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1. The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 1: Family Letters, 1905-1931
    by Lewis, C S
Harper Collins Literature Book $49.95

2. C. S. Lewis and the Catholic Church
    by Pearce, Joseph
Ignatius Literature Book $32.00

3. C.S. Lewis on Love
    by Lewis, C S
Harper Collins Christian Living Book $25.24

4. Our Lady of Pellevoisin Colouring Book
    by Windeatt, MF & Harmon G
Tan Children Book $3.00

5. Our Lady of Pontmain Colouring Book
    by Windeatt, MF & Harmon G
Tan Children Book $3.00

6. Call of God the Father CD
    by Wood, Stephen
Family Life Centre Publication CD set $25.00

7. Called by Love: Reflections on Discipleship
    by Miller, John H
St Paul Books & Media Christian Living Book $8.25

8. Called By Name: The Inspiring Stories of 12 Men Who Became Catholic Priests
    by Mugridge, Dr Christine Anne; Usher, Jerry
Ascension Press Priesthood/Vocations $23.00

9. Called to Holiness: What It Means to Encounter the Living God
    by Martin Ralph
Ignatius Spirituality Book $26.10

10. Called to Serve - A Guidebook for Altar Servers (Includes Revised Orderof the Mass)
    by Nevins, Albert J
Our Sunday Visitor Liturgy Booklet $8.00

11. Prayers for Receiving the Eucharist (canisius press copy of ACTS pamphlet)
    by Elliott, Mgr Peter J
Canisius Press Prayer $2.30

12. Candle Holder 15.5cm olive wood $5.00

13. Captive Flames: On Selected Saints and Christian Heroes
    by Knox, Mgr Ronald
Ignatius Biography Book $22.00

14. Car Park Parables
    by Clark,Paul
From The Hive Children $11.00

15. Monastique: Cardinal After Shave and Talcum Powder Gift Set Women Cosmetic $21.30

16. Monastique: Cardinal Men's Talc 100g Women Cosmetic $8.10

17. About Bioethics: Caring for People who are Sick or Dying
    by Tonti-Filippini, Nicholas
Connor Court Christian Living $30.00

18. Caritas in Veritate
    by Benedict XVI
St Paul Publications Encyclicals $10.01

19. Monastique: Carmille French Extract 15ml Women Cosmetic $39.60

20. Case for Christianity
    by Robert Haddad
Connor court Apologetics Book $33.00

21. Case for Clerical Celibacy
    by Stickler, Alfons Cardinal
Ignatius Priesthood/Vocations $16.01

22. Casta Meretrix "The Chaste Whore": An Essay on the Ecclesiology of St. Ambrose
    by Biffi, Cardinal Giacomo
Saint Austin Press Church Teachings Book $17.20

23. Catechism of the Catholic Church
    by John Paul II
St Paul Publications Catechetics Book $20.00

24. Catechesi Tradendae -Catechesis in Our Time
    by Vatican II
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals $3.85

25. Catechisms and Controversies: Religious Education in the Postconciliar Years
    by Wrenn, Msgr M
Ignatius History $34.90

26. Catholic Family Catechism- Apostle Edition
    by Tierney, Rev Fr B
Newman Publications Catechetics Book $5.00

27. Catholic Handbook for Engaged and Newly Married Couples
    by Marks, Frederick W
Emmaus Road Publishing $18.00

28. The 'Catholic Update' Guide to Vocations
    by Kendzia, Mary Carol
Franciscan Media Priesthood/Vocations $9.00

29. Cath.Values&AusRealities
    by Franklin,James
Connor Court $29.95

30. Catherine Of Siena
    by Undset, Sigrid
Ignatius Biography $34.00

31. Our Sunday Visitor's Catholic Almanac - 2008
    by Bunson, Matthew
Our Sunday Visitor $49.00

32. Catholic and Loving It
    by Narendran & Salzmann
Servant Books Christian Living $23.00

33. Catholic Baby's First Memories Children $32.00

34. Catholic Bioethics And The Gift Of Human Life
    by May, William E
Our Sunday Visitor Life Issues $46.00

35. The Catholic Book of Character and Success
    by Garesche, Fr Edward
Sophia Institute Press Spirituality Book $20.00

