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AEF - 2D
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The Adventures of Jamie and Bella: An Extraordinary Friend
by Bonnewijn, Olivier - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Lost! Jamie's vacation with his family begins with a catastrophe. He
is separated from his parents in a foreign train station, with night
approaching. Suddenly there appears a mysterious boy d...
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CCP - 10D
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Chiara Corbella Petrillo: A Witness To Joy
BOOK (PB) by Simone Troisi, Christiana Paccini - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Chiara Petrillo was seated in a wheel chair looking lovingly toward Jesus in the tabernacle. Her husband, Enrico, found the courage to ask her a question that he had been holding back. Thinking of Jes... read more

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PSAOS - 20f, 20a
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Papists, Spaniards & Other Strangers
by D'Abrera, Bella W - Hill House

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Continuing in the second volume of her Revisiting History series, Bella Wyborn d'Abrera treats the second phase of religious turmoil in Tudor England.In Papists, Spaniards And Other Strangers, the aut... read more

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St Robert Bellarmine Leaflet

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Each leaflet in this series measures 8 x 13.5 cm when folded, and
features the biographical details, patron attributes and feast day of
the saint.
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TTR - 2D
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The Adventures of Jamie and Bella: The Three Roses
by Bonnewijn, Olivier - Ignatius

Eleven-year old Bella tries to pray every day in a special place all her
own. Her heart is full of love, but her prayers are interrupted by
daydreams, worries, and a younger sister. What i...
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TSQ - 20F, 20A
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This Sainted Queen
by D'Abrera, Bella W - Hill House

SHORT DESCRIPTION: *This book is the third in Bella D'Abrera's historical
trilogy, with the preceding volumes, 'The King With A Pope In His Belly' and
'Papists, Spaniards And Other Strangers' also available from F...
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The Reformation Crisis in Europe and England

by Elliott, Mgr Peter J
John XXIII Co-op

When Jesuits were Giants

by Buckley, Cornelius

From The Murray to the Sea

by Blee, Jill
Indra Publishing

The Early Papacy to the Council of Chalcedon in 451

by Fortescue, Adrian
Saint Austin Press

Ecclesiastical History of the English People

by Bede

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