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Therese Neumann Mystic And Sti
Vogl, Adalbert Albert

Therese Neumann Mystic And Sti
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The life and remarkable gifts of Therese Neumann (1898-1962); who bore the stigmata from 1926 to 1962; and suffered the Passion of Jesus on Fridays. She went without food and drink (save Communion) for 26 years. Also tells of her visions; language phenomena; mystical recognition of the Holy Eucharist; of priests; priestly blessings and relics; her bilocation and other mystical gifts. Twenty pictures in color and over 50 in black and white. Impr. 272 pgs 20 color Illus;57 b&W Illus ; PB



Adalbert Albert Vogl was born at Bavaria, Germany in 1910. He immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve, and later attended St. Joseph's parochial school in Iowa. Upon his return to Bavaria, he met Therese Neumann for the first time, later to publish Therese Neumann: Mystic and Stigmatist in 1987. Mr. Vogl is now retired and lives in San Jose, California with his wife Esther. It is his ardent hope that Therese will be quickly beatified



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