36. The Catholic Children's Board Book Bible
    by Bauer, Judith
Regina Press Children $25.00

37. Catholic Children' Bible -Hard back edition
    by Theola, Sister Mary s.s.n.d
Regina Press Children $25.00

38. Catholic Christianity: A Complete Catechism of Catholic Beliefs
    by Kreeft, Peter
Ignatius Apologetics $33.49

39. The Catholic Church and the Bible
    by Stravinskas, Peter
Ignatius Bible Book $26.10

40. Catholic Converts From Down Under - and All Over
    by Skowronska, Wanda
Connor Court Conversions Book $29.00

41. Catholic Dictionary
    by Stravinskas, Peter
Our Sunday Visitor Catholicism Book $19.00

42. Catholic Education: Homeward Bound
    by Hahn & Hasson
Ignatius Homeschool Book $34.90

43. Catholic Evangelization - The Heart Of Ministry
    by Hater,Fr Robert J
Harcourt Religion Publishers Christian Living $25.00

44. Catholic Family Catechism - Disciples Edition
    by Tierney, James
Newman Centre Publications Catechetics $5.00

45. Catholic Family Handbook
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Sophia Institute Press Family $27.99

46. Catholic for a Reason III: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass
    by Hahn, Scott
Emmaus Road Publishing Apologetics Book $26.00

47. Catholic for a Reason 4
    by Hahn, Scott
Emmaus Road Publishing Apologetics $22.00

48. Catholic for a Reason II, Second Edition: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mother of God Book $29.00

49. Catholic Guide to Depression
    by Kheriarty, Aaron
Sophia Institute Press $32.51

50. The Catholic Homeschool Companion
    by Wittmann, M. & Mackson, R.
Sophia Institute Press Homeschool $45.00

51. A Catholic Homeschool Treasury
    by Mackson & Wittman
Ignatius Homeschool Book $34.90

52. Catholic Ministry to the Addic
    by Barkley, Roy
Our Sunday Visitor Spirituality $13.75

53. The Catholic Mystique: Women Converts Tell Their Stories
    by Ferrara, J & Ireland, P.S.
Our Sunday Visitor Apologetics Book $36.30

54. Catholic Prayers (Large Print Edition)
    by Nelson, Thomas
Tan Prayer Booklet $16.99

55. Catholic Revival in English Literature
    by Ker, Ian
GRACEWING Literature $39.95

56. The Catholic Sanctuary And The Second Vatican Council
    by Davies, Michael

57. Catholic School
    by Vatican II
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals $2.20

58. An Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
    by Charles, Rodger
Ignatius Church, Politics & Economics Book $19.90

59. Catholic Songs for Children
    by Arnold, Mathew
Pro Multis Media Children CD $6.00

60. Catholic Street Evangelisation: Stories of Conversion and Witness
    by Dawson, Steve
Ignatius Evangelisation $32.50

61. Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls
    by Houselander, Caryll
Sophia Institute Press Children $20.00

62. Catholic Thinking
    by Young, John
Cardinal Newman Catechist Cntr Church Teachings $13.20

63. Catholic Traditions In The Home And Classroom
    by Ball, Ann
Our Sunday Visitor Children $39.00

64. Catholic Truths for Our Children - A Guide for Parents
    by Armstrong, Patti Maguire
St Michael's Communication Christian Living $19.95

