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Gift of Confession - Abridged
de Stoop Fr Michael

Gift of Confession - Abridged
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  Publisher: Connor Court
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FOREWORD BY CARDINAL GEORGE PELL: Our consumer society has conditioned us to ask ourselves such things as, 'What do I get out of it? What is in it for me?'

 Rather than fight against this mentality, why not use it in our efforts to help people have a renewed interest in Confession? Surely the best way to help people appreciate this sacrament is to elucidate the many benefits we receive from it. To that end, this book focuses upon 25 striking things Confession affords. It demonstrates that Confession gives us much more than it takes away! Taking 'negative' things (sin) away is one thing for which this sacrament is well known, but how many people think of the Sacrament of reconciliation in terms of the 'positive' things it provides for us?

 It is informative and entertaining as it is illustrated with interesting analogies, true stories, Church teaching, quotes from the saints and answers to popular questions. Given the fall off in recent years it is refreshing to find a book that urges people to take up again the practice of confessing their sins. Readers will be moved and convinced by the real spiritual benefits of Confession. These benefits go beyond the forgiveness of sins to the wider and perhaps, today, the more fundamental matter of reorienting ones life towards Christ. This is a book about God's unfailing mercy.'

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