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6cadah - 22C
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Commentary on Aristotle's De Anima
Booklet (Hardback) by St Thomas Aquinas - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Commentary Thomas Aquinas completed on Aristotle's De anima is thought to be the first of some dozen such commentaries that he wrote toward the end of his short career. He may have produced this w... read more

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6caphyp - 22B
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Commentary on Aristotle's Physics paperback
(Softcover) by St Thomas Aquinas - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Physics is the initial work in Aristotle's natural philosophy and, to paraphrase the Philosopher, a little clarity in the beginning magnifies as study continues. From the outset of his career, Th... read more

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God's Greatest Gifts
by St Thomas Aquinas - Sophia Institute Press

Do you know what the Commandments require and do you really understand the
Sacraments? Would you like to increase your love of God, to be able to explain
your faith, and to show its confor...
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St Thomas Aquinas and the Preaching Beggars
by Larnen, Brendan OP and Lomask, Milton - Ignatius-vision

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Dominican Fr. Brendan Larnen and children's author Milton Lomask
present the latest in the Vision Books series of saints' lives for
youth. The story of St. Thomas Aquinas is one full of moving a...
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STA - 3D
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St Thomas Aquinas
by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan - Tan
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ST-5vs - 7E
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Summa Theologica 5 Volume Set
book set (Paperback) by St Thomas Aquinas - Christian Classics
Our Price:   $300.00


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