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1. A Biblical Search For The Church Christ Founded
    by Clovis, Fr Linus F

2. A Book of Angels
    by Hunt, Marigold
Sophia Institute Press Angels and Devil $19.50

3. A Book of Saints and Heroes
    by Bogle, Joanna J
Freedom Publishing Saints $20.00

4. A Catholic Guide To The Bible
    by Lukefahr, Fr Oscar
Liguori Bible Study $16.99

5. A Catholic Woman's Book of Days
    by Welborn, Amy
Sophia Institute Press Spirituality Book $30.00

6. A Child 's Book Of Parables
    by Froeb, Lori
Children $25.00

7. A Child's Book Of Saints St Paul Publications Children $15.00

8. A Christian Response To The Sexual Revolution An Evangelical Discovers Theology Of The Body
    by Stanton, Glenn T.
Ascension Press Sexuality/Chastity $7.00

9. A Confessor's Handbook
    by Stasiak, Kurt
Paulist Press Sacraments & Sacramentals $30.00

10. A Cup of Comfort for Inspiration: Uplifting Stories That Will Brighten Your Day
    by Sell Colleen
Adams Media Book $19.00

11. A Day on Skates
    by Van Stockum, Hilda
Bethlehem Literature Book $35.00

12. A Good Man (hardback)
    by Shriver, Mark
St. Martin's Griffin Biography $48.00

13. A Grief Observed
    by Lewis, C S
Faber & Faber Literature Book $22.00

14. A Guide to the Passion : 100 Questions about The Passion of The Christ Ascension Press Christology Book $7.95

15. A Historian And His World
    by Scott, Christina

16. A History of Icon Painting Orthodox Christian Books History $60.00

17. A House Blessing -Sacred Heart Piety $18.50

18. A Life With Karol
    by Dziwisz, Cardinal Stanislaw
Random House Biography $36.00

19. A Light in the Heavens - The Great Encyclical Letters of Pope Leo XIII
    by Leo XIII
Tan Encyclicals $36.00

20. A Man Who Knew How To Forgive Catholic Truth Society Biography $7.00

21. A Message Of Hope From The Ang
    by Byrne, Lorna

22. A New Song For the Lord
    by Benedict XVI
Crossroad Book $40.00

23. A Noble Treason The Story of S Ignatius $22.00

24. A Noble Treason The Story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Revolt Against Hitler
    by Hanser, Richard
Ignatius $22.00

25. A Penny for a Hundred
    by Pochocki, Ethel
Bethlehem Children Book $18.50

26. A Place Apart - Monastic P&P $22.00

27. A Priest Forever
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Our Sunday Visitor Biography $15.00

28. A Shorter Summa: The Essential Philosophical Passages of Saint Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica
    by Kreeft, Peter
Ignatius Apologetics Book $20.00

29. A Simple Penance Book CTS Prayer $7.00

30. A Simple Way: The Path of Christian Meditation
    by Freeman, Laurence
Medio Media Book $17.01

31. A Simple Way $17.00

32. A Soldier Surrenders
    by Peek,Susan
Ignatius Saints $25.00

33. A Soldier Surrenders
    by Peek,Susan
Ignatius Saints $25.00

34. A Spiritual Aneid
    by Knox, Mgr Ronald
Bibliolife $29.00

35. A Visit From Heaven
    by Ilibagiza, Immaculee
Ilibagiza Revelations $18.00

36. A Walk On the Waves
    by Choi&Kim
Pauline Books and Media Children $8.50

37. A Will To Live - Clear Answers On End Of Life Issues
    by Gomez, Jose H. Archbishop
Life Issues $10.00

38. A Year of Mercy with Pope Francis
    by Cotter, Kevin
Our Sunday Visitor Devotion and Sacramental $30.00

39. AA1025 - Memoirs of An Anti-Apostle
    by Carre, M
Tan Biography Book $13.50

40. Abandonment to Di Prov. Ig
    by Caussade, J P de
Ignatius Spirituality $38.00

41. Abandonment To Divine Providence
    by Caussade, J P de
Image Books Spirituality $19.00

42. Abandonment to Divine Providen
    by Caussade, J P de
St Benedict Press Spirituality $19.00

43. Abba Pater
    by John Paul II
St Paul Books & Media Music $32.95

44. The Abbess of Andalusia: The Spiritual Journey of Flannery O'Connor
    by Murray, Lorraine V.
Saint Benedict Press $22.49

