Five Anti-Catholic Myths
Verschuuren, Gerard M

Five Anti-Catholic Myths
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  Publisher: Angelico Press
  Category: History
  Sub-Category: History/Politics

  Casing: Paperback
  Length: 190pp
  Made: 2015
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"Such simplistic queries as "What about Galileo?" "What about the Crusades?" are still meant to draw Catholics up short, a conversation-stopper. Scholarship of recent decades, however, has thrown new light on these matters, and is finally allowing the truths of history to become more widely known. 

Here is the distillation of the best of that recent historical work for students and adults alike--an unadorned laying bare of the truth. The five myths analyzed in this book have each been shaped by post-Reformation propaganda and Enlightenment prejudices and their residual effects. With Gerard Verschuuren's new book, Catholics now have sure and ready replies to these baneful narratives."

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