65. Catholic Wedding Book
    by Hans&Graham
Paulist Press $25.00

66. Catholic Womans Book of Prayer
    by O'Boyle, Donna-Marie Cooper
Our Sunday Visitor Prayer $15.00

67. Catholicism and Evolution
    by Chaberek, Michael O.P.
Angelico Press Evolution Book $32.00

68. Catholicism and Life
    by Hayes Hayes & Drummey
C R Publications Catechetics $25.30

69. Catholicism and Reason Leader Manual
    by Hayes Hayes & Drummey
C R Publications Catechetics Book $9.90

70. Catholicism DVD Set
    by Barron, Fr. Robert
Ignatius Doctrine/Heresy $159.99

71. Catholicism for Dummies
    by Trigilio & Brighenti
For Dummies Catholicism $36.00

72. Catholicism For Dummies 2nd Edition
    by Trigilio & Brighenti
Wiley Catholicism $42.50

73. The Catholicism of Shakespeare's Plays
    by Milwood, Peter SJ
St Austin Press Literature $27.40

74. Catholics and the New Age
    by Pacwa, Fr Mitch
Servant Books Comparative Religions $23.00

75. Catholics Come Home
    by Peterson, Tom
Image Books $30.00

76. Catholics Confronting Hitler: The Catholic Church and the Nazis
    by Peter Bartley
Ignatius History Book $34.00

77. Catholicsm and Society Leader
    by Hayes Hayes & Drummey
C R Publications Catechetics $9.90

78. Cecil and Psalm 23
    by McDonough, Andrew
Lost Sheep Children $8.00

79. Celebrating Advent with the Jesse Tree
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co Christmas Book $3.30

80. Celebrating Christmas
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co Christmas $3.30

81. Celebrating Lent
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children Book $3.30

82. Celebrating the Holy Eucharist
    by Arinze,Cardinal Francis
Ignatius $23.00

83. Celibacy Prayer & Friendship
    by Kiesling, Fr Christopher OP
Alba House Sexuality/Chastity $17.95

84. Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year
    by Elliott, Bishop Peter J
Ignatius Book $37.00

85. Champion Of The Church: The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Archbishop Noll
    by Ball, Ann
Our Sunday Visitor Biography $27.99

86. Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon
    by Calloway, Fr Donald MIC
Marian Press Stockbridge Rosary Book $34.00

87. Chance Or Purpose
    by Schonborn, Cardinal Christoph
Ignatius $24.00

88. Chance Or The Dance
    by Howard, Thomas
Ignatius Moral Theology $23.90

89. Chaplet - Infant of Prague Piety $10.00

90. Characters of the Inquisition
    by Walsh William Thomas
Tan History Book $23.00

91. Characters of the Passion -AP
    by Sheen, Mgr Fulton J
Angelico Press History Book $12.00

92. Characters of the Reformation
    by Belloc, Hilaire
Tan History Book $21.00

93. Charcoal Roll - 10pieces per roll $4.00

94. Cherished Hymns - 3 CD SET Music $30.00

95. Chiara Corbella Petrillo: A Witness To Joy
    by Simone Troisi, Christiana Paccini
Sophia Institute Press BOOK $36.00

96. Child's Bible History
    by Knecht, Most Rev F J
Tan Children $9.35

97. Holly Pond Hill: A Child's Book of Christmas (Board book)
    by Wheeler, Susan
Dutton Children's books Christmas $15.00

98. Child's Book of Psalms
    by Welborn, Amy
C.D. Stampley Enterprises $19.00

99. Child's Guide to the Holy Days
    by O'Keefe

100. Child's Guide To The Beatitude
    by O'Keffe&Blake
Paulist Press Children $16.01

101. Childhood Christmas Collection - Tape
    by Savage, Andrea
Poppet Productions Music Tape $15.40

102. Childhood Collections
    by Savage, Andrea
Poppet Productions Music Tape $16.50

103. The Children of Fatima
    by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan
Tan Children Book $23.00

104. Children's Book of Virtues
    by Bennett, William J
Simon & Schuster Children Book $30.00

105. Children's Catechism on CD-ROM: Book 2 - Death and Resurrection Harmony Media Inc Children Computer Software $79.85

106. Latin Mass Children's Missal by Fr. Hoever Neumann Press Children Book $35.00

107. A Child's Prayers in Verse
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children Book $3.45

108. Christmas cards and envelopes (box of 18) $15.00

109. Choosing God - Chosen by God: Conversations with Jean-Marie Lustiger
    by Lustiger, Jean-Marie, Cardinal
Ignatius Christian Living Book $45.90

