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The Catholic Homeschool Companion
Wittmann, M. & Mackson, R.

The Catholic Homeschool Companion
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Straight talk: parent-to-parent, along with thousands
of helpful, classroom-tested, homeschooling secrets

Hereís your one-stop resource for information, insight, and inspiration about every aspect of educating your children at home ó written by those who understand it best: homeschooling parents themselves!

Would you like to teach science or phonics better? Introduce your child to Latin, piano, or great works of art? Try new classroom approaches that other parents find effective? In these pages, youíll find helpful essays from more than forty veteran homeschooling parents to help you do all this and more. Youíll also find wise advice and practical tips to make you a better teacher and your homeschool more productive and enjoyable.

Of course, homeschooling involves more than academics. Thatís why The Catholic Homeschool Companion includes essays to help you foster your childrenís moral and spiritual development, involve time-challenged dads, teach kids with special needs or in special circumstances, and handle other common problems homeschoolers face.

Are you frustrated trying to fulfill state academic standards or diocesan requirements for sacramental preparation? No problem! Hereís shrewd advice from parents whoíve fought those battles already.

Thereís also humor to lighten your heart when the daily grind gets you down, and, for those really bad times when you wonder whether homeschooling is even worth it, The Catholic Homeschool Companion brings you heartening testimony from teenagers and young adults who tell how grateful they are that their parents taught them at home.

Information, insight, and inspiration: itís all right here in The Catholic Homeschool Companion, the must-own resource for new and experienced homeschoolers alike.

The Catholic Homeschool Companion:
43 Catholic homeschoolers share their tips, tricks, and techniques to make your homeschool a happier, holier, and more productive learning environment for you and each of your children.

512 pgs ppbk

Rachel Mackson and Maureen Wittmann are veteran homeschoolers. Their previous book, A Catholic Homeschool Treasury, has helped countless parents teach their children at home.

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