45. Abby Johnson Unplanned
    by Johnson, Abby
Parousia Media $25.00

46. The ABCs Of Choosing A Good Wife - How To Find And Marry A Great Girl
    by Wood, Stephen
Family Life Centre Publication Family $23.00

47. The ABCs Of Choosing A Good Husband - How To Find And Marry A Great Guy
    by Wood, Stephen
Family Life Centre Publication Marriage Book $23.00

48. Abolition of Man
    by Lewis, C S
Fount $13.14

49. Abortion - A Mother's Plea for Maternity and the Unborn Book $23.00

50. Abortion: Yes or No?
    by Grady John L
Tan Bioethics Booklet $3.85

51. Abortion - Yes or No
    by Grady, John L
Tan Life Issues $3.85

52. Abraham Ignatius History $37.00

53. CD set: Absurdity Of Atheism $20.00

54. Abuse of Language - Abuse of Power
    by Pieper, Josef
Ignatius Book $13.00

55. Acts of the Apostles
    by Schuller, Robert H
Thomas Nelson Publishers Christianity $60.00

56. Acts ofThe Apostles(study)
    by Hahn, Scott
St Joseph Communications $27.00

57. Ad Gentes - Decree on the Miss
    by Paul VI
Daughters of Saint Paul Encyclicals $2.20

58. AD2000 -May Freedom Publishing Catholicism $4.00

59. AD2000 August Issue $3.00

60. AD2000 Dec -Jan Freedom Publishing $4.00

61. AD2000 February Freedom Publishing Catholicism $4.00

62. AD2000 July Issue $4.00

63. AD2000 June issue $4.00

64. AD2000 October Issue Freedom Publishing $3.00

65. AD2000-April Freedom Publishing $4.00

66. AD2000-March Freedom Publishing $4.00

67. AD2000-Nov $4.00

68. AD2000-Sept issue Freedom Publishing $4.00

69. Adam & Eve After the Pill
    by Eberstadt, Mary
Ignatius $27.01

70. Admonitions of St Francis of A
    by Hardick, Lothar
Franciscan Herald Press Spirituality $38.83

71. Adorate Deum Gregorian Chant
    by Nova Schola Gregoriana
Naxos Music $17.60

72. Adoration: Eucharistic Texts and Prayers Through Out Church History
    by Guernsey, Daniel P
Ignatius Prayer Book $24.50

73. The Adoremus Hymnal - Organ Edition
    by No Author
Ignatius Music Book $49.00

74. Adoremus Hymnal CDs Ignatius $27.99

75. Adoremus Hymnal-Choir
    by No Author
Ignatius Music $39.00

76. Adoremus Hymnal - Pew Edition Ignatius Music Book $25.00

77. Advent Begins at Home
    by Polek, Fr David CSSR
Liguori Children $6.80

78. Advent Calendar Christmas $8.50

79. Advent Calendar Christmas Piety $8.50

80. Advent Calendar Christmas Piety $8.50

81. Advent Calendar Christmas Piety $8.50

82. Advent Calendar Christmas Piety $9.00

83. Advent Calendar Christmas Piety $14.00

84. Advent Calendar - Holy Family $11.00

85. Advent Calendar with Stickers Christmas $10.00

86. Advent Candle Set - Conic Christmas $8.40

87. Advent Fold-out Calendar Christmas Piety $14.00

88. Advent Meditations With St Pio
    by Chiffolo, Anthony F
Liguori Spirituality $4.00

89. Advent of the Heart:: Seasonal Sermons and Prison Writings, 1941-1944
    by Delp, Fr Alfred
Ignatius Meditations Book $33.00

90. Advent wreat-metal inscription Christmas $55.00

91. Advent Wreath with Holly Christmas $42.00

92. Advent wreath with Nativity Christmas $28.01

93. After The Flood
    by Cooper, Bill
New Wine Press Bible Study Book $35.00

94. After This Life
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Our Sunday Visitor Heaven, Hell & Purgatory $16.99

