Abraham and His Sons (Reader's Digest - Bible Wisdom for Today)
Harpur, James

Abraham and His Sons (Reader's Digest - Bible Wisdom for Today)
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  Item Type: Book
  Publisher: Reader's Digest
  Category: Children

  Cover Type: Hard Back
  Length: 96 pages
  Published: October 1997
  Store Location: 3E
  ISBN: 0895779595

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Book Description

Abraham and His Sons brings to life the experiences of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and their families. At the same time, this volume firmly places their lives within their historical context and interprets their spiritual significance. Classic works of art dramatically highlight the events, and contemporary photography of locations and artifacts offers insight into the lives of the patriarchs. A special feature found throughout the book, "Message for Today," applies the stories of Genesis to the questions and concerns of modern life. Abraham and His Sons is a rich source of both insight and inspiration.

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