Merrie England: A Journey Through The Shire
Pearce, Joseph

Merrie England: A Journey Through The Shire
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  Publisher: Tan
  Category: Catholic Culture

  Cover Type: HB
  Length: 144 pp
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  ISBN: 9781505107197

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Book Description

Join Joseph Pearce on a journey into the real Shire—a voyage into the mysterious presence of an England which is more real than the one you are accustomed to seeing, the one which seems to be in terminal decline. The England Pearce wants us to know is an enchanted and unchanging place, full of ghosts who are as alive as the saints. It is an England that is rural, sacramental, liturgical, local, beautiful . . . a place “charged with the grandeur of God”.

In this wonder-filled journey, Joseph Pearce shows us the true England through the splendor of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. He shows us an England that can never die, not because it lingers like a fading coal in the memory of mortal men, but because it exists as a beautiful flower in the Gardens of Eternity.

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