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1. A Blessed Lent: Meditations on the Readings and Prayers of the Mass
    by Fr Philip G Bochanski, CO
St Paul Books & Media Easter $8.00

2. A Book Of Saints and Heroines
    by Bogle, Joanna J
Freedom Publishing Saints $20.00

3. A Brief Life Of Christ
    by Rumble, Rev Fr Leslie
Tan Christology $5.50

4. A Brief Life of Christ - Fulton Sheen
    by Sheen, Mgr Fulton J
Angelico Press Christology $11.00

5. A Call to Piety: St. Bonaventure's Collations on the Six Days
    by Colt Anderson, C.
Franciscan Press Saints Book $50.00

6. A Call to Souls: Words of Our Lord
    by Menendez, Josefa
Tan Spirituality $2.20

7. A Catholic Approach to Dying
    by McNicholas, Fr. Neil
CTS Last Things $5.00

8. A Catholic Quest for the Holy
    by Coulombe, Charles A
Saint Benedict Press Church History Book $50.00

9. A Common Humanity
    by Gaita, Raymond
Text Publishing Philosophy Book $23.00

10. A Deeper Vision: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the 20th Century
    by Royal, Robert
Ignatius Church history $48.00

11. A Divine Gift: The Consecrated Life
    by Sr Mary David Totah
CTS $7.00

12. A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver
    by Shriver, Mark
Griffin Biography $30.00

13. A Grief Observed
    by Lewis, C S
HarperOne $13.00

14. A Heart For Europe
    by Bogle, Joanna J
GRACEWING Biography $30.00

15. A Line Through the Human Heart
    by Schall, Fr James SJ
Angelico Press Spirituality Book $23.00

16. A Lonely Road
    by Hosie, John
ATF Press Saints $48.00

17. A Mind At Peace
    by Blum, Christopher Olaf
Sophia Institute Press Spirituality $27.01

18. A More Perfect Way
    by Jones, Alex
Parousia Media Apologetics $27.01

19. A Mother's Heart St Paul Publications Booklet $13.00

20. A Mother's Rule of Life: How to Bring Order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soul
    by Pierlot, Holly
Sophia Institute Press Family Book $25.00

21. A Prayer Journal Flan O'Connor
    by O'Connor, Flannery
Farrar Strauss Giroux Prayer $27.01

22. A Protestant Looks At Lourdes
    by Ruth Cranston
Canisius Press $2.30

23. A Rich Young Man: A Novel Based on the Life of St Anthony of Padua
    by Beahn, John Edward
TAN Historical Fiction Book $27.99

24. A Test of Faith
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
CTS Inspirational $7.00

25. DVD - A Time For Miracles Ignatius Saints DVD $15.00

26. Abbreviated Psalter of the Venerable Bede
    by Browne, Gerald M
Texas Bookman $15.00

27. Ablaze Stories Of Daring Teen
    by Swaim, Colleen
Liguori Youth $20.00

28. Abortifacient Contraception: The Pharmeceutical Holocaust
    by Ehmann, Rudolf
HLI Life Issues Book $3.50

29. Abortion
    by Watt, Helen
Catholic Truth Society Life Issues Booklet $5.00

30. Abortion - Getting to the Heart of the Matter
    by Alton, David & Foley, Martin
St Paul Books & Media Life Issues $13.00

31. About Being A Priest
    by Suarez, Federico
Scepter Publications Priesthood/Vocations $16.50

32. About Bioethics - Philosophical And Theological Approaches
    by Tonti-Filippini, Nicholas
Connor Court Christian Living $30.00

33. Abraham and His Sons (Reader's Digest - Bible Wisdom for Today)
    by Harpur, James
Reader's Digest Children Book $7.50

34. The Actor and the Spectator: Foundations of the Theory of Human Action
    by Beck, Lewis W
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $24.75