110. Christmas cards and envelopes (box of 18) $14.50

111. Christ Denied: Origin of the Present Day Problems in the Catholic Church
    by Wickens, Paul
Tan Catholicism Book $7.00

112. Christ in His Mysteries
    by Marmion, Blessed Columba
Zaccheus Press Spirituality $35.00

113. Christ Our Hope
    by Benedict XVI
Paulist Press Church and Papacy $27.01

114. Christ The King Leaflet Piety $3.30

115. Christ The King Lord Of History - Workbook
    by Mooney, Belinda
Tan History $27.99

116. Christ the King, Lord of History: A Catholic World History from Ancient to Modern Times
    by Carroll, Anne W
Tan History Book $58.00

117. Christ the Teacher Plaque Piety $71.00

118. Christ Their Hope
    by Ray, Stephen K
Parousia Media DVD $20.00

119. Christ's Appeal for Love
    by Menendez, Josefa
Tan Spirituality $13.00

120. Christ's Mother and Ours
    by Lukefahr, Fr Oscar
Rainbow Marian Devotions $13.00

121. Christ's New Homeland: Africa
    by Sarah, Card. Robert
Ignatius Marriage $34.00

122. Christianity, Democracy, And The American Ideal
    by Maritain, Jaques
Sophia Institute Press Church, Politics & Economics Book $25.00

123. The Christian Faith: An Essay on the Structure of the Apostles' Creed
    by de Lubac, Henri
Ignatius Theology Book $45.90

124. Christian Fasting: Disciplining The Body, Awakening The Spirit
    by Totah, Sr Mary David OSB
CTS Spirituality $7.00

125. Christian Fatherhood
    by Wood, Stephen
Family Life Centre Publication Family $32.00

126. Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition
    by Aumann, Jordan
Ignatius Spirituality $37.00

127. Christianity and Life
    by Schall, Fr James SJ
Ignatius Sexuality/Chastity $12.10

128. Christianity for Modern Pagans: Pascal's Pensees
    by Kreeft, Peter
Ignatius Book $23.50

129. Christianity Pure and Simple
    by Longnecker, Dwight
Sophia Institute Press Catholicism $27.01

130. Christians for Freedom: Late-Scholastic Economics
    by Chafuen, A A
Ignatius Church, Politics & Economics Book $29.95

131. Christians In China
    by Charbonnier, Jean-Pierre
Ignatius $47.00

132. Christmas Card Record Book
    by Scott-Branagan
BSB Ventures LLC Christmas $18.50

133. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
    by Wojciechowski, Susan
Candlewick Press Christmas $33.00

134. 24 Christmas Stories to Welcome Jesus $29.50

135. Christmas Wrap & Gift Card Christmas Piety $4.40

136. Chronicles of Narnia
    by Lewis, C S
Harper Collins Children $40.00

137. A Chronology Of World Christianity
    by Bowden, John

138. The Church and Racism
    by Australian Bishops
St Paul Books & Media Encyclicals Booklet $2.53

139. The Church and Women: A Compendium
    by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Ignatius Theology Book $20.00