95. After Virtue $55.00

96. Against An Infinite Horizon $24.50

97. Against Atheism
    by Markham, Ian S.
Wiley Apologetics Cosmetic $30.00

98. The Age of Martyrs - Christianity From Diocletian (284) to Constantine (337)
    by Ricciotti, Abbot Giuseppe
Tan History Book $30.00

99. Age of Martyrs
    by Ricciotti, Abbot Giuseppe
Tan History $29.15

100. Age Of The Gods
    by Dawson, Christopher
Catholic Uni of America $55.00

101. The Agony of Jesus: A Meditation on Our Lord's Agony in the Garden
    by Padre Pio
Tan Devotion and Sacramental Book $5.00

102. Aids Rage and Reality
    by Antonio, Gene
Anchor Books $28.60

103. Aids What You Haven't Been To
    by No Author
Jeremiah Films Sexuality/Chastity $34.38

104. Aids + Condoms: Teaching Churc
    by Bishop Of Vanimo
Human Life International Christian Living $8.25

105. Aids Is Looking For You
    by Hafer, Dick
Cosmetic $2.75

106. Aids Is Looking For You
    by Hafer, Dick
Education $2.75

107. Akeelah and the Bee - DVD $20.00

108. Akita:The Tears & Message of Mary
    by Haffert, John Mathias
Divine Mercy Publications Marian Devotions $21.00

109. Alex O'Donnell And The Forty Cyberthieves
    by Doman, Regina
Regina Doman Literature $23.00

110. Alexandrina - The Agony and the Glory
    by Johnston, Francis
Tan Saints Book $12.00

111. All About The Angels
    by O'Sullivan, Fr Paul
Tan Angels and Devil $16.99

112. All for Jesus - The Easy Ways of Divine Love
    by Faber, Fr FW
Sophia Institute Press Spirituality Book $40.50

113. All For Jesus
    by Faber, Fr FW
Tan Spirituality $31.00

114. All For Jesus (Tan)
    by Faber, Fr FW
Tan Spirituality $28.50

115. All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed
    by Staples, Tim
Parousia Media DVD $25.00

116. All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed : Biblical Mariology
    by Manelli, Fr Stefano
Academy of the Immaculate Marian Devotions Book $30.50

117. All Occassion Gift Wrap $8.00

118. All the President's Bankers
    by Prims, Nomi
Nation Press Politics $49.50

119. Alleluia - Taizé Music $30.00

120. Alvin Fernald, Foreign Trader (Secret Panel Mysteries)
    by Hicks, Clifford B
Bethlehem Literature Book $22.00

121. Alvin's Secret Code (Secret Panel Mysteries)
    by Hicks, Clifford B
Bethlehem Children Book $22.00

122. Am I Living a Spiritual Life?
    by Muto S & Van Kaam
Sophia Institute Press Spirituality $19.50

123. Amazing Grace for Married Couples
    by Cavins, Armstrong & Pinto
Ascension Press Family Book $23.00

124. Amazing Grace For Those Who Suffer
    by Cavins and Pinto
Ascension Press Christian Living $30.00

125. Amazing Secrets Of the Souls I
    by Maillard, Sr Emmanuel
Queenship Publishing Company Heaven, Hell & Purgatory $16.99

126. Amazon Purchase Service Charge $16.50

127. Amchurch Comes Out
    by Likoudis, Paul
Roman Catholic Books Priesthood/Vocations Book $32.00

128. America Alone $26.00

129. America's Bishop;Life & Times
    by Sheen, Mgr Fulton J
Sophia Institute Press Catechetics $48.90

130. America's Bishop - The Life and Times of Fulton J. Sheen
    by Sheen, Mgr Fulton J
Ignatius Catechetics Book $27.01

131. Amethyst Rosary Piety Piety $38.00

132. An Angel to Watch Over Me
    by Piper, Sophie
Scribo Children $15.00

133. An Exorcist Tells His Story CD
    by Amorth, Fr Gabriel
Parousia Media $33.49

134. An Infinity of Little Hours
    by Maguire, Nancy Klein
Public Affairs Priesthood/Vocations $30.00

135. An Intro to Canon Law
    by Coriden
Paulist Press Church Teachings $23.00

136. An Old Fashioned Girl
    by Alcott, Louisa May
Puffin Books Literature $13.00

137. Anchor God's Promises of Hope to Parents
    by Stenson, James
Scepter Publications $21.95

138. And the Two Become One: Unity, the Eucharist and God?s Plan for Marital Love
    by West, Christopher
Luminous Media Sexuality/Chastity Audio CD (Talks) $10.00

