Authenticity: A Biblical Theology of Discernment
Dubay, SM Thomas

Authenticity: A Biblical Theology of Discernment
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  Published: October 1997
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Book Description

This book by Fr. Thomas Dubay explores biblical teaching about the gift of discernment, the capacity to determine whether one is being led by the Holy Spirit or by his or her own unredeemed inclinations and desires.

Most people assume that the way to mend divisions and factions in our world -- marriages, parishes, dioceses, religious orders -- is to engage in civil discussions, attend local, regional or national meetings, draw up committee reports and recommendations. To a point this may help, but sad experience makes clear that these approaches alone never heal the divisions which plague our civil and ecclesial life.

Biblical therapy is radically different -- and it achieves results. This book explores the divine strategy in detail. Research discovers in Scripture 40 or 50 themes that bear on discovering truth and recognizing that truth is well-founded. We learn how we discern whether we are being led by the Holy Spirit or by our own unredeemed inclinations and desires, whether it is the spirit of God or the prince of darkness that is operating in our disagreements and programs. We find in these themes clear responses to key questions:

Why are there divisions and factions in the Church?

How are these divisions to be healed?

What are the sure signs that some peple have truth, while others are in error?

What are the conditions for finding and maintaining a shared vision in marriage, parishes, dioceses, religious orders, the universal Church?

"Since Vatican II many outrages have been committed against priests, nuns and religious in the name of 'discernment'. We can thank Fr Dubay for giving u a clear and comprehensive overview of what the Bible has to say about the discernment of spirits. Those who want to know the difference between authentic and inauthentic discernment will find it here."  -- Fr Kenneth Baker, S.J.
Editor, Homiletic & Pastoral Review.


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