140. Church Ascending
    by Moczar, Diane
Sophia Institute Press $35.00

141. Church on Earth
    by Knox, Mgr Ronald
Sophia Institute Press Catholicism $22.51

142. Clare: Her Light and Her Song
    by Karen Karper
Franciscan Herald Press Saints $40.00

143. Classic Catholic Converts
    by Connor, Fr Charles P
Ignatius Apologetics Book $32.00

144. Monastique: Cleansing Cream 65g Women Cosmetic $10.55

145. Cleared for Action!: Four Tales of the Sea
    by Meader, Stephen W
Bethlehem Children Book $40.00

146. CTS Explanations - Cloning And Stem Cell Research
    by McCarthy, Anthony
CTS Life Issues $7.00

147. Cloth Book- Sunday Bunny Children $15.00

148. Clothed With Gladness
    by Mary St Paul, Sister
Our Sunday Visitor Saints $22.95

149. Cloud of Unknowing
    by Bangley, Bernard
Paraclete Essentials Spirituality $22.00

150. Cloud The Reflections
    by Cooper, Austin
St Paul Publications Spirituality $14.30

151. Co-Workers of the Truth: Meditations for Every Day of the Year
    by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Ignatius Theology Book $33.49

152. Coloring book About the Angels
    by McKean, Emma C
CBPC Children Booklet $3.00

153. St Meinrad Colouring Book
    by Windeatt, MF & Harmon G
Tan Children Book $3.00

154. Colouring Book - 123
    by McKean, Emma C
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $2.00

155. Colouring book - Brown Scapular
    by Windeatt, MF & Harmon G
Tan Children $8.95

156. Colouring book about Jesus
    by McKean, Emma C
CBPC Children Book $3.00

157. Columbus DVD $20.00

158. Commentary On Aristotle's Posterior Analytics
    by McInerny, Ralph; Berquist, Richard

159. Come & See Kids: In the Beginning
    by Manhardt, Laurie Watson
Emmaus Road Publishing $15.00

160. Come Rack Come Rope - BP
    by Benson, Msgr R H
Baronius Press Fiction $27.99

161. Come to Me My Children - A Book of Prayers.
    by McCarthy, Christine (ed)
McCarthy, Christine Children Book $12.00

162. Come to My Mercy -The Desires and Promises of the Merciful Savior as Recorded in the Diary of St. Maria Faustina
    by Kosicki, Fr George W.
Divine Mercy Publications Divine mercy Publications Booklet $8.50

163. Come To The Stable DVD $16.99

164. Comfort for the Losses in Life: How the God of All Comfort Will Meet You in Your Grief, Doubt, etc
    by Rosage, E David
Servant Publications Spirituality Book $20.84

165. Comfort For the Sick & Dying: And for those who love them
    by Greenstock, David L
Sophia Institute Press Christian Living Book $15.00

166. CD - The Coming of Christ
    by Berry, Dr Mary (Director)
Paraclete Press Christmas $25.00

167. Commentary on Aristotle's De Anima
    by St Thomas Aquinas
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Booklet $115.50

168. Commentary on Aristotle's De Anima (Paper Back)
    by St Thomas Aquinas
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $49.50

169. Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics pb
    by St Thomas Aquinas
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $74.25

170. Commentary on Aristotle's Physics paperback
    by St Thomas Aquinas
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $66.00