139. And You Are Christ's
    by Dubay, SM Thomas
Ignatius Priesthood/Vocations $14.00

140. Andries
    by Van Stockum, Hilda
Bethlehem Children Book $23.90

141. Angel and Dragon - Letzenstein Chronicles Book 3
    by Trevor, Meriol
Bethlehem Children Book $24.75

142. Angel and girl statue 20 cm Gatto Piety $23.00

143. Angel And The Dove
    by Piper, Sophie
Children $21.51

144. Angel And The Lamb
    by Piper, Sophie
Children $20.00

145. Angel broach - Blue $4.40

146. Angel Broach - Pink $4.40

147. Angel Came to Nazareth
    by Knott, Anthony
Christmas $20.00

148. Angel Holding a Baby $15.00

149. Angel Holding Hands in Prayer $11.00

150. Angel in the Waters
    by Doman Regina
Sophia Institute Press Family Book $12.00

151. Angel in the Waters
    by Doman, Regina
Sophia Institute Press Family $11.49

152. Angel Kneeling in Prayer $15.00

153. Angel of God - Heart Plaque Boy Piety $19.00

154. Angel of God - Heart Plaque Girl Piety $21.00

155. Angel Of God folding plaque Piety Piety $16.01

156. Angel Playing the Flute $12.50

157. Angel Playing the Harp $18.50

158. Angel Playing the Harp $23.50

159. Angel Praying $11.00

160. Angel Praying $15.50

161. Angel Praying - Large $23.50

162. Angel Praying - Small $8.50

163. Angel Spreading Wings $8.00

164. Praying Angel statue Christmas Piety $11.00

165. The Angels' Alphabet (Lamb Time)
    by Stockum, Hilda van
Bethlehem Children Book $26.50

166. The Angels
    by Vonier, Dom Anscar OSB
Neumann Press Angels and Devil Book $15.40

167. Angels
    by Williams, Jane
Lion Hudson Angels and Devil Book $27.01

168. Angels & their Mission
    by Danielou, Jean
Sophia Institute Press Angels and Devil $19.50

169. Angels
    by Bussagli, Marco
Abrams Publishers Angels and Devil $38.00

170. Angels and Demons: What Do We Really Know About Them?
    by Kreeft, Peter
Ignatius Angels and Devil Book $20.00

171. Angels- God's Messengers and Our Helpers
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
CBPC Children Book $3.30

172. Angels and Devils
    by Cruz, Joan Carroll
Tan Angels and Devil Book $23.00

173. Angels and the Ants
    by Kreeft, Peter
Servant Books Spirituality $19.74

174. Angels Figurine Christmas Piety $8.00

175. Angels In My Hair
    by Byrne, Lorna
Random House Autobiography $20.00

176. Angels in our Midst DOUBLEDAY Angels and Devil $19.00

177. Angels Of God
    by Aquilina, Michael
Servant Books $20.00

178. Angels of Grace
    by Grun, Anselm
Alliance Distribution Service Angels and Devil $22.00

179. Angels The Catholic Teaching
    by Parente, Fr Pascal
Tan Angels and Devil $19.50

180. Anima Christi: Soul of Christ
    by Mary Francis, Mother
Ignatius Spirituality Book $13.50

181. Anne - Life of Ven Anne de Guigne 1911-1922
    by A Benedictine Nun
Tan Saints Book $12.00

182. Anne Green Gables Boxed Set $71.94

183. Anne Green Gables-Sequel Warner Home Video Cosmetic $47.96

184. Annotated Thursday
    by Chesterton, G K
Ignatius Fiction $34.90

185. Annulments And The Catholic Church: Straight Answers To Tough Questions
    by Peters, Edward
Ascension Press Catholicism Book $25.00

