The Catholic Church and the Bible
Stravinskas, Peter

The Catholic Church and the Bible
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  Publisher: Ignatius
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  Length: 134 pages
  Published: August 1996
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  ISBN: 0898705886

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Book Description

The Catholic Church and the Bible is a significant scriptural study guide, published from a Catholic perspective and particularly keyed to the new Catechism of the Catholic Church. The well-planned, straight forward text is clearly outlined to make information easy to find and understand. Main topics include the Catholic understanding of the Bible, God's Word and its purpose in the Church, a biblical theology of the Mass, the place of the Bible in the Sacred Liturgy, and a question-and-answer section that deals with pertinent and popular inquiries made by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. This work should be heartily welcomed by both clergy and laity, for Father Stravinskas sheds new light on Catholic Bible study by writing with candor, clarity and scriptural backing. This is ideal for use in Catholic high schools and in parish RCIA programs.

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