171. Common Ground?
    by Tonti-Filippini & Fleming Ed
St Paul Publications Life Issues $30.00

172. Common Sense 101
    by Ahlquist, Dale
Ignatius Literature Book $35.00

173. First Communion wooden-look cross with certificate First Communion gift Piety $8.50

174. Communion motif small blue picture frame Piety $7.50

175. Communion Card - Linocut Boy $4.00

176. Communion Card - Linocut Girl $4.00


178. First Communion Photo Frame Blue Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $7.50

179. First Communion Photo Frame Pink Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $6.20

180. First Communion Frame - small pink with motif Piety $7.50

181. First Holy Communion gift wrap Piety $4.00

182. Communion silver frame Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $15.00

183. Monastique: Compact Refill - Light Natural Women Cosmetic $6.40

184. Monastique: Compact Powder - Deep Natural Women Cosmetic $9.60

185. Monastique: Compact Powder - Light Natural Women Cosmetic $9.60

186. Monastique: Compact Powder - Medium Natural Women Cosmetic $9.60

187. Monastique: Compact Refill - Deep Natural Women Cosmetic $6.40

188. Monastique: Compact Refill - Medium Natural Women Cosmetic $6.40

189. Companion To The Passion Of Our Lord
    by Midgley, JB
CTS Easter $7.70

190. Compendium of the Catehcism of the Catholic Church - Hard Back St Paul Publications Catechetics $25.00

191. Compendium of Theology
    by Aquinas, St. Thomas
Angelico Press Theology $24.50

192. Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Pocket Edition $10.00

193. Complete C. S. Lewis Signature Classics
    by Lewis, C S
HarperOne Literature $60.00

194. Complete Still Water Rosary CD
    by Flynn,Vinny
Spirit Song Ministeries Rosary CD $29.95

195. Con Pla Girl- now deleted Piety $11.00

196. Concise Guide to the Catholic Church II: History, Saints, Feasts, Glossary
    by Foy, Felician A OFM
Our Sunday Visitor Church Book $15.95

197. Confession
    by Von Speyer, Adrienne
Ignatius Sacraments & Sacramentals Book $30.50

198. Confession and First Communion
    by SCS & SCDW & SCC
Daughters of Saint Paul Sacraments & Sacramentals $1.85

199. Confession Its Fruitful Practice. With an Examination of Conscience Tan Sacraments & Sacramentals $7.00

200. Confessions of Original Sinner
    by Lukacs, John
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $49.50

201. Small pink Confirmation Photo Frame with dove motif Piety $7.50

202. Confirmation Card - Linocut $4.00

203. Confirmation Cross & Booklet $15.00

204. Confirmation Frame Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $15.00

205. Confirmation Multi-Cross 23mm Silver coloured. Devotion and Sacramental Piety $0.90

206. Confirmation Pen & BM Set Sacraments & Sacramentals $20.00

207. Confirmation Photo Album Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $23.71

208. Confirmation Plaque Piety $14.00

209. Confirmation Plaque - Light up (battery included) ceramic block plaue. Piety $16.99

210. Confirmation Plaque - Plastic Piety $13.00

211. Confirmation Stole - Cotton fabric with Holy Spirit design. Confirmation Stole Piety $30.00

212. Confirmation Gold-foiled Wooden Cross 120 x 90 mm Wooden cross Piety $10.00

213. Confirmation Wrapping Paper Piety $3.30

214. Confirmation Cross - wooden look with gold foil pictures - with Certificate Piety $10.51

215. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: According to the Spirit of St. Louis De-Montfort's True Devotion to Mary
    by Norman, Nicholas A
Tan Book $4.50

216. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
    by Norman, Nicholas A
Tan Marian Devotions Booklet $5.50

217. The Consuming Fire
    by Duggan, Rev Michael
Our Sunday Visitor Scripture $45.00

218. Contemplating Christ With Luke
    by Pell, Cardinal George
Connor Court Bible Study $15.00

219. Contemplative Meditation: A practical introduction to contemplative prayer
    by Fr. Matthew
CTS Meditations Booklet $5.00

220. The Continuity of Religion
    by Bossuet, Bishop
Loreto Publications History Book $44.70

221. CTS Explanations - Contraception And Chastity
    by Anscombe, Elizabeth
CTS Life Issues $7.00

222. Contraception and Common Sense
    by Hemingway, Dr Les
Dr Les Hemingway $5.50

223. Contraception The Hidden Truth
    by de Stoop, Christine
Christine de Stoop Marriage $13.00

224. Convergences: To the Source of Christian Mystery
    by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Ignatius Theology Book $23.90

225. Cor Jesu Sacratissimum: from Secularism and the New Age to Christendom Renewed
    by Buck, Roger
Angelico Press Apologetics Book $30.00