186. Annunciation H/B
    by Phaidon
Oxford University Press Church Teachings $30.03

187. Anointing of the Sick pamphlet $2.20

188. Another Sort Of Learning (Orde
    by Schall, Fr James SJ
Ignatius Education $34.90

189. Answer Me This
    by Madrid, Patrick
Our Sunday Visitor Apologetics Book $19.00

190. Answering A Fundamentalist
    by Nevins, Albert J
Our Sunday Visitor Apologetics $21.67

191. Answering the Anti-Catholic Challenge
    by Haddad, Robert
Modotti Press $30.00

192. Answering Atheism
    by Horn, Trent
Catholic Authors Press Apologetics $32.51

193. Answering Common Objections - 6 CD set
    by Hahn, Scott
Parousia Media Apologetics $56.30

194. Answering Common Objections
    by Hahn, Scott
Apologetics $75.00

195. Answers not Promises
    by Angelica, Mother
Ignatius Christian Living $32.25

196. Mother Angelica: Answers not Promises
    by Angelica, Mother
Ignatius Christian Living $32.25

197. Answering Jehovah's Witnesses Subject By Subject
    by Reed,David A
Baker Books $36.00

198. Anti-Alzheimer Prescription $22.50

199. Any Friend of God's is a Frien
    by Madrid, Patrick
Basilica Press Apologetics $18.15

200. Apologetics - A Philosophic Defense and Explanation of the Catholic Religion
    by Glenn, Msgr Paul
Tan Apologetics $17.05

201. Apologetics Concordance - Catholic Verse Finder San Juan Catholic Seminars Apologetics $4.40

202. Apologetics Pamphlet Set
    by Walker, Peter V
Kepha Apologetics $20.13

203. Apologia Pro Vita Sua
    by Newman, John Henry, Cardinal
Penguin Autobiography $19.95

204. Apologia Pro Vita Sua
    by Newman, John Henry, Cardinal
Dover Publications $9.25

205. Apostle in a Top Hat
    by Derum, James Patrick
Fidelity Publishing Company Saints $16.50

206. G.K.Chesterton
    by Ahlquist, Dale
Ignatius Catholicism Book $27.50

207. The Apostle of Common Sense
    by Ahlquist, Dale
Ignatius Catholicism $21.00

208. The Apostle of Divine Mercy Divine Mercy Publications Revelations VHS Video $38.50

209. Apostles and the Early Church Gateway Films/Vision Video Video $14.95

210. The Apostles of Jesus
    by Lovasik, Lawrence G
CBPC Children Book $3.30

211. Study Guide for The Apostles by Pope Benedict XVI
    by Welborn, Amy
Our Sunday Visitor Apologetics Booklet $9.00

212. Apostolicam Actuositatem
    by Vatican II
Pauline Books and Media Encyclicals $6.15

213. Appalling Strangeness of the M Ignatius $24.50

214. The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God
    by Pakaluk, Michael
Ignatius $33.00

215. Apparition Shrines - Places of Pilgrimage and Prayer
    by Ruggles, Robin
Pauline Books and Media Marian Devotions $49.95

216. Approaching Easter
    by Williams, Jane
Lion Hudson Easter $29.70

217. Aqua Heart Shaped Rosary Rosary Piety $24.00

218. Aquinas
    by Finnis, John M
Oxford University Press $49.45

219. Aquinas 's Shorter Summa
    by St Thomas Aquinas
Sophia Institute Press Theology Book $37.50

220. Aquinas An Introduction
    by Copleston, Fr F C
Penguin Philosophy $25.50

221. Aquinas Catechism
    by St Thomas Aquinas
Sophia Institute Press Catechetics $36.50

222. The Aquinas Prayer Book: The Prayers and Hymns of St. Thomas Aquinas
    by St Thomas Aquinas
Sophia Institute Press Prayer Book $16.01

223. The Aquinas Prescription: St. Thomas's Path to a Discerning Heart, a Sane Society, and a Holy Church
    by Vann, Gerald
Sophia Institute Press Spirituality Book $30.00

224. Archimedes and the Door of Science
    by Bendick, Jeanne
Bethlehem Children Book $24.50

225. Architects of the Culture of Death
    by de Marco,Don & Wiker, Benjam
Ignatius Life Issues Book $34.00

226. Are you my neighbour
    by Big Ideas
Word Australia Priesthood/Vocations $19.25

227. In Praise of Contemplation Video Cassette
    by No Author
Ignatius Prayer $15.00

228. Arise from Darkness: When Life Doesn't Make Sense
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Ignatius Spirituality Book $30.00

