations
    by Muehlenberg, Bill
Createspace Sexuality/Chastity $22.00

14. Darby O'Gill and the Good People
    by Kavanaugh, H. T.K
Sophia Institute Press Children $28.00

15. Darby O'Gill and the Crocks of Gold
    by Kavanaugh, H. T.K
Sophia Institute Press $28.01

16. Dare We Hope That All Men Be Saved?
    by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Ignatius Theology Book $26.00

17. Dark Night of the Soul
    by St John of the Cross
Baronius Press Spirituality Book $37.95

18. Darkness Visible Baronius Press Freemasonry $16.99

19. The Dart of Longing Love Darton Longman Todd $10.94

20. Dating Detox
    by Cotter, Kevin
Ignatius Sexuality/Chastity $27.01

21. Daughter Zion: Meditations on the Church's Marian Belief
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Ignatius Marian Devotions Book $19.00

22. DVD - The Footprints of God: David & Solomon - Expanding the Kingdom
    by Ray, Stephen K

23. Dawn of a New Era - Aetatis Novae
    by Vatican II
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals $1.65

24. Dawn of the Messiah
    by Sri, Edward (S.T.D)
Servant Books History $15.00

25. Day By Day For The Holy Souls
    by Tassone, Susan
Our Sunday Visitor Heaven, Hell & Purgatory $33.00

26. DVD: The Day the Sun Danced DVD $20.00

27. Dealing With Infertility $4.00

28. Dear And Glorious Physician: A Novel About Saint Luke
    by Caldwell, Taylor
Ignatius Biography Book $27.50

29. Dear Young People - Homilies and Addresses of Pope Benedict XVI at WYD
    by Benedict XVI
St Paul Publications Church Documents Book $13.00

30. Death and Immortality
    by Pieper, Josef
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $18.15

31. The Death and Life of Philosophy St Augustine's Press Book $49.50

32. Death Of A Liturgist
    by Murray, Lorraine V.
Saint Benedict Press Fiction $15.50

33. Deciding to be Christian
    by O'Keefe, Mark OSB
Liguori Christian Living $20.00

34. Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics
    by SCDF (Cong Doc of the Faith)
St Paul Books & Media Sexuality/Chastity Pamphlet $2.20

35. Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America
    by Carlin, David
Sophia Institute Press Catholicism $45.00

36. Deep and Subtle Joy
    by Bell Luke
Hidden Spring Spirituality $27.99

37. Defend the Faith
    by Haddad, Robert
Parousia Media Apologetics $20.00

38. Defenders of the Faith in word
    by Connor, Fr Charles P
Ignatius Apologetics $24.00

39. Defending Marriage : Twelve Arguments for Sanity
    by Esolen, Anthony
St Benedict Press Marriage Book $33.00

40. Demetrius And The Gladiators $16.99

41. Democracy in America : The Complete and Unabridged Volumes I and II
    by de Tocqueville, Alexis
Bantam Books History Book $43.45

42. Descartes's Rules for Direction of the Mind
    by Joachim, Harold H
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $23.10

43. The Desert Fathers
    by Waddell, Helen
Loreto Publications History $16.99

44. Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education
    by Berquist, Laura M
Ignatius Homeschool Book $38.00

45. Wood look Desk plaque -Padre Pio Small desk plaque Piety $14.00

46. Desk Plaque Christ the Teacher Piety $14.00

47. Desk Plaque Divine Mercy Gatto Piety $14.00

48. St. Mary MacKillop Wood-look desk plaque. Desk placque Piety $13.00

49. Desk Plaque Sacred Heart Gatto Piety $14.00

50. Desk Plaque St. Anthony Piety $14.00

51. Desk Plaque St. Michael Gatto Piety $14.00

52. Desk Plaque St. Therese Gatto Piety $14.00

53. Deus Caritas Est
    by Benedict XVI
St Paul Publications Encyclicals $6.00

54. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus: How to Practice the Sacred Heart Devotion
    by Croiset, John
Tan Devotion and Sacramental Book $25.00

55. The Development of Mathematical Logic
    by Nidditch, P H
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $23.10

