Thomas Aquinas on the Cardinal Virtues
Kaczor,Chris & Sherman,Thomas

Thomas Aquinas on the Cardinal Virtues
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Arranged for beginners, Aquinas On The Cardinal Virtues contains select passages from the treatment of justice, temperance, courage and practical wisdom found in Thomas's Summa Theologiae. Copious footnotes treat matters of historical, philosophical and theological interest to the contemporary reader making this book ideal for classroom use or individual study.

"I think the authors of this book, Christopher Kaczor and Father Thomas Sherman, were inspired when they hit upon the idea of providing a summary of the cardinal virtues such as this. Here you will find a discussion of the virtue needed to make right judgments about the good, the virtue of prudence. You will find discussion of the two virtues that enable us to act well despite the tug of our emotions, the virtues of temperance and courage. Finally, the virtue of justice deals with the fact that we are members of communities, the family, the city, and not isolated and autonomous individuals. Christopher Kaczor and Father Sherman have put us all in their debt. The idea for this book was a great one; its execution is marvellous. The rest is up to the reader." Ralph McInerny

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