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On Moral Sentiments

by Pyle, Andrew
St Augustine's Press

The Unity of Science

by Carnap, Rudolph
St Augustine's Press

Xanthippic Dialogues

by Scruton, Roger
St Augustine's Press
The Poetry of Philosophy: On Aristotle's Poetics
Davis, Michael

The Poetry of Philosophy: On Aristotle's Poetics
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  Item Type: Book
  Publisher: St Augustine's Press
  Category: Philosophy

  Cover Type: Softsewn
  Length: 203 pages
  Published: April 1999
  MYOB Code: 6ppoap
  Store Location: 28D
  ISBN: 1890318620

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Book Description

Although Aristotle's Poetics is the most frequently read of his works, philosophers and political theorists have, for the most part, left analysis of the text to literary critics and classicists. Davis argues convincingly tht the Poetics contains an understanding of the common structure of human action and human thought tht connects it to Aristotle's other writings on politics and morality. Davis demonstrates that the duality of Poetics reaches out to the philosopher, writer, and political theorist and shows the importance of the ideal in our imaginings of and goals for the future.

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