Chesterton, G K

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Orthodoxy. Arguably one of the most brilliant apologetic books in the English language! Chesterton wrote Orthodoxy in 1908 as a response to a challenge from one of his readers to state his creed. Rarely has any challenge been more gloriously and chivalrously met. This is early Chesterton at his best: sparkling paradoxes, breathtaking wordplay, trenchant argument and blinding logic. His work is witty and insightful, illustrating the reasonableness of orthodoxy despite the attacks of its critics. The book also provides a spiritual autobiography, as Chesterton employs his own discovery of orthodox Christianity in order to defend its beauty and its sanity against modern secular schools of philosophy. Chesterton simultaneously challenge his reader intellectually, while appealing to a child-like sense of awe at the world around us.

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