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  Item Type: Booklet
  Publisher: Catholic Truth Society
  Category: Life Issues
  Sub-Category: Abortion

  Cover Type: Softcover
  Length: 48 pages
  Published: 2001
  Store Location: PR-A
  ISBN: 186082126X

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Booklet Description

This booklet examines the many situations in which recourse to abortion is made, and describes the different methods of abortion. It explains in clear and accessible language Catholic Church teaching about abortion. Reference is made to Scripture and to recent key teaching documents. The many 'non-religious' arguments against abortion are also explained in full. A final section on how we should respond to abortion addresses the many practical implications of Catholic teaching. Further reading and full glossary are provided.

CTS Explanations is a series explaining in everyday language Catholic teaching on a range of current pressing moral and ethical issues. This booklet has been produced with the Linacre Centre, the leading Catholic centre for healthcare ethics in Great Britain and Ireland.

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