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Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Arnoudt S.J, Fr Peter J.

Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
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This incredible though little-known classic of Catholic spirituality presents before the reader the entire school of true Christian holiness and the means and exercises necessary to attain sanctity. As no one shall enter Heaven who is not perfect, then if we wish to attain that perfection which will gain us entrance to eternal happiness with the Blessed Trinity, with Jesus, with Our Lady, St. Joseph and all the Saints and Angels, we need to start in earnest and with a sure method to correct every aspect of our lives.

 The Imitiation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Fr. Peter Arnoudt, S.J. is just such a "sure method" that the soul needs as a guide to perfection, For it begins at the beginning and covers every means at our disposal as Catholics, which we have and which we need to perfect ourselves - plus it covers every pitfall that we face in the daunting task of attaining holiness.

Throughout this description, the author proffers to us the ideal of all perfection, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as our divinely perfect human model upon which to conform ourselves. Stages as a colloquy between Our Lord and ourselves, this incomparable book firmly but consolingly guides us along the path to perfection. Not a book to be read at a few sittings, The Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one to be consumed and digested and allowed to become part of our very being and our way of living, that its healing principles may enable us too to conform ourselves to the Heart of Jesus and to be prepared thereby to enter directly the heavenly kingdom and to hear those consoling words: "Well done, thou good and faithful servant... Enter thou into the joy of thy lord." (Matthew 25:21). Faithfully followed, this book will enable a person to achieve that goal of all goals.

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