56. Devotion For The Dying
    by Potter, Mary Mother
Tan Christian Living $20.00

57. Devotion To St Jude Catholic Truth Society $5.25

58. Devotion to the Holy Spirit Tan Booklet $4.00

59. Devotion to the Sacred Heart
    by Daughters of St Paul
St Paul Books & Media Devotion and Sacramental $1.50

60. Devotions to St Joseph
    by Moore, Brian SJ
St Paul Publications Devotion and Sacramental $4.00

61. Devotions to the Holy Spirit
    by Etlin, Fr Lucas, OSB
Tan Devotions Booklet $5.30

62. Devotions to the Holy Spirit
    by Moore, Brian SJ
St Paul Publications Devotion and Sacramental $1.50

63. Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena
    by St Catherine of Sienna
Baronius Press $20.00

64. Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena
    by St Catherine of Sienna
Tan Saints $27.01

65. Dictionary of Saints
    by Delaney, John
Image Books Saints $32.00

66. Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? Questions About The Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus
    by Olson, Carl E.
Ignatius Apologetics Book $30.00

67. Difficulties in Mental Prayer
    by Boylan, Eugene
Scepter Publications Prayer Book $16.50

68. Difficulties in Mental Prayer
    by Boylan, Eugene
Scepter Publications Prayer Book $29.00

69. Dignitas Personae Explained
    by Fleming, Dr John
Modotti Press $18.95

70. Dignitatis Personae Church Documents $3.30

71. Ding Dong Merrily on High
    by Crespi, France
Frances Lincoln Christmas $35.00

72. Directives on Formation in Religious Institites
    by Con for Inst of Consecrated l
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals Book $3.50

73. Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests St Paul Publications Church Documents $7.95

74. Discerning Your Vocation: A Catholic Guide For Young Adults
    by Community of the Beatitudes
St. Pauls Vocations $11.00

75. Discover Your Next Mission From God: Saints who found God's will...and how you can too!
    by Julie Onderko
Sophia Institute Press $36.00

76. Discovering God Together: The Catholic Guide To Raising Faithful Kids
    by Popcak, Greg and Lisa
Sophia Institute Press Family Book $38.00

77. Discussions of Wittgenstein
    by Rhees, Rush
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $26.40

78. Dives In Misericordia - On the Mercy of God
    by John Paul II
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals $0.90