35. Acts of Faith - A Memoir
    by McFadden, Faith A
Ignatius Conversions Book $21.95

36. Advent Calendar: Children's Nativity / Visit of the Shepherds (27.5 x 27.5 cm) $9.00

37. Admirable Life Of Mother Mariana: Volume 2
    by Pereira, Fr Manuel Sousa
Biography $37.00

38. Admirable Life Of Mother Maria
    by Pereira, Fr Manuel Sousa
Biography $37.00

39. The Adoremus Hymnal - Choir Edition Ignatius Music Book $33.00

40. The Early Papacy
    by Fortescue, Adrian
Ignatius Church and Papacy Book $27.39

41. Advent Candle Set - Conic 25cm Christmas Piety $10.00

42. Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Saint Alphonsus Liguori
    by Nutt, Maurice CSsR
Liguori Christmas $16.01

43. Advent, Christmas and Epiphany in the Domestic Church: Activities to Celebrate Liturgical Seasons
    by Fournier, C & Fournier, P
Ignatius $25.50

44. Adventures in Orthodoxy - The Marvels of the Christian Creed and the Audacity of Belief
    by Longnecker, Dwight
Sophia Institute Press Apologetics $25.00

45. Adventures of Loupio Volume 1
    by Kieffer, Jean-Francois
Ignatius Children $12.50

46. Adventures of Loupio 2
    by Kieffer, Jean-Francois
Ignatius Children $17.50

47. Adventures of Saint Paul
    by Selucky, Oldrich
Pauline Books and Media Children $20.00

48. The Aesthetic Understanding - Essays in the Philosophy of Art and Culture
    by Scruton, Roger
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $39.60

49. Monastique: Cardinal After Shave 100ml Women Cosmetic $12.80

50. After the Heart of God
    by Porteous, Bishop Julian
Connor Court Priesthood/Vocations $15.00

51. After the Natural Law
    by Hill, John Lawrence
Ignatius press $42.00

52. Agnosticism - Contemporary Responses to Spencer and Huxley (Key Issues Series, 4)
    by Pyle, Andrew
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $39.60

53. Ashley Reader Redeeming Reason
    by Ashley, Benedict OP
Ignatius Philosophy $55.00

54. An Alphabet of Saints
    by Benson, Msgr R H
Neumannn Children Book $19.80

55. Alvin Fernald Mayor for A Day
    by Hicks, Clifford B
Bethlehem Children $21.00

56. Always Inspired
    by Butler, AbbotBasil Christopher
Sophia Institute Press Apologetics $22.00

57. Amazing Grace For The Catholic Heart
    by Cavins, Armstrong & Pinto
Ascension Press $30.00

58. Amazing Grace For Families
    by Cavins, Armstrong & Pinto
Ascension Press Family Book $23.00

59. Amazing Grace for Fathers
    by Cavins, Armstrong & Pinto
Ascension Press Family Book $30.00

60. Amazing Grace for Mothers
    by Cavins, Armstrong & Pinto
Ascension Press Family $25.00

61. Amazing Saints Volume 1
    by Macari, Mario
CartoonMario.com LLC Children $16.99

62. Amethyst Crucifix 8cm. Gatto Piety $23.00

63. Amoris Laetitia: The Joy of Love
    by Pope Francis
St. Pauls Church Documents $13.00

64. An Exorcist Explains The Demonic: The Antics of Satan and his Army of Fallen Angels
    by Amorth, Fr Gabriel
Sophia Institute Press Exorcism Book $25.00

65. The Adventures of Jamie and Bella: An Extraordinary Friend
    by Bonnewijn, Olivier
Ignatius Children $16.50

66. Introduction to the Devout Life (Dover edition)
    by De Sales, St FRancis
Dover Publications Devotion and Sacramental $21.00

67. An Urgent Appeal (Still have a video player? Many videos still available - all now $5 plus postage)
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
GRAssroots Renewal Life Issues Vidio tape $5.00

68. The Ancients and the Moderns - Rethinking Modernity St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $37.95
VIP: $35.00

69. And God Said It's Good
    by Graf, Gary
Liguori/Triumph $32.00

70. Angel and boy statue 20 cm Gatto Piety $23.00

71. Angel and rabbit Notes Crafts and Customs $14.00

72. Angel with Candle statue Christmas Piety $8.00

73. Angel with flute statue (15 cm, resin) Christmas Piety $8.00

74. Angel with lute statue (15 cm, resin) Christmas Piety $8.00

75. Angels
    by Winkler, Fr Jude
Catholic Book Publishing Co Children $3.00

76. Animal Kingdom: The Wonders of God's Creation
    by No Author
Moody Institute of Science Science VHS Video $10.00

77. Another Sort of Learning
    by Schall, Fr James SJ

78. Answering the New Atheism
    by Hahn & Wiker
Emmaus Road Publishing $27.01

79. The Apocalypse of Being : The Esoteric Gnosis of Martin Heidegger
    by Sacchi, Mario Enrique
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $46.20

80. Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine
    by Sheehan, Michael
Baronius Press Apologetics Book $54.00

81. Apologia Pro Vita Sua (Jefferson Publication)
    by John Henry Newman
Jefferson Press $15.00

82. Apostles and Their Times - Archeology, History, and Scripture Unveil What Life Was Really Like During the Apostolic Age
    by Aquilina, Michael
Sophia Institute Press Saints $26.00

83. The Apostle' Creed
    by Hoagland Rev Victor
Regina Press Children Booklet $3.60

84. DVD - The Footprints of God: Apostolic Fathers - Handing On The Faith
    by Ray, Stephen K
Ignatius $30.00

85. Approaching Christmas
    by Williams, Jane
Lion Hudson Christmas $16.99

86. Thomas Aquinas on the Cardinal Virtues
    by Kaczor,Chris & Sherman,Thomas
Sapienta Press Theology $50.00

87. Aquinas A Beginner's Guide
    by Feser, Edward
Oneworld Publications Theology $27.99

88. Aquinas and Modern Science
    by Verschuuren, Gerard M
Angelico Press Philosophy $25.00

89. Thomas Aquinas on Faith, Hope and Love
    by Kaczor, Christopher
Sapienta Press $36.00

90. Architecture in Communion: Implementing the Second Vatican Council Through Liturgy and Architecture
    by Schloeder, Steven
Ignatius Mass and Liturgy Book $56.90

91. Are You Saved pamphlet
    by Thigpen, Paul
Our Sunday Visitor Apologetics Pamphlet $0.61

92. Arise from Darkness -Video cassette pal
    by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Ignatius Life Issues Video - pal $10.00

93. Armchair Fatima
    by Madigan, Leo
Marian Devotions $38.50

94. Art of Being a Good Friend
    by Black, Hugh
Sophia Institute Press Christian Living $21.51

95. Art of Mary
    by Beckett, Sister Wendy
Redemptorist Publications Marian Devotions $25.00

96. The Art of Saints
    by Beckett, Sister Wendy
Redemptorist Publications Saints $23.00

97. As I Lay Dying
    by Neuhas, Fr Richard John
Basic Books Last Things $30.00

98. Ask A Franciscan
    by McCloskey, Pat OFM
St Anthony Messenger Press Church Teachings $16.99

99. Ask Seek Knock bookmark Prayer Piety $10.00

100. [HIDDEN] Assorted Icons Piety $9.20

101. Monastique: Astringent Toning Lotion 125ml Women Cosmetic $7.75
VIP: $6.00

102. At Prayer with the Saints
    by Chiffolo, Anthony F
Liguori Prayer $16.99

103. At the Altar of the World JOHN PAUL II CULTURAL CENTER John Paul 2 Book $45.00

104. At the Service of the Church: Henri Lubac Reflects on the Circumstances That Occasioned His Writings
    by de Lubac, Henri
Ignatius Theology Book $45.90

105. Atomism and Its Critics: From Democritus to Newton
    by Pyle, Andrew
St Augustine's Press Philosophy Book $66.00

106. The Atonement Child
    by Rivers, Francine
Tyndale Fiction Book $23.00

107. Australian Essays
    by Scruton, Roger
Connor Court $20.00

108. The Authentic Catholic Woman
    by Kineke, Genevieve
Servant Books $25.00

109. Authenticity: A Biblical Theology of Discernment
    by Dubay, SM Thomas
Ignatius Theology Book $30.50

110. Autobiography G. K. Chesterton
    by Chesterton, G K
Ignatius Biography $30.00

111. Awakening
    by McAdam, Claudia Cangilla
Sophia Institute Press Fiction $23.50

112. Monastique: Azure Skin Beauty 125ml Women Cosmetic $11.30

Title/Author Publisher Category Type Price
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