Our Restless Heart: The Augustinian Tradition
Martin & Williamson

Our Restless Heart: The Augustinian Tradition
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  Item Type: Book
  Publisher: Darton Longman Todd
  Category: Spirituality

  Cover Type: Paper Back
  Length: 144 pages
  Published: March 10, 2003
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  ISBN: 0232524106

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Book Description

This important series makes the riches of the Christian spiritual tradition available to a contemporary public.  Each title introduces the key themes and values of one of the major traditions of spirituality, and draws out their relevance for the modern-day reader.

"In comparison to other religions, Christianity is not always associated in people's minds with spirituality.  This is a great pity, for Christianity East and West over two thousand years has given birth to an immense range of spiritual wisdom.  There is a widespread hunger for spirituality in all its forms, and this is an opportune time for a new series which will help more people to be aware of the great riches available within the Christian tradition."

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