79. Divine Comedy - Paper Back
    by James, Clive
Liveright Publishing Philosophy $35.50
VIP: $30.00

80. Divine Comedy 1 - Inferno
    by Dante
Penguin Literature $19.00

81. Divine Comedy 2 - Purgatory
    by Dante
Penguin Literature Book $21.00

82. Divine Comedy 3 - Paradise
    by Dante
Penguin Literature Book $24.00

83. Divine Courtship
    by Mirus, Jeffrey
Franciscan Herald Press Christianity $16.50

84. Divine Intimacy - Traditional $94.00

85. Divine Light: The Theology of Denys the Areopagite
    by Riordan, William
Ignatius Theology Book $31.00

86. Divine Mercy A3 size Prayer Piety $8.80

87. Divine Mercy A4 size Piety Piety $5.00

88. Divine Mercy Card -St Faustina $2.00

89. Divine Mercy chaplet and novena pamphlet Divine mercy Piety $1.10

90. Divine Mercy In My Soul
    by St Faustina Kowalska
Divine Mercy Publications Spirituality $20.00

91. Divine Mercy magnetic bookmark Piety Piety $4.00

92. Divine Mercy Message Divine Mercy Publications Prayer Piety $0.61

93. Divine Mercy Message And Devotion
    by Michalenko S. Fr & Flynn V
Marian Press Stockbridge Prayer $9.00

94. Divine Mercy Novena $5.00

95. Divine Mercy Pamphlet
    by Marian Fathers
Catholic Truth Society $0.70

96. Divine Mercy Rosary Beads In round plastic Rosary Box with Divine Mercy picture rosary beads Piety $18.00

97. Divine Mercy Sunday leaflet Divine Mercy Publications Prayer Piety $0.49

98. Zippered Leather Cover for Divine Office or Large Missal - 12.5 x 18.5 x 6 cm Piety $50.00

99. Divine Office Cover Large - Also fits Weekday Missal and Lieber Usualis - 20 x14x6.5cm Piety $50.00

100. Divine Office Vol 2
    by No Author
Harper Collins Prayer $135.00

101. Divine Office Vol 3
    by No Author
Harper Collins Prayer $135.00

102. Divine Pity
    by Vann, Gerald
Scepter Publications $19.00

103. Divino Afflante Spiritu (Promotion of Biblical Studies)
    by Vatican II
Pauline Books and Media Encyclicals $7.15

104. Do This in Memory of Me Video Cassette
    by No Author
Warner Home Video Video VHS Video $5.00

105. Documents of Pope John Paul II
    by John Paul II
St Paul Publications Church Documents $120.00

106. Dogma And Preaching
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Ignatius $37.00

107. Defining the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception (Ineffabilis Deus)
    by Vatican II
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals $1.65

108. Defining the Dogma of the Assumption (Munificentissimus Deus)
    by Vatican II
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals $1.65

109. The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Dover ed.
    by Emmerich, Anne Catherine
Dover Publications Revelations $24.00

110. Dominican Saints
    by Dominican novices
Tan Saints Book $24.75

111. Dominum Et Vivificantem
    by John Paul II
Catholic Truth Society Encyclicals $12.00

112. Dominus Iesus
    by Congregation Doctrine Faith
Mediapaul Encyclicals $9.00

113. Don't Drink The Holy Water
    by Kempf, Fr Joe
Liguori Children $30.00

114. Douay Rheims First Communion Bible
    by God
St Benedict Press Bible $63.00

115. Douay Rheims Bible - Pocket Size - Flexible Black Leather Cover
    by God
Baronius Press Bible $68.00

116. Douay Rheims Holy Bible - Paperback
    by God
Saint Benedict Press LLC Bible Book $47.00

117. Holy Bible Douay-Rheims version, translated from the Vulgate. Hardback Leather Black
    by God
Baronius Press Bible $96.00

118. Double-Sided Keyring Piety Piety $6.60

119. Confirmation Dove Pendant and Chain Piety Piety $20.00

120. Dream Of Gerontius
    by Newman, John Henry, Cardinal
Cosimo Inc $16.01

121. Dressing with Dignity
    by Hammond, Colleen
Tan Book $16.01

122. Drinking With The Saints: The Sinner's Guide To A Holy Happy Hour
    by Foley, Michael P
Ignatius Catholic Culture $54.00

123. Duties of the Catholic State $7.70

124. DVD 33AD Founded by Christ
    by Jones, Alex
Parousia Media Church history $20.00

125. DVD First Christmas (clay fig) Word Australia Christmas $12.00

126. DVD in the Name of Miracles Divine Mercy Publications DVD $20.00

127. DVD Karol 2 The Pope the Man Saints DVD $18.00

128. DVD: Metamorphosis - The Beauty and Design of Butterflies DVD $25.00

129. DVD Mother Teresa Lux Vide Saints $24.00

130. DVD Our Created Universe (If ordering all 3 DVDs for $55 discount will be given before payment is taken.)
    by Psarris, Spike
Creation Astronomy Media Creation $22.00

131. DVD Programming of Life -in plastic sleeve $15.00

132. DVD - The Fourth Wise Man DVD Video $16.99

133. DVD/ Constantine & the Cross
    by Mature, Victor
20th Century Fox $15.00

134. DVD: Edith Stein - The Seventh Chamber DVD $15.00

135. DVD/ The Robe
    by Dunne, Philip
20th Century Fox $17.01

136. DVD: Born Into The Kingdom - The Miracle of Baptism (Brother Francis) Herald entertainment Children DVD $16.01

137. The Scarlet and the Black
    by Peck, Gregory
Carlton International DVD Video $15.00

138. Dying Well: The Christian Art of Dying
    by Bernardi, Peter J
Liguori Last Things Pamphlet $1.50

Title/Author Publisher Category Type Price
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