Forth and Abroad: Still Merry, On Land and by Sea
Francis Mother Mary

Forth and Abroad: Still Merry, On Land and by Sea
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  Item Type: Book
  Publisher: Ignatius
  Category: Priesthood/Vocations

  Cover Type: Soft Back
  Length: 202 pages
  Published: February 1997
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  ISBN: 0898705894

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Book Description

A sequel to "A Right To Be Merry". Following up her very popular book about the happiness of the contemplative life, A Right to be Merry, Mother Mary Francis tells the story of how a cloistered Poor Clare Community, wholly content to stay where it was, has been called forth by God to go abroad and found or restore five more contemplative communities. In her own charming way, she relates the story, not only of the spiritual adventure of one contemplative nun, but also of the spread of contemplative life from New Mexico to Holland. "Mother Mary Francis offers practical wisdom, from behind cloistered walls, to those of us whose lives are filled with the distractions of a frenetic world. She reminds us that many moments of life have the potential to lead us to holiness and that ultimately God is more than enough in a world driven by materialism and consumerism." --- Cardinal John O’Connor

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