226. Corporal Works of Mercy CTS $7.00

227. Cost of Choice
    by Bachiochi, Erika
Encounter Books Catholic Social Teaching $27.01

228. Cot Baptism Medallion Pink Sacraments & Sacramentals Piety $9.50

229. Cot Medallion Blue Piety $9.50

230. Couples Preparing for Marriage
    by Hickey, Archbishop Barry
Desbooks Marriage $15.00

231. Courage And Conviction: Pius XII, The Bridgettine Nuns, And The Rescue Of Jews
    by Bogle, Joanna J
Freedom Publishing Biography $20.00

232. The Courage to Be Catholic: Crisis, Reform and the Future of the Church (Paperback)
    by Weigel, George
Basic Books Catholicism Book $30.00

233. Courageous Generosity - A Bible Study For Women On Heroic Sacrifice
    by Mitch, Stacy
Emmaus Road Publishing Bible Study $16.01

234. Courageous Love
    by Mitch, Stacy
Emmaus Road Publishing Bible Study Book $16.01

235. Courageous Women
    by Mitch, Stacy
Emmaus Road Publishing Bible Study Book $21.96

236. Covenant of Love: Pastoral Reflections on Marriage
    by O'Connor, John Cardinal
Liguori Marriage Book $24.95

237. Covenant And Communion
    by Hahn, Scott
Darton Longman Todd Theology $30.00

238. Creation And Evolution
    by Horn, Fr Stephan
Ignatius $44.00

239. The Creator and Creature
    by Faber, Fr FW
Tan Spirituality $33.00

240. Faith And Life Series: Student Book Grade 5 - Credo: I Believe
    by Catholics United f.t. Faith
Ignatius Catechetics $20.00

241. Credo For Today
    by Benedict XVI
Ignatius $33.00

242. Credo of the People of God
    by Paul VI
Pauline Books and Media Encyclicals $2.20

243. Monastique: Creme of Roses 50ml Women Cosmetic $6.05

244. Crib Medal w/ blue ribbon Piety Piety $16.01

245. Criminalisation of Christianity
    by Folger, Janet L
Multnomah Publishers Church, Politics & Economics $30.00

246. Crib Medal glow in the dark angel Piety $20.00

247. Crisis in Religious Education
    by Keane, Eamonn
Association for Renewal of RE Philosophy Booklet $8.00

248. The Crisis of Dissent
    by Morrissey, Gerard
Christendom Press Church Teachings Book $2.00

249. Cross and the Beatitudes, by Fulton Sheen
    by Sheen, Mgr Fulton J
Liguori/Triumph Spirituality $16.99

250. Cross on Leather Strap $12.00

251. Crossbows & Crucifixes: A Novel of the Priest Hunters and the Brave Young Men Who Fought Them
    by Garnett, Henry
Sophia Institute Press Fiction $28.00

252. Crossing the Tiber: Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historical Church
    by Ray, Stephen K
Ignatius Apologetics $32.00

253. Crystal multi-coloured Rosary Gatto Rosary Piety $23.00

254. Crystal Rosary - Lourdes Water (Water encased in medal section) Piety Piety $24.00

255. C.S. Lewis' Case for the Christian Faith
    by Purtill, Richard
Ignatius Christianity Book $28.01

256. C. S. Lewis Memories & Reflections
    by Lawlor, John
SPENCE Literature $29.95

257. A Catechism of Christian Doctrine (Penny Catechism) CTS Edition
    by England Ireland and Wales Bish
CTS Catechetics Booklet $7.00

258. The Cube and the Cathedral
    by Weigel, George
Basic Books Christianity $50.01

259. The Cure of Ars - The Priest who out-talked the Devil.
    by Lomask, M
Ignatius-vision Children BOOK $19.00

260. The Curé d'Ars Today: Saint John Vianney
    by Rutler, Fr George W
Ignatius Saints Book $23.00

261. Current Issues in Idealism
    by Coates, Paul & Hutto, Daniel
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $39.60

262. Cypresses Believe In God
    by Gironella, Jose Maria

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