229. Arise from Darkness
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Ignatius Life Issues Book $23.00

230. Arise from Darkness/NTSC
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Ignatius Life Issues $33.00

231. Armchair Fatima
    by Madigan, Leo
Fatima - Ophel Books Marian Devotions $38.50

232. Arm - Chair Fatima
    by Madigan, Leo
Fatima - Ophel Books $38.50

233. Around the Boree Log
    by John O'Brien
Harper Collins Literature $26.99

234. Around the Boree Log
    by O'Brien, John
Literature $11.00

235. Around The Campfire CD - Stories of Women in the Old Testament
    by Fishman, Br Bob
Saint Joseph Communications $27.01

236. Around The Campfire 2 - Stories of Men in the Old Testament
    by Fishman, Br Bob
Saint Joseph Communications Audio CD (Talks) $27.99

237. Art Church Cal 2007 $5.50

238. Art Church Cal 2014 Christmas $7.00

239. Art of Dying Well
    by Bellarmine, St Robert
Sophia Institute Press Last Things $18.00

240. The Art of Faith: A Lent & Easter Journey Through Duccio's MAESTA
    by Beckett, Sister Wendy
Redemptorist Publications $30.00

241. Art of Praying
    by Guardini, Romano
Sophia Institute Press Prayer $30.00

242. Aryan Christ
    by Noll, Richard
Random House Biography $49.50

243. As I Have Loved You
    by O'Shea, Dr Gerard
Modotti Press Sexuality/Chastity $20.00

244. Asking God For The Gifts He Wa
    by Koenig-Bricker, Woodeene

245. Aspects Of Evangelisation
    by Congregation Doctrine Faith
CTS Evangelisation $7.00

246. Assisi In Silence $26.00

247. Assorted CDs from Solesmes $21.95

248. Assorted Rose's Dream Cards $6.00

249. Assorted Tapes
    by Hudson, Deal
St Joseph Communications Autobiography $3.50

250. At the Crossroads
    by Doran, Bishop Thomas
JGC/United Publishing Corp Catholicism $34.50

251. At the Foot of the Cross
    by Vann, Gerald
Sophia Institute Press Marian Devotions $18.64

252. Atheism Not Just Monkey Busine
    by Romero, Jesse
Parousia Media Apologetics $33.49

253. Attaining Salvation
    by St Alphonsus Ligouri
Tan Spirituality $15.50

254. Augustine Came To Kent
    by Willard, Barbara
Bethlehem Children Book $24.50

255. Augustine Day By Day
    by Rotelle OSA, FR John
Catholic Book Publishing Co $12.00

256. Augustine Major Writings
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Crossroad Spirituality $31.00

257. Augustine of Hippo: A Biography
    by Brown,Peter
University of California Press Book $35.00

258. Augustine of Hippo (Augustinum Hipponensem)
    by John Paul II
St Paul Publications Encyclicals Booklet $1.65

259. AUNT EDITH: The Jewish Heritage of a Catholic Saint
    by Batzdorff, Suzanne
Templegate Publishers Biography Book $29.00

260. Authority and Freedom In Churc
    by Burke, Mgr Cormac
Ignatius Encyclicals $30.50

261. Autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux
    by St Therese of Lisieux
Random House Saints $22.00

262. The Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret
    by St Anthony Mary Claret
Tan Saints Book $22.49

263. Autobiography Of A Hunted Prie
    by Gerard, Fr John
Ignatius Autobiography $25.00

264. Autobiography of St Teresa Of
    by St Teresa of Avila
Dover Publications $18.00

265. Autobiography St Margaret Mary
    by St Margaret Mary
Tan Saints $12.00

266. Autobiography St. Teresa Avila
    by St Teresa of Avila
Tan Saints $41.50

267. Ave Verum Corpus Music $35.00

268. Averroes' Middle Commentary on Aristotle's Poetics
    by Butterworth, Charles
St Augustine's Press Philosophy $57.75

269. Avoiding Bitterness In Suffering: How Our Heroes In Faith Found Peace Amid Sorrow
    by Ronda Chervin
Sophia Institute Press Book $38.00

270. Awakening Your Soul To The Presence Of God
    by Healy, Kilian
Sophia Institute Press Spirituality $18.50

271. Away Goes Sally
    by Coatsworth, Elizabeth
Bethlehem Children Book $22.00

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