Jesus Teach Us to Pray
Bertram, Fr Jerome

Jesus Teach Us to Pray
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"Teach us to Pray.” The disciples’ cry to Jesus has never been more topical. In a fast-moving, hyperactive, technology-oriented world, more and more people are trying to find meaning in their lives and to develop a living relationship with the Lord in prayer. However, they often find themselves at a loss to discover reliable guides that point to sure pathways to the art of prayer.

In his new book, "Jesus Teach Us to Pray", Fr. Jerome Bertram provides reliable guidance about prayer, which he defines as “an opening of heart and soul and might to absorb the love of God, to allow him to irradiate us with His love, to soak into us so that we are saturated with a love that must overflow and radiate towards those we meet.”

Throughout the book, Fr. Jerome answers the plea of so many of his contemporaries. Drawing on his own experience and his vast knowledge of trusted spiritual authors, he leads his readers into the various ways of prayer. After a few introductory chapters stressing the importance of prayer, Fr. Jerome takes us through the Our Father, the very prayer which the Lord himself left with us.

Along the way, he tackles common difficulties such as distraction and detachment, thus providing valuable advice for all who seek to deepen their life of prayer, be they beginners or more advanced in the spiritual life.

Building on the insights of Pope Benedict’s "Jesus of Nazareth", the author provides an account of prayer that is easy to read, accessible, and clearly centered on Jesus Christ and the Church.

Fr. Jerome explains, “It is often said that the main task of an Oratorian priest is to teach people to pray. Actually, only God can teach people to pray, but we can try to help people open their hearts to listen to God. That’s what this book is about. I hope it helps.”

About the Author: Fr. Jerome Bertram is a Catholic priest of the Oxford Oratory. He regularly preaches retreats to religious communities in England as well as overseas. He has published several books about prayer, the sacraments, and the spiritual life.

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