Moral Theology for Today. 5 Tape Album
Harvey, Fr John OSFS

Moral Theology for Today. 5 Tape Album
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Audio Tape (Talks) Description

The revolt against Humanae Vitae unleashed a great storm that broke across the Catholic world. On the surface the waves are now calm; the dross has settled.
Fr Harvey looks below the surface examining the mind-set of the dissenters who are still active in education today.

CASSETTE 1 - The Development of Moral Ideas - Conscience in Action
Kohlberg's theory - Uses and abuses - Erik Erikson - Catholic Doctrine of man - Revelation - The Church - Faith a form of authority - "Creatively breaking the rules in the interest of love and justice" - St Thomas More - Conscience - Divine Authority - External guidance - Natural Law and error - Revelation

CASSETTE 2 - Consience - Values Education? - Moral Absolutes, Moral Problems
Formation of Conscience - Dynamic Christian Conscience - Responsibility - Value defined - Subjective and Objective Good confused - Pre-moral evil - Ethics of Consequentialism - Principle of Compromise - Informed conscience - contraceptive intent or mentality - Homosexuality - Formative causes - cultural attitudes - impact of "Gay" Propaganda on young people - Pastoral plan for the homosexual - Fundamental Option

CASSETTE 3 - The Role of the Moral Theologian and the Teaching Authority of the Church
The Teaching Church - Norms - Theologian's Role - Open Questions - Scholarship supported by the Church - Contradictory and Complementary Pluralism - Humanae Vitae - Dissent and Support - "New Magisterium" - Apostolic Authority - Declaration of Sexual Ethics - Status of Teachings - Fundamental Option - Grave Sin - Catechesis - Official teaching presented as one option among others - Spirit of Lumen Gentium

CASSETTE 4 - The Comparison of Church teaching and the New Theology
Analysis of human acts - The Theory of Moderate Realism - Moral Absolutes - Allowance for Original Sin - Principle of Double Effect - The Theory of Proportionate Good - Pre-Moral acts - Dangers of the theory - Moral scepticism - Confusion - Moderate Realists in harmony with the Church

CASSETTE 5 - Fr Harvey answers Questions - The Church's Moral Teaching and "The New Theology"
Contraception - Constant Teaching - Forms of Teaching in the Church - Statues of Papal Letters - Official Teaching - Humanae Vitae - Response of Episcopal Conferences - What does GOOD FAITH mean in the Contemporary Church? - Primacy of Conscience today - Pastoral Care - Guidance and Unity - Clarification of Proportionate Good and Moderate Realism - What is intrinsic evil? - What determines gravity? - Pre-moral evils - Intention - Situation Ethics - Test Tube babies - Save the mother and the baby - Subjectivism - Norms

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