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Salvifici Doloris (On Human Suffering)
John Paul II

Salvifici Doloris (On Human Suffering)
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Salvifici Doloris is widely considered to contain some of John Paul II’s best writing. In it he tackled one of humankind’s most difficult questions, “is there a meaning to suffering?” Written in 1984 it was the first systematic reflection on the Church’s teaching regarding the Christian meaning of human suffering.
There are three central themes explored in Salvifici Doloris:
The creative value of suffering: in that if God has permitted this relationship between life, suffering, death and resurrection, there must be a deeper meaning to it than simply the fragility of humanity. “Suffering seems to belong to man’s transcendence: it is one of those points in which man is in a certain sense “destined” to go beyond himself, and he is called to this in a mysterious way.”
The salvific value of suffering: because “the weaknesses of all human sufferings are capable of being infused with the same power of God manifested in Christ’s Cross.”
And the Christian vocation in moments of suffering: “It is a vocation. Christ does not explain in the abstract the reasons for suffering, but before all else he says: “Follow me! Come! Take part through your suffering in this work of saving the world, a salvation achieved